Subway लाइन पे आ जाओ !!!

  1. Kawal says

    Hi Sir
    Hope everything is fine at your end. I still remember in one of your video wherein you mentioned that why in Amritsar McDonald’s and Domino’s names have been written in English.. I have seen a note stating to keep their names in Punjabi.. ?
    Keep up the good work.. we are with you..??
    Good night!

    1. AaM Press says

      Thank You for Your Love and Support Kawal

      1. Kamal says

        Sir this is kamal from indore today my father is suffering from back pain so.
        We decided to go esic hospital indore because i am working in a private company so i have esic card . but when i saw the behaviour of the doctor was very poor and many people are standing in a row before 3, 4 hours. I was also part of people whome they stand. If any help for your side please help.

  2. Rajneesh Singla says

    Sir,I request you to kindly cover sector-25 of panchkula,as the area is still underdeveloped and the administration is not paying any attention.
    I request you to kindly visit the area and post a video so that we could open their eyes.
    The area inculdes sector-25,26,27,28 also
    The media has raised lot of questions but no actions has been taken yet.
    The internal roads of sectors were last constructed before 8 years,which has to generally reconstructed by administration by every 5 years.


    Rajneesh singl

    1. AaM Press says

      Dear Rajneesh,

      Make a Video on Your Facebook Timeline covering the issue. If it meets the AaM Press Editorial Guideline, we will be happy to post it on our Page. Follow the Steps Below:

      Maximum Duration Two Minutes, mentioning the facts of the problem Clearly.
      1. Look in Camera – Not the Screen, 2. No Back-Ground Noise 3. Good Lighting on Face and not on Camera Lens 4. Phone in Selfie Mode and Landscape, Horizontal 5. With a Request to AaM Press to air your video
      We will support you by airing your video on our channel. Email us the link of your Facebook Timeline Video :

  3. Jarnailsingh says

    Sir thanu is page te ik inbox vch vedio bheji plzzz us val jrur niga mareoòooo

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Dear Jarnail,
      आप के कमेंट के लिए धन्यवाद. Thank You for Your Comment.

      यदि आप को किसी मदद की ज़रुरत है If You Need Our Support and Help

      अगर आप हमारे साथ जुड़ना चाहते हैं If You want to Join our Team

      इस्तेहार करने के लिए To Advertise

      Please Note :

      आम प्रेस सिर्फ अपनी वेबसाइट पे कमैंट्स का जवाब देती है.
      Aam Press Only reponds to comments on our Website

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  4. Tanveer khan says

    We are the fully supporte you.

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thank You for Your Support and Encouragement Tanveer Bhai

    2. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks Tanveer

  5. Swapnil Modi says

    Good work…

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thank You for Your Love and Support

    2. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks Swapnil

  6. Nishant KAkadiya says

    aap ke amazon gift card ka kya hua

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Problem Solved Nishant. Thanks for asking.

  7. Varun Chopra says

    Great work Robinhood sir. Amazing.
    This country needs people like you

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks Varun

  8. Priyank says

    Ager aapko intna hrt hua h sir ji to ja k subway k owner ko ja k bolo.worker ko kya suna re ho

    1. AaM Press says

      Priyank Bhai,
      Daan Hi To Diya Hai … BHAKTON Ki Tarah Koi Gaali to Nahin Di !

  9. Ritu Raj Singh says


  10. Farhan Ahmed says


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