Subway लाइन पे आ जाओ !!!


भारत की आन बान और शान बहुत प्यारी है हमें !!!! Multi NatioNal #SUBWAYPUNGI 3 Jan 2018 The Clock is Ticking… India’s Pride Very Important to us !!


  1. Hi Sir
    Hope everything is fine at your end. I still remember in one of your video wherein you mentioned that why in Amritsar McDonald’s and Domino’s names have been written in English.. I have seen a note stating to keep their names in Punjabi.. ?
    Keep up the good work.. we are with you..??
    Good night!

      • Sir this is kamal from indore today my father is suffering from back pain so.
        We decided to go esic hospital indore because i am working in a private company so i have esic card . but when i saw the behaviour of the doctor was very poor and many people are standing in a row before 3, 4 hours. I was also part of people whome they stand. If any help for your side please help.

  2. Sir,I request you to kindly cover sector-25 of panchkula,as the area is still underdeveloped and the administration is not paying any attention.
    I request you to kindly visit the area and post a video so that we could open their eyes.
    The area inculdes sector-25,26,27,28 also
    The media has raised lot of questions but no actions has been taken yet.
    The internal roads of sectors were last constructed before 8 years,which has to generally reconstructed by administration by every 5 years.


    Rajneesh singl

    • Dear Rajneesh,

      Make a Video on Your Facebook Timeline covering the issue. If it meets the AaM Press Editorial Guideline, we will be happy to post it on our Page. Follow the Steps Below:

      Maximum Duration Two Minutes, mentioning the facts of the problem Clearly.
      1. Look in Camera – Not the Screen, 2. No Back-Ground Noise 3. Good Lighting on Face and not on Camera Lens 4. Phone in Selfie Mode and Landscape, Horizontal 5. With a Request to AaM Press to air your video
      We will support you by airing your video on our channel. Email us the link of your Facebook Timeline Video :