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When two Hungry and Foolish people get together, Magic is Created ! Meet Shivani Patel, CEO and Founder of Sculptasse. We are super happy to announce our Partnership for the health and Fitness Category at Your's Truly, Dabloo Babloo Dabloo dot Aam Press dot in :)


When two Hungry and Foolish people get together, Magic is Created ! Meet Shivani Patel, CEO and Founder of Sculptasse. We are super happy to announce our Partnership for the Health and Fitness Category at Your’s Truly, Dabloo Babloo Dabloo dot Aam Press dot in 🙂

Shivani lost a whopping 52 Kgs in a span of 2 years and along the way set up her dream venture Sculptasse, a Mind and Body Fitness Studio. Well the fact that she said GoodBye to her Corporate Job of the previous 7 years was a by product.

Shivani Patel is a Licensed Fitness instructor for Zumba® Basic 1 & Basic 2, Zumba® Step,Aqua Zumba®, Zumba Toning®, Zumba Sentao®, and Zumba Pro Skills®. She is currently the only certified Instructor in India for Zumbini® – a unique parent-toddler program and Poundfit®.

She graduated from college with a Degree in Mass Communication and  further pursued a Masters Degree in Public Relations.She began her career in the corporate sector, working with Hollywood Studios as a Corporate Communication Manager. She left her corporate career to pursue her passion of fitness when she discovered her love for Zumba four years ago. She is now vigorously involved in running her very own venture called Sculptasse. To follow her passion and to further solidify her background in the fitness industry she is currently also pursuing further education from American College of Sports Medicine and ACE.

The demographics that we serve range from major Corporations – (Loreal, Google, L & T, IFB, Kelloggs, Inkgram,Nestle,Reliance, Metro, Fundtech & Mondeliez), Studios at various locations across Tangarine Arts Studio (Bandra), The New Club House (Wadala),Reeta’s Revive Gym,Forest Club & Ease on (Powai) as well as provide private sessions for stay at home parents with children.


The next big workout regime offered for the very first time in India by Sculptasse, the first studio to be offering this training. Classes filling up soon, so call now to reserve your spot. With POUND workout BURN UP TO 800 CALORIES in 45 MINUTES with what SHAPE magazine named the next big thing.  WHY?  Because it’s fun and a killer  workout!  Channel your inner performer and rock your body with this modern-day fusion of music + movement.  Drum along to a slammin’ soundtrack using Ripstix™– weighted drumsticks designed to transform drumming into a fat-burning, full body interval workout that will leave you dripping sweat!  No prior experience needed just come and jam with the one and only Shivani Patel.

STRONG by Zumba™

Benefits of STRONG by Zumba™ include HITT(High Intensity Tempo Training) & moving in sync with the music that makes you work harder. This class will push you past your plateaus to help you reach your fitness goals faster. Using your own body weight, you will gain muscular endurance, tone, and definition, and you will experience an increased after burn.


Well known workout for people who do not believe in regimented workout/gym routines. Want to lose weight, enjoy fitness, and bring out the inner dancer in you? Come check out Zumba where your ZUMBA instructor will lead you through a series of moves from a range of dances, with a series of different music tracks.

Barre Workout

Barre workout – Barre workout is not just a Hollywood hype workout. Its is a combination of ballet exercises, yoga and Pilates. This is a full body workout helping you to tone, sculpt and stretch. The class will start with a warm up, push ups, planks, series of arm exercises, lower body workout to tone thighs and glutes finishing with a series of core exercises, stretch and cool down. The tiny one inch isometric contraction movements will help you get stronger, target multiple muscle groups at once, improve mind body concentration and most importantly it’s lite on your joints

Functional training

Build the total-body strength you need for everyday life and lose weight with this program. Benefits of functional trainjng includes not only having strong legs, back and shoulder girdle developed for mass and muscularity but also for lifting, holding, pushing, pulling, throwing and heaving.  When the whole body is strong and works synergistically, you develop a flow and strength that isn’t easily gained by traditional body part splits of one muscle group per day type training like people normally do at the gym. Targeting a single muscle into submission over time will serve little in the way of walking out of the gym and having the ability of overall strength and capability. Your body is one whole unit, not separate little pieces loosely strung together so functional training is about main variables you will utilize toward your new functionally fit, tactical physique. So call us now and sign up to find out more.

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

For people who want to tone, sculpt, and increase strength should consider this training. At Scultptasse we believe in offering fitness programs that cater to people who believe in fitness as a lifestyle and are passionate. KHUSHNOOR.S.JIJINA is a 1st MMA & FCC Champion of India and has specialised in Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, ACE Certified.


Pilates improves flexibility, build strength and develops control & endurance in the entire body.It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing,developing a strong core,improving co-ordination & balance.The core consists of abdomen, lower back & glutes which is often considered as the powerhouse of the body.


The programme is not just about losing weight, it’s about keeping fit, improving stamina, endurance, strength and most importantly improving physical and mental well-being.

Power Yoga

It is a combination of physical, mental & spiritual benefits of yoga. We offer a vigorous approach to VINYASA style yoga. Power Yoga moves more quickly than regular yoga giving higher cardio output, strengthens joints, tones muscles. It enables weight loss, strengthens core muscles and results in overall wellbeing.

Ashtanga Yoga

These asanas (poses) can release muscle tension, stretch and tone muscles, lubricate joints, massage internal organs, increase circulation and help in weight control. Other benefits of yoga are greater resistance to stress, a stronger immune system, a balanced nervous system, decreased cholesterol and blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.Develops strength and flexibility, releases chronic tension and energizes.

Ashtanga Yoga for Children

Children who develop a regular Ashtanga practice will strengthen their bodies and, quite possibly, begin to feel better about themselves. They could get a boost in self-esteem and develop healthier self-images.A vigorous type of yoga, such as Ashtanga or power, can help overweight kids improve their physical and mental health as well.

Prenatal Yoga

Improved sleep, Reduced stress, Increased strength, Flexibility and endurance, Decreased lower back pain, nausea, headache, Lowered risk of preterm labor


Rhythmus Happyfeet specializes in coaching their students at ballet basics to ensure that the foundation of their knowledge is built in a sturdy manner. At this tender age(5-7years), flexibility comes to them effortlessly. We train students using wonderful songs that they can relate to. The magical worlds of fairies come alive at these sessions. The main aim is to make learning entertaining for these children through storytelling and play. We focus on posture, position, flexibility and most importantly, we focus on the performances.

Rhythmus Happyfeet’s ballet division for 7 and above is also affiliated to Ballet Manila. In 2016, two students were given scholarships to train in Ballet Manila under prima ballerina Lisa Macuja and various other award winning ballet teachers of the academy.Ballet Manila, a prestigious 20 year old Ballet Company is headed by Artistic Director Lisa Macuja Elizalde and Co-Artistic Director Osias Barroso. Ballet Manila has many Ballet productions, shows, awards and accolades won by the students and company dancers; their most recent feat being the Asian Grand Prix (Ballet competition) held in Hongkong 2015.

Creative Movement

Rhythmus HappyFeet has designed this curriculum for Age 3 – 5 years to help children develop motor coordination, increase spatial and rhythmic awareness, and to help provide a positive learning experience. The program includes creative moving taught through games, musical story telling, props, and development of basic concepts like rhythm, directionality, perception, and memory.Creative Movement is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Creativemovement uses body actions to: communicate an image (the wind), communicate an idea (a journey) or communicate a feeling (strength).


Get to Know your New Self, Learn to SALSA, BACHATA, JIVE, CHACHA with Kiran Shriyan, Also for Beginners “they say Dance is a form of Meditation Mind-Body coordination, Self Confidence, Grace, Fun Cardio, Agility, Introspection, Freedom, Partnering Etiquettes, Stress Buster”

You can visit Sculptasse at A Wing – 305, Third Floor, Galleria Shopping Centre, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai. And reach out to her at +91-865-227-3780. They are open between 12-8 PM IST, Monday to Saturday.