Rohingya Muslims and TROLLS

Rohingya Muslims are a National Threat and TROLLS ?!! Get Videos Direct on WhatsApp Send Message "YOUR CITY NAME" to +91 773-865-2700


The Central Government considers Rohingya Muslims as a threat to National Security. What about the TROLLS that spread foul language and hatred among people. While innocent people are being massacred and tortured and seen as a threat, TROLLS roam freely and are “safely” spreading hatred !! How is this fair ?

Get Videos Direct on WhatsApp Send Message “YOUR CITY NAME” to +91 773-865-2700.


  1. Sir u are do best work
    Jo kutte ko kuchh samjh nahi hai wahi apke uper bhokega ap apna kaam karte rahiye sir im alway with u
    Sir chand line un kutto ke liye jo log dusre ki bas tang khichte hai unke liy
    *Aye mere halat pe hasne walo ye mat soch ki mai kamjor hu
    Ye to bas wakt wakt ki bat hai
    Kabhi din to kabhi rat hai

  2. Dear sir
    As you know that our youth is jobless and as we say “Khali Dimag Shaitan ka Ghar Hota Hai”.. And as we see the social media is full by abusers (one of the reason that they have nothing to do). So i have an idea that let the Gov. know that youth of India needs Job…

    So plz Ask or Tell your followers to Write #INeedAJob In Any where in there TShirts Jeans cap bags etc. to let the Gov. see on roads that how many people are jobless..

    I hope you will take an initiative