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Priority Pungi Thok ke Bajao After 2 years of investing time in Aam Press and trying to stand up for issues of people, people who were unrelated to me whose pain i could feel myself, I think time has come to take the Pungi System a little more seriously. NO Charge FREE for Ladies !

Priority PungiSo watch the video and go through the Table Below below if you want Aam Press to take you and your issues seriously.

A Detailed Comment in Writing on THIS POST is Absolutely Necessary for us to Pick up your Case. Your Mobile Number in the comment is also a MUST ! 

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  • Prices as Above Applicable till 30th June, 2018
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  1. Prasun jha says

    Comment thodi bdi hain… Par aasha karta hu ki aap pura padhenge.
    Pranam sir !
    Mai Prasun jha, shayad aapko yaad hoga ki mai instagram live pe aapke saath thodi bht baatchit ki thi Comment k through.
    Us waqt v maine ye baat bola thi that ‘ you’re my source of inspiration ‘.
    Then aapne v bola ki aap mere ko next time connect karoge while live on instagram. But unfortunately mai ni savere uth paya.
    Basically i’m from Bihar nd i live in Darbhanga district. I’m a student now nd waiting for 12th board results .
    My aim is to be journalist nd i’m training my self to make my dream come true. I’m also teaching a student from 3 years. Right now he is in 7th standard. All i want is to be self dependent. Though my father is Sub-inspector but it’s not something which can make me satisfied.
    Aapko 2 saalo se follow kar ra hu… Aur trust me sir agar aap jaise log 20% v hamare desh me active ho jaye to badlaw hoga.
    Shayad aapke aur mere me similarity yahi hain ki we both don’t believe in such stuffs which is so called ” iss desh ka kch ni ho sakta “. We believe in change nd we will definitely make it happen.
    Sir, the bottom line is : I want to work with aampress . Just wanna contribute whatever i can. Sending you my links of our channel “Viral the truth”.
    Agar naseeb achhi rahi… To ek din jarur milenge.
    With regard: Prasun jha

    #All the best

    1. Prasun jha says

      And sir…
      My phone no. 7004668276

    2. RobinHood says

      Reference our conversation, read this link.

      1. Prasun jha says

        Firstly i wanna thank you.
        For giving me your precious time… I consider myself soo lucky to talk with the guy who fights for everyone’s dignity nd giving everything whatever he has.
        Bss sir, ek aur support kar dijiye ki mai agle jo video bnaunga… Aapko link send Karunga.
        And i’ll wait for your feedback.
        Lastly bss itna hi kehna chahta hu… Ki sir mai aapko tb se follow kar ra hu… Jb aapne ek auto wale k saath video banaya tha. At that day i found genuine idol of my life.
        Take care sir…. Lots of love. 🙏

        1. RobinHood says

          Take Care God Bless

      2. Shubham Chaurasiya says

        I ordered Samsung power bank of 20800 mah and Samsung 64 GB of memory card and I ordered from but when I unboxing that delivered box I saw a local brand of 25000mah of power bank and 64 GB of sand disk memory card. What actually I order of Samsung brand but they delivered something different as their picture of photo.i spent 1098 ruppes of this local brand of products.This site don’t have any helpline no. And email or return policy to contact to them.
        About ur Aam press one of my friend suggested to talk to u. I sand u some photos and video of the product.

        1. RobinHood says

          Follow the guidelines and send your video .

    3. sushil kumar says

      Sir am sushil kumar from punjab apse baat krna chahtabhu kuch important matter pr 8146325079

      1. RobinHood says

        Please connect via Priority Pungi

    4. anshul says

      plz contact me i am ready to pay the amount you said but before that i need to talk to u on phone my number is 9888886040

    5. anshul says

      plz contact me i am ready to pay the amount you said but before that i need to talk to u on phone my number is 7009037778

      1. RobinHood says

        What About ?

    6. Shailesh Ashok londhe says

      Hii Sir(Shailesh Londhe)
      Mere wife ko mhada mei lottery system mei ghar laga tha but unka possession delay hone se aur hamara koi ducumentation complete nhi hone k wajese humne woh cancle kiya cancaltion form bhara 4 month pehele unke taraf se bola gaya 1 month mei aapne jo 15 thousand bhare he woh aap k account mei credit ho jaayenge but uss k baad se mei aur mere wife kam se kam 2 se 3 baar office ki chutti lekar bandra mahad office jaa rahe he aur unka reply Sirf ye aata he kar rahe he processes mei he ho jayega
      Abhi toh phone bhi nhi utha rahe he hamara hamahre he paisa hume nhi mila raha he Sir aaj 4 months ho gayi he
      Toh mei aapna vid banau yaa fir se mhada office jaa k vid banau please suggest mei

      1. RobinHood says

        Send video as discussed

  2. Arvind says

    Hello sir, I am Arvind and this is the story of us done with my illiterate parents.
    Intolerance Harassment by JIND Police & Haryana Gov. Story of Rajbala & Satbir Gautam Sec 8 jind (Haryana)

    हरियाणा सरकार खुद को प्रदेश में जनता का हितैषी मानती है लेकिन हकीकत में सच्चाई कुछ अौर ही है। मुख्यमंत्री साहब लोगों के लिए करोड़ों की परियोजनाअों की घोषणा करते हैं लेकिन जींद के गांव खरकबूरा में एक वृद्ध दंपति (राजबाला पत्नी सतबीर गौतम निवासी सैक्टर 8 जींद) जोर जोर से चिल्ला-चिल्ला कर मुख्यमंत्री से मिलने की गुहार लगाता रहा लेकिन सुरक्षा दस्ते ने उन्हें नहीं मिलने दिया। लंबे समय से पुलिस और प्रशासन के चक्कर लगा चुका यह पीड़ित दंपति मुख्यमंत्री से मिल न्याय की गुहार लगाना चाहता था।

    मुख्यमंत्री से मिलने की गुहार लगाता रहा बुजुर्ग दंपति
    मुख्यमंत्री मनोहर लाल बीते दिन जींद के गांव खरकबूरा में नहरी पानी आधारित पेयजल परियोजना का उद्घाटन करने आए थे। इस दौरान कार्यक्रम खत्म होने के बाद जब मनोहर लाल फार्चूनर गाड़ी में सवार हुए तो वहां पहले से ही काफी देर से इंतजार में खड़े इन दोनों पति- पत्नी गाड़ी के पास आकर उनसे मिलने की कोशिश की लेकिन मुख्यमंत्री की गाड़ी के चारों तरफ खड़े सुरक्षा दस्ते ने उन्हें नहीं मिलने दिया। इस दौरान यह वृद्ध दंपति जोर जोर से चिल्लाने लगा।

    आरोपियों के नाम अशौक गौतम(E.T.O.), गजेंद्र गौतम (R.T.O office kaithal), सुधीर गौतम (कांग्रेस नेता), बिमला देवी (सुधीर की माँ), रिशिपाल(कांग्रेस जिला प्रधान व कंपनी में डायरेक्टर), दयाकिशन गिल(जान से मारने की धमकी देने वाला व कंपनी में डायरेक्टर) दिए हैं लेकिन कार्रवाई नहीं हो रही
    वृद्ध दंपति का चिल्ला चिल्ला कर कहना था कि उनके धोखे से 19 लाख रुपए दो पलाट दिलाने के नाम पर हड़प लिए गए । प्रशासन को हड़पने वाले आरोपियों के नाम भी दिए जा चुके हैं लेकिन प्रशासन कोई भी कार्रवाई नहीं कर रहा। वे मुख्यमंत्री के समक्ष न्याय की गुहार लगाने आए थे लेकिन उनकी ये उम्मीद भी पूरी न हुई।

    वृद्ध महिला हुई बेहोश, नहीं रुके सीएम साहब
    जब यह वृद्ध दंपति चिल्ला रहा था तो सुरक्षा दस्ते में शामिल कर्मचारी इन्हें पकड़ पकड़ कर दूर ले जा रहे थे। इस दौरान वृद्ध महिला तो बेहोश होकर गिर पड़ी। वृद्ध दंपति चिल्लाता रहा लेकिन तब तक मुख्यमंत्री की गाड़ी और उनका काफिल बहुत दूर तक जा चुका |
    Plzz connect with us live and help us
    I support aampress . And give permission to share

    1. RobinHood says

      Tried reaching you on both numbers provided Arvind.

      One was answered by a lady who could not really tell me where you are and the other went unanswered.

      You can apply for a #PriorityPungiPass here if you want our support in the matter listed above.

  3. Sukalal says

    नमस्ते रोबिन सर में आपसे एक हेल्प चाहता हु सर मे आपसे बात करना चाहता हु आपका no दीजिये क्या में आपको कॉल कर सकता हूंसर मेरा no 9972026172 है मेन ऑनलाइन से एक मोबाइल खरीदा जिसकी रेत 7198 थी तो मैने केस एंड डिलिवरी आप्सन किया था बादमे फ़ोन पोस्ट ऑफिस में आया था तो में पोस्ट ऑफिस गया वहाँ तो वहां इनवैलिड बिल दिखाया तो मैने कंपनी में कॉन्टेक्ट किया तो उन्होंने बताया कि आपके एरिया में केस एंड डिलिवरी नहीं है तो आप पेमेंट ऑनलाइन कर दीजिए में आपको10 मिनट में पार्सल दिला दुग तो मैने पेमेंट बैंक ट्रांफोर कर दिया उसके बाद उन्होंने मेरा फ़ोन उठाने बंद कर दिया क्या आप मेरी मदद करेंगे सर

  4. Jabir inamdar says

    Sir plz call me .
    Mr .maddy ahemadd jo morning me hamre sath the wah cuccus ki office ke paas me hai our wah aapse baat karna chah rahe hai plz aap call kare

  5. Vishal solanki says

    Dear robin sir
    Sorry sir me apni baat hindi me khena chahunga….sir me ek limited company me work karta hu jisme mujhe ajj 3 saal ho gye hai aur jab se mene join kiya tab se ab tak kabhi bhi mene 12 gante se kam kaam nai kiya jabki hamari timing 9 ghante ki h work karne ki..but ab kuch 3 4 mahino se lagtar 15 se 16 ghante kaam liya ja rha hamse aur me night shift me hu 8:00pm ki reporting hai but jane ka koi time nai kabhi din ke 3 bajte hai to kabhi 2 uske baad phir apne usi time par hame report karna hota hai…sir limited company me unlimited kaam liya ja rha hai hamse….aur kuch extra dete bhi nai…unlimted work karne ki wajha se me bimar pad gya tha aur jab me theek hokar office join karne ke liye gya to hamre manger rajesh sawariya ji ne mujhe ye khekar wapas kar diya ke aur rest karlo abhi tumhari jarurat nai hai mujhe …aur sir yahi wo saksh hai jo hame 15 se 16 ghante kaam karne ke liye majboor karta hai..aur kabhi hum virodh karna bhi chahe to hame nokari se niklne ki dhamki detA hai…sir me request kar sakta hu plz hum jese workers ko relief dilao in limited companyo ke unlimited kaam se…sry sir hamari limted company ka naam batana bhul gya tha..hamari company ka naam blue dart express ltd hai add b 37 sec 81 phase 2 .noida 201305

    1. RobinHood says

      Get yourself a #PriorityPungiPass here if you want our support

  6. Sultan says

    Hello sir please call me Facebook account nema Sadik sultanpatel
    Sir meri parobal India mabesi se hai aap meri hellp Kare sir please
    Mebhi Iran me hu sir 28 mane hoga hai Abhi tak India mabesi nahi hellp kari
    Sir aap meri hellp please sir jawab Dena sir

    1. RobinHood says

      Have told you before because of your spamming, I will pass !

  7. NIKESH SHAH says

    Hello sir how are you and where is janete mam these days you both were looking so good together hence messaged you and last but not the least you are doing a terrific job hats off to you

    1. RobinHood says

      She is a little busy with her studies and Counselling Career. Thanks for your love and support. I have given her the feedback from your side though . She says, soon soon.. She Will be Back on Videos. 🙂

  8. gaurav rajput says

    sir my name is gaurav rajput.
    sir i need your help.
    plzz sir mughe ap se contact krna h. mughe ap ki help ki jrurt h.
    8447605376 ye mere contact no. h

  9. Aiyaan says

    Hello Sir,

    I am having problem with my stomach. Could you please raise a concern. I will pay you once the problem is resolved.

    1. RobinHood says

      You need a DOCTOR my dear, and i don’t need your money !

  10. Disgusted user says


    1. RobinHood says

      Here are my balls and my rules to run my Channel. Now take your Disgust and shove them up a Pakoda !

  11. Avinash Mishra says

    Pranam Sir,

    Since, last few days I am in huge trouble due to fraudent done by a share intermediary company in Indore Investment Research Advisor ( They had taken my 4+Lacs for helping me in Stock Market Trading by Brain Washing, misguiding forcefully by diverting my mind. They had promised for SEBI resistry and 1.5-2.5Lacs/Day Profits on phone discussion and 1.2-1.5Lacs/Day Profits after huge request for sending this promise in writing. But made me beggar by taking my all my money as their fees of ₹4Lacs+(of ₹9Lacs Package) and loosed my all other money also of approx ₹2.5Lacs while trading from my Demat Account within 5+1 days working from 02/04/2018 to 09/04/2018.

    Now I am out of pocket and am in huge trouble in my family. I have no job even. I also cant discuss this with my family members. They are again forcing me to collect money for new trading.

    I am requesting them to refund my Money of atleast 4Lacs but they are not responding. They had losses my ₹6.5Lacs approx. They are a big lier quick mind diverting professionals. They have great activity of converting mind and making true to false false to true.

    Please take action against it and help me to get my money back otherwise I am really in high depression and might do anything wrong with my life. Please allow me to get my life again. I am from a poor family background and borrowed money from others for the trading. Now these peoples are also asking for their money. Sir I am in highe depression and may do anything wrong with my life. I have 2babies of below 2years.

    “Sir please tell them to refund my ₹4Lacs only and I dont want any complications as I feel tensed, scared and anxiety for this or please give me a job for survive my family as I’m from poor background”.

    Sir, I’m in high depression & in heavy chest pain due to this. I have been loosen all my struggling capacity. If I’m getting involved into this by remembering or taking any other actions from my side might cause to heartattack. Please allow me for a new life. Please help me getting my money refunded. I will be always greaful to you. Please do the needful.

    1. RobinHood says
  12. Tauseef nissar says

    Good evening
    Today felt helpless so sharing with you Sir.
    I am Dr Tauseef Nissar living in Patna. I had couriered some very important documents via bludart DHL thinking that these are most reliable and fast despite being expensive. But to my utter surprise the service is so poor and I am not able to contact them tomorrow is Sunday and now they will deliver on Monday I hope what is the fun then.
    Really sad sad. And in the evening they reply that your house is no locatable. I live in a posh area and opposite to a very famous landmark and the same courier company has delivered many a times how can I accept this. Plz help
    Dr ‎‎Tauseef Nissar

    1. RobinHood says

      Welcome to #Priority Pungi.

      1. Tauseef nissar says

        Thanks a lot sir for your reply. I am still waiting for any response from bludart nothing customer care is unreachable as today is Sunday I am not having delivery mans mobile number so can’t contact him where is my courier containing my important docs only God knows. Please help.

        1. RobinHood says

          PriorityPungi if you want our support in the matter

  13. baljinder singh says

    bhai kal jani 12 may ko chandidarh se se delhi jane wali sthabadi exp jo ke 12 baje chalti hai chandigarh se usme logo ki ticket lyi or cnf bhi hue ke aap ko seat mil gayi lekin vo extra coach jo lagna tha v lgaya ni gya

    1. RobinHood says

      PriorityPungi if you want our support in the matter

  14. Keshav dukle says

    Hello sir I really admire your work and appreciate what u r doing for the nation and empowering the youth I would really like to have a chat with you if possible anytime whenever you are in Mumbai
    Your fan
    To mr Robin Hood

    Keshav DUKLE

    1. RobinHood says

      Thanks for your love and support. Am not based in Mumbai and here is the link on how you can not only have a chat with me , but a Live Chat if you want in fact !

      Priority Pungi

  15. Sushant Yadav says

    hello sir aap please is baar passport office ki dhandli ko expose karo police waalo ko expose karo or passport grevence service ko expose karo passport office ka koi bhi contact pick up nahi hota sir or bahut kuch hai passport office ke baare mai jo mai aapko batana chahta hoon please mujhe call karna mera number hai 8057917833

    1. RobinHood says

      Priority Pungi if you want to come live with us on Video on the subject of Passport Corruption

  16. Nishant Sethi says

    But sir i am belongs to very poor family ..i dont habe money to pay ….mere to khood do logo ny 16000 Rs kha liye maine don raat mahnat kiya unke pas…or ab wo log phechanny sy bhi inkaar ker rhe hain ……PMKVY k paise bhi A/c m nhi aaye ..bachoo ko pada ker ghar chlata hun main sir .. Thanks aapne meri comments ko pada ….aasha krta hun or logo ny bhi pada hoga ……kooi na koi aaj nhi to kal meri help k liye aayga

    Thanks u sir

    1. RobinHood says

      Nishant Sabse Pehle Aise Case main FIR Karana Chaiye

      1. Nishant Sethi says

        Sir police waly bhi action nhi le rhe office walo ny paisa khila ker report bhi nhi dene di…

        1. RobinHood says
  17. Jmmc says

    Sad to see a good working MLA from Mangalore South lost the election to day. How should a MLA be selected is it about how he has worked for last five years or only because he belongs to a certain party.

    1. RobinHood says

      The 130 Crore Dilemma my friend !

  18. inderpreet singh says

    I always impressed with the way u present urself sir.. keep walking keep going.. bhakto se Bache..
    In India we have to promote new tag line..
    Bhakto se bacho

    1. RobinHood says

      Thanks for your Love and Support My Friend.

      Bhakton Ki to Ab Special VAT Lag Rahi Hai ! Click Here

  19. ZAHABI says

    Subject: Luggage was tempered in flight and items were stolen from the luggage

    This is to bring your kind attentions towards the complaint on behalf of my mother, Tabassum Ara, a 63 years old lady resident of East Kanti Nagar, travelled from New Delhi International Airport on 22 April 2018 to Jeddah Airport, Saudi Arabia via flight number SV759 boarding from IGI to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with her one luggage checked in that included her medicines, clothes, and money (600 Saudi Riyals) and other important stuff; as she is diabetic.

    After disembarking at Jeddah Airport, she approached to luggage belt to collect her bag that was supposed to be transported to Jeddah Airport along with her. But she found out that her luggage was missing. She approached to the concerned official to inquire about the missing luggage. She was told to wait for some time over there, but she had to wait for 5 hours until next flight comes.

    In addition to that, she was told to wait as her luggage might have left in New Delhi, and might be delivered by next flight to Jeddah.

    Despite waiting for long hours, she had to leave for her hotel empty handed, and was promised that her luggage will be delivered to her hotel.

    Me and my family members contacted concerned department of the Airlines through various phone calls and emails to inquire with Airlines, and Airport security officials in New Delhi and Jeddah as well.

    We got some replies after long hours waiting through emails, but no luggage was delivered as the concerned officials were themselves were not sure where the luggage was, If it was in New Delhi or in Jeddah.

    On April 30th, we got an email from New Delhi Airlines official regarding the lost luggage that it would be delivered to my mother in New Delhi itself by 2nd May 2018.

    My mother arrived in New Delhi on 6th May 2018 via the same Airlines through flight number SV758, on  arrival she was contacted by unidentified person through a phone call to collect her luggage.

    She took my mother to an isolated area to return her lost luggage. She insisted to take her brother along with her, but his entry was denied by the concerned official.

    Mother asked him that her tag was tempered, and the wrapping with name tag around the luggage was removed. She said “Ye mera bag nahi he kyoni is par mera naam tha.” The official said “is par aap ka number he, or ye aap ka he.”

    Then my mother tried to inspect her luggage, but he immediately reacted “ap ise yahan nahi khol sakti. Ham ne is par seal laga di he. Ap ise bahar jakar kholengi.”

    After getting home, she opened her luggage and found that her currency (600 Riyals) along with her medicines was stolen during this time.

    You are kindley requested to look into the matter as this is a complete breach of agreement between a consumer and the aforesaid Airlines.

    If such things are not stopped, and the matter is not brought to the higher authorities of Saudi Airlines, same crime/irresponsibility/poor quality services will be kept delivered.

    After this long texts, the mail is being written to celebi aviation staff as well because everytime we are trying to contact saudi airlines i am getting connected to celebi staff and they are denying to register my complaint.


    With thanks and regards

    Nizamuddin Shamsulmalik Zahbi

    1. RobinHood says

      You Can Come Live with us on Social Media to Draw Attention to Your Issue. Click Here for Details

      1. Jmd! says

        I think you should help them without taking any money as it seems a genuine case plus it’s a ladys’ case and you said no charge for laides!! Don’t turn back on your words now!!

        1. RobinHood says

          You can keep your challenging words to yourself and I will respond by saying Pass. Any Lady who wants to get in touch can do so herself. And Next Time comment with your Real Name ratrher than Mysterious Pseudonyms ! I am a Real Man in the Real World ! Are you ? Don’t respond back on this thread. You will NEVER Get a Response! And this is not my Ego Talking. I am just pissed with your challenging tone

  20. Rahil khan says

    Sir ji, blazer ya 3 piece daalkar aap news bataoge toh aur zyada professional channel lagega.

    Just a suggestion as a friend.
    Thank you.

    1. RobinHood says

      🙂 Artificial Lagta Hai Mujhe Because that is not me in Real Life ! But thanks for your Comment. Appreciate it. And i will think over your suggestion, i promise. 🙂

  21. Kavya Mahajan says

    Sir Aapne ek vedio upload kiya tha 9 april 2017 jisme aapne bola tha jai shree Ram mat boliye kissi bhi walk krte hue bande ko but Sir kya hai na ki jbh bhi koi ajnabhi milta hai to usse hum hlw bolte Muslim asalam walekum bolta hai n hindu jai shree Ram bolta hai to sir aap kissi ek particular religion Point out mat kiya Karey plz n sir aap customer Right K liye bolte hai sahi bolte hai but aap jbh religion K liye bolte hai to aap humesha Hinduism ko point out krte Ho bs n we support u bcz aap aam janta k liye khade

    1. RobinHood says

      A Place of walking and exercise or relaxing is not a temple or a mosque or a church.

      1. Kavya Mahajan says

        Sir we are Indians and we are known for our culture… is a secular country yahi to vayvaar hota hai aap hi itta rude honge to kese chalenga Sir btaye….😕

        1. RobinHood says

          Some Call me Rude… 🙂 Others Some One with Balls of Steel to Speak up.

          1. Kavya Mahajan says

            Sir kbhi kbhi galti maan leni chaiye jukta vahi hai jisme kuch hota hai

          2. RobinHood says

            Wont Let you shove a Mistake in my Throat which seems to appear in your head !

          3. Kavya Mahajan says

            Very rude way off replying

          4. RobinHood says

            Maybe rude. But at least its honest ! And after all these replies to you, i guess this is my last reply to you. I have others to reply to you too and you dont seem to be raising an issue with which i see any value addition in my life or in others. Take care and all the Best.

            Rude but Honest,

  22. Kavya Mahajan says

    My no. 9571844020

  23. Ajju says

    Hello Robinhood sir…

    Plz Apne baare mein bataye..Janta ko thoda aur bataye..hum sabhi Jan na chahthe hai..aap Kahan se hai aur kya karte hai..Apne shaadi Karli..apki age kya hai..apne padhai Kahan se poori Kari..

    Plz sir answer zaroor karna..isse sabhi darshak apse personally jud payenge..

    Shukriya sir

    1. RobinHood says

      Search for Who is RobinHood on the website. You should get your answer.

  24. Rahim says

    Sir Robin hood please add me in ir group my no is 8655747545

    1. RobinHood says

      Not on whats app these days but we will start again soon.

  25. Manthan Trivedi says

    I want to say that why nirav modi is roaming freely …i think he was a reputed bank officer….but now a corrupt banker who is not loyal to his job ye unke paise th the nai ki bhaiya uthao aur chalte bano….vo logo ke paise the logo ne kamaye the…yaha logo ki humanity khatam hojaegi ki bhaiya bank bi eak safe hai krke …logo ka bank pr se bhi bharosa utt jaaega log apne paise firse apne ghr chupane lag jaenge ye dar se ki bhai ye eak govenment bank hoke eak proper safe nai hai th private par th logo ka bharosa hi nai hga…fir bologe logo mai humanity hi nai bachii par kaha se bache gi bhaiya yaha th chor baithe hue hai isse logo ki jo kind psychology hti hai vo bi eak wild psychology hojaegi log kisipr bharosa hi nai krenge…mera kehna ye hai ki ye jab corrupt ho chuka hai th law koi objection kyu nai utha ri.. chalo mai ye bhi manta hu mera koi account isme nai hai …par samaj re ho mera account hona nai hona mahatv ka nai hai….par hum samj th sakte hai hum bi humare paise jama karate hai eak bharose par ki nai ye bank humari hai it is very safe here….aap samaj re ho agar ye khule saand jaisa ghum ra hai th baaki bankers bi “ho sakte” hai jo aisa kuch soch re ho ki ha paise se sabhosakta hai mai bi aisa scam krke bhaag jaunga…samaj re ho eak aadmi ke vajah se bhot se disadvantages jhel ne pad sakte hai baaki logo ko….mai sirf itna kehna chahta hu ki aap eak video banaiye ki bhai vo government tak bi pahuch sake aur saath me desh ki sarkar aur unke desh ke logo tak …aur video banakr ye bhi usme bolo ki bhai vo kya sarkar ka aadmi hai isliye bahar hai ya sarkar hi uska saath de ri hai…ya modi / modi dono bhai hai isliye vo shaq aazadi se ghum ra hai…?nai samadhaan chaiye logo ko tasalli chaiye log free hona chahte hai na ki tumahare scam mai participate kre as a loss…aisa video hona chaiye ki nirav modi kya koi aur bi maai ka lal ho th eak baar th uske paer se zameen khisak jaaani chaiye aisa kaam krne ke paile….th hi desh aage jaega vrna suffer kro scams nd all…he should be given a strict sentenced jail or i think so agar sarkar soch ri hai desh america jaisa banana hai bas bhaiya sirf sniper ka intezzam kro aur kachraa saaf krdo ….as i mean to say shoot to death….! Fir hi ye jhol jaal vaale logo ko akal aaegi…! Isse sarkar ke do mission pure hojaenge swachh bharat bi aur eak freedom vaala bharat ….and log bi bharat ki taarif karenge #aam aadmi#jai hind….

    1. RobinHood says

      I can feel what you are saying

  26. suraj says

    Hi Sir,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I am really in a very bad situation due to a private firm in ludhiana, can you please call me fast so that I cab discuss my situation in detail…pls pls sir number is 9811694396..

    1. RobinHood says

      Please write details here first.

      1. suraj says

        Hi Sir,

        Thanks for your reply, an IT company in ludhiana said he will build me a website for my company I paid the amount to them but they are asking for some more money which was not in the proposal, also they are refusing to give my money back the nearest police is also not helping. Please call me sir i can’t write much here …please call me so that we can talk in detail.

        waiting for your call sir.


        1. RobinHood says

          You are welcome to pick one of the 5 options above in this post if you are interested for us to take up your case. Will wait for your reply .

  27. suraj says

    Yes sir Sure please don’t get me wrong but i want to make sure that I tell u things in detail before I go ahead for the next step. At least you can understand my situation sir..i am ready to fund 1000 once we have a discussion in detail and may be if you want i can come down for a facr to face meeting is there to help me sir except please call me and help …my number is 9811694396..

    1. RobinHood says

      More than the money, I want you to speak up. Why dont you start with a Video on your own Facebook timeline.

  28. suraj says

    Sir I have just 96 friends on facebook and that too just my family people with few very close friends..if i could have done something from my own then yes sure i would have done that sir..but after many consideration i decided to contact you…but if u will even not help me then where should i go i really don’t know..after my first post on this website any call i am getting on my cell is assumed to be you but latter on i am coming to know that it’s not you..i thought you would help me.. Please connect with me sir..

    1. RobinHood says

      96 Is a Huge Number ! Gandhi was One Person who stood up in South Africa my friend. Whatever ways i am suggesting, you are finding ways around.

      Well, emotional blacjmail does not really work with me Suraj. Hard Work Does. Its either going to be a Facebook video link that you will post here now first, or your next comments also will start going unanswered.

      Be a Man. Follow the Guidelines.

  29. Nafees says

    App AMU pr kyu nhi bola
    I am AMU student
    You can contact 8477811654

    1. RobinHood says
      I wonder when the youth will start speaking up and i will be only to happy to support !

  30. suraj says

    Sir….why people are putting these kind of meme on you on YouTube ?.the time i saw it I have become crazy…my head is spinning very badly…. couldn’t you help please?

    1. RobinHood says

      Taking your BLOODY BAD WAORDS (which you posted in the Other Comment which i as an Admin have chosen not to Approve) and stick them up your DONKEY’s ARSE !

  31. anuj says

    Dalit unsafe Gujarat ka video dekha sir abhi apka. Didn’t like the way you portrayed things. Doesn’t matter if the person was a dalit or not, if the factory workers doubted him, they would have beaten him nonetheless.

    Something happens to a person from general category, nobody bats an eye. But if anything happens to a dalit, everybody loses their minds. Kyun sir? Kyunki general category bohot badi hai. Mar rahe hai toh Marne do?

    I think each and every life is equally valuable. And Jahan tak reservation ki baat hai, sir toh aap kisi aur ka right cheen ke kaise kisi aur ko de sakte hai. Humare constitution ko likhe hue kitne saal hogaye. You think the same rules are valid now? After several decades?

    We need a reform sir. If we really want to move forward, we need to remove such problems. Deemak Hoti haina sir..kaise ghar ko andar se khokhla kar deti hai.. reservation bhi ek aise hee problem hai..

    And coming to the beating up of the person..unhone usse chor samajh ke mara. Which is wrong I agree, they can’t take law into their hands. But apka yeh kehna ki kaise ek dalit ko mara Gaya, yeh bhi galat hai. Mein yeh apko likh ke se Sakta hoon ki agar yahi ek general category ke Insan ke saath hua hota toh koi kuch nahi kehta. Sir unn logon ne usse karne se phele uski caste ya creed nahi poochi thi. Unhone usse chor samjha aur mara..toh aap please usse galat way mein portray na kare. But yes I agree, what they did was wrong, they should’ve taken him to the police, but jo aap bol rahe hai vo bhi sahi nahi hai..

    Waiting for your side of the story sir 🙂

    1. RobinHood says

      My Reply Anuj. Long but might give you amPle Clarity about my approach, views and the ways to tackle a problem where ALL YES ALL OUR POLITICIANS HAVE MISERABLY FAILED IN THE LAST 70 YEARS.

  32. Pranjal says

    Hi sir ,
    I am just 14year old . Sir I want to talk to you about to very important topic INDIA .i think it is not going in a right way my phone no is 6261225276

    1. RobinHood says

      DETAIL YOUR VIEWS AND TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION MY YOUNG friend. Sorry for the Caps in error

  33. yogesh chaudhary says

    Hii sir
    Mera name yogesh Chaudhary hai ,mai pune mai rahta hu muje ap se judna hai,mere andar talent ki koi kami nai hai,aur advertising mai mere ko bhaut experience hai,mai bhi kuch karna chayta hu but ,koi manch hi nai mil raha hai agar ap mere ko join karte ho to ye aam press ko all india mai lakar rakh dunga news se advertising, aur money level se please contact sir jo
    You belive one time
    Yogesh chaudhary

    1. RobinHood says

      Lovely Comment. Back it up with a Video.
      Here are the Guidelines
      Mention your name, your city, why you want to get associated with Aam Press and How do you think you want to add value to Aam Press. Post back your facebook link as a comment. After I have a look, might call you and or choose to air your video

  34. Harish says

    Sir iss salay ko aisa example banna ki pura IT cell kaap jana chahiyea

  35. Yoginder says

    Please I need your help.. I am ready to pay

    1. RobinHood says

      Please write your problem in detail to start the process Yoginder

  36. Survinder says

    Sir pls how to contact you. I am very urgent need your help

    1. RobinHood says

      Write your problem in detail here

  37. Rupinder says

    Hello sir
    My name rupinder pal
    I need your help because my pan card from nsdl site will has not dispatched since 10 april 2018. Whenever i call its customer service he or she said to me that sir please wait for one week. I call him 3 times and they said same as first time said. They do not give me proper solution and i want my pan card immediately because bank said if you pan card not attached with bank so bank will not give you full right of bank so please help me out from this situation.
    Pan card site nsdl
    Mein chahata ho sir aap unki pungi bajao social media pr jo koi or es pan card site se dukhi na ho.
    Log es site ki service ko pehle hi samj ske

    1. RobinHood says

      Details here

      Video to aap ko banana hi pagega

  38. Rishi nair says

    Rishi nair
    I live in m.p. vidisha
    Mobile 9893628669

    इसी हाईवे पर कुछ दूर पेट्रोल पंप से आगे एक बोर्ड लगा है जिस पर लिखा है विदिशा में आपका स्वागत है अब इसका क्या मतलब है के जिस हाईवे पर बोर्ड लगाया आपका विदिशा में स्वागत है क्या यही वह विदिशा है या फिर इसका मतलब है कि आप विदिशा में हैं यह आप मेरे को बताए कि आप क्या समझते हैं इस बोर्ड को पढ़कर जो विदिशा के एंट्रेंस पर है मुझे बस इतना जानना है क्या विदिशा के अंदर आने पर जो बोर्ड पर लिखा है आपका विदिशा में स्वागत है क्या उस बोर्ड का मतलब यही है यहां हाईवे पर आपको दारू के ठेके मिलेंगे

    सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने छोटे शहरों में 500 मीटर से 220 मीटर तक राजमार्ग शराब प्रतिबंध को घटा दिया

    सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने शुक्रवार को राष्ट्रीय और राज्य राजमार्गों पर 500 मीटर के आसपास शराब विक्रेताओं पर प्रतिबंध लगाने के अपने आदेश को आंशिक रूप से संशोधित किया लेकिन होटल और रेस्तरां को कोई राहत देने से इनकार कर दिया।

    भारत के मुख्य न्यायाधीश के एक खंडपीठ जेएस खहर न्यायमूर्ति डीवाई चंद्रचुद और न्यायमूर्ति एलएन राव ने जोर देकर कहा कि आदेश का उद्देश्य शराबी ड्राइविंग को रोकने के लिए था जिसमें हजारों लोगों ने दावा किया था

    यदि डेटा लोगों के दिलों में मृत्यु के डर को चला सकता है, तो कानून को इतना चरम कदम नहीं उठाने की आवश्यकता है।

    नेशनल क्राइम रिसर्च ब्यूरो से 2015 के लिए उपलब्ध संख्याओं के मुताबिक, उस साल सड़क की दुर्घटना की मौत का 41% और तेजी से 32% ड्राइविंग की वजह से तेजी से बढ़ोतरी हुई। नशे में चलने वाले ड्राइविंग में 2% लोग मारे गए। इनमें से अधिकतर मौतें राष्ट्रीय राजमार्गों पर हुईं।

    इन आंकड़ों के प्रकाश में, सुप्रीम कोर्ट के आदेश को 1 अप्रैल से राष्ट्रीय या राज्य राजमार्ग के 500 मीटर के भीतर अल्कोहल की बिक्री पर प्रतिबंध लगाने का आदेश एक जिग्स पहेली के लापता टुकड़े की तरह फिट बैठता है। लेकिन शराब की बिक्री सभी बुराइयों की जड़ है या क्या यह अनियमित खपत है?

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video if you want Aam Press support.

  39. Javed Khatri says

    Robin Hood ji you’re always best
    My cell number is 9879235404

    1. RobinHood says

      Thanks for your love and support

  40. ZAHABI says

    Sir i have a complaint against saudi airlines as they tampered the luggage and stole 600 saudi riyal from luggage.

    1. RobinHood says

      Happy to support. Please follow the guidelines on Priority Pungi

  41. ZAHABI says

    Sir ye complaint hai saudi airlines k khilaaf jaha meri mother ne new delhi to jeddah travel kiya but unka luggage unko deliver nahi hua ,bht sare email or requests k baad luggage 14 din baad wapas mila or luggage tampered kiya gaya thha or usme se 600 riyalsaudi currency chura li gai thhi.

    Bht sari complaints kar chuka hu sir fir bhi kardi par abhi tak kuch hua nahi hai.

    Please help me

    +91 9718398431
    +91 9990212323

  42. Rhea says


    1. RobinHood says


  43. Robin Garg says

    Ram Ram Sir ji,

    I am Robin Garg from Samana Patiala,
    Sir I just want to say you that Modi sarkar starts a Mudra Yogna for set up a business in which we got a loan from banker from 50000 to 10 lakh. But all the banks refuses to give mudra loan , for this i also put a complaint on PM Grievance/CM Grievance/President house and also mailed in head office of central bank of india but no step taken.
    My question is that If Central government starts service for middle people then what is the problem with bankers why they give loan only to their known person only. If central starts some helpful service then wo kyu dhayn mein nahi rakhti ki hmari is yogna ka Aam Aadmi tak fayda pahunch rha hai ya nahi.
    Bas AC mein baith kar decision le liya after taking decision no action will take.

    1. RobinHood says

      Good Point. If you want to air your viewes on Aam Press in the form of a video Click Here

  44. Abhinav Chaudhary says


    Sir mere sath ek bhaud bada fraud huwa h..
    maine Vikas Patel(jo apne aap ko Army m btata h) naam k ek aadmi se Iphone kreda tha 15000₹ ka..jiske payment maine usse paytm si ki thi Uska paytm no h. 8875725925 jo maine 2 transection m ki thi (7000₹+8000₹)
    Usne muze iphone courier se send kiya tha.. OVERNIGHT EXPRESS COURIER naam ki company se phone send kiya tha jiski usne muze slip bi bheji thi..
    courier mere pass 27 May ko deliver hona tha..27may ko mere pass courier wale ka ohone aaya (phone no.9549427485 ) se call aaya ki sir aapka courier h jo ki locked h..isse aapke pass tak delivery krne se phle aapko security jma krni pdega..maine Vikas Patel se baat ki usne kha gi ye army courier h or aapko security jma krne pdegi jo aapko delivery k time waps ho jayegi..
    courier wale n muze ek no.send kiya or kha ispe payment krdo..wo no.(9549753695)overnight express ka btaya gya tha unhone security k naam per mere se 4 transection m 28050₹ paytm no.(9549753695) per karwa leye..(5100₹+5150₹+3800+14000₹) or kha ki m delivery leke aa rha hu or aapko aapka courier or security k 28000₹ hand to hand return kar duga..
    Lekin sir baad m naa to koi courier wala mere pass aaya or na hi muze mere paise waps mille..
    Total muze 15000₹ jo muze vikas patel n leye + 28050₹ jo vikas patel k khne per maine Courier company ko send kiye security k naam per nahi mile..Total mere se 43050₹ le leye gye or muze na hi kli phone mila or na hi mize mere paise waps krre gye..Vikas Patel ka no.h 8955502219 isse wo mere se baat krta tha..
    neeche pdf m maine sari details or chat ki photos daal di h..sir please mere help kro..m cllge m padhne wala ek student hu..
    Sir Please Mere Help krre
    mobile no.7669910064

    1. RobinHood says

      You are welcome to use Aam Press Via Paid Pungi for a personal issue

  45. Abhishek Chaurasiya says

    The Aam Press is good

    1. RobinHood says



    Hello Robinhood sir,

    While I was scrolling on instagram , ‘s advertisement came on it , selling apple airpods @ Rs.1999 , so I placed an order on their website i.e.
    And I received a fake product i.e. a wired earphone maybe costing Rs. 75 .
    I check the website again to complain about this, but then I got to know that the website is now closed.
    Afterwards when I checked on google that this was not done by mistake by them , this was intentionally done and fully planned , their plan was to fool people , and on google I got to know that many have suffered by this website.
    I have also sent a registered notice to them , which cost me 599 rupees.
    Please help me sir!

    I have all the proofs and I’m uploading it here!
    But please dont share my details!

    Thank you sir!
    Hope you will do something about this!

    -Vedant Bongirwar

    1. RobinHood says

      As discussed on the phone, please make a video on your facebook timeline and post the link back here as a reply comment Vedant.

  47. Jugal says

    Sir mein Hyderabad se hu.. mein engg pad raha tha sir Bharat institute of engg and technology college se.. 2016 mein maine poore exams likhe aur sab mein pass bhi hogaya.. par kisi karan varsh mein clg jaa nhi saka aur result aane ke ek saal bad jab mein certificates lene gaya tab muje pata chala ki mein ek exam mein fail hogaya hu.. wo bhi lab exam mein jo humare college mein hote hai and humare college ke faculty correct karte hai… maine exam diya aur marks bhi teacher ne bata diye muje.. par humare college walo se paper misplace hogaya toh us karanvarsh unhone muje absent daldiya exam mein.. aur ek saal bad mein gaya toh wo kehte hai nhi hosakta kuch pehle bolna chahiye ye wo.. meri bat Sun ne ko raji nhi the wo log.. bs ek hi rat lagaye hue the ki phir se exam likho.. maine kaha y should i waste again a year for your mistake toh wo bat hi nhi kar rahe the.. toh mein jntu university gaya uske under mein aata hai humari clg. Toh waha muje pata chala ki correction hosakta hai agar clg wale writing mein jntu ko Likh ke de toh.. par aur ek bat ye thi ki unko 25k fine bharna padta bs wo fine bachane ke liye mera ek saal waste hua..
    Aur humare college ka chairman rowdy hai toh humare dad ne bhi complaint nhi kiya.. q ki khimera career na barobar ho jaye.. aur uskaran Abhi tak job nhi mili muje sir …sab puchte hai ek saal kaha waste hua vishwas nhi karte mere pe

    Mobile number 9700049815

    1. RobinHood says

      If you are willing to pay up charges to keep Aam Press Alive by seeking support, please comment back.

  48. Shivam kundnani says

    Sir maine aapko mail bhi bheja
    Par sir wo fake page pe mam ke liye bahot ganda bol gaya bahot hi jada ganda bol gaya koi
    Sir aapko salute ha aap itna sab jhelne ke baad bhi itna karte ha
    Sir isme screen shot nahi daal sakta nahi to jarur dalta
    Par sir kabhi mere pe paise hue na to aapse miluga jarur sir
    Bas aaj se aapse milne ke liye saving karuga
    Love for you sir and respect for the mam

  49. Laksh dhillon says

    Sat sri akal sir,
    Sir me apni videos aksar dekhta hoon or meine apnko fake pages ke bare me march me bataya tha apne rply bhi kiya tha.
    Lekin sir me apko apni taraf se eh chhoti si slah ye dena chahoonga ke aap live video special bnaye ke jis page per aam press is live ya was live nahi hai vo pages fake hai unki report kro sare darshak
    Aur aap video me time aur date jrur do tin baar repeat krna ta ki jo agar apni video copy krte bhi hai to time date ke hisab se vo apne aap fake lagne lage
    Aap khud seyane ho sir
    Me spain se laksh dhillon
    Facebook pe me hoon sir
    Thankyou 🙏🏻

    1. RobinHood says


  50. Faraz Mallick says

    Assalamalalaikum sir I did a sting operation on policeman of Hindpiri Station Ranchi who was taking money for passport verification.

    1. RobinHood says


  51. Gyandeep Soni says

    Hello Mr. Robin,
    This is GYANDEEP SONI an IT engineer from Mumbai. Iam also connected to media also providind LIVE STREAMING CDN services to news channels.
    I wish to talk to you regarding somany subjects on which we can make vdo’s.
    Actually short me kahu to mera bas chale to govt. ke har department jo kaam nai karte, aur bholi bhali janta ko pareshaan karte hai unhe unki aukaat yaad dila du.
    Govt. ki aisi bahut se seva hai jo janta ke liye bani to hai par unska janta ko koi labh nahi hai.
    Umra kam hai par experience bahu hai… Is liye chahta hu ki ise zaya na jane du aur kisi nek kaam me iska upyog karu.
    Kuch cheezen confidential bhi hai jo comment box me share nai kar sakta. So have to talk to you privately.


    -Gyandeep Soni
    9820575636, 9004848149

    1. RobinHood says

      Follow the Guidelines for the 1 Hour 11 Minutes Call/ Lets see what you come up with . Post the Link Back here.

      1. Gyandeep Soni says

        Hello Robin Sir,
        I am very very lucky to have 01:11 min wonderful conversation with you. Thankyou so much for sharing your precious time & experience with me. Your are really a good human being who always ready to help people in all manners.
        Thankyou for your motivation, i am feeling more energetic after your call and very soon comming up with my 1st video.

        Las but not least few words for you…

        हमेशा के लिए अपने पास रखलो मुझे
        कोई पूछे तो कह देना … किरायेदार है दिल का…

        1. RobinHood says

          Link of your first Video here. Waiting.

  52. yashasvi goswami says

    hello sir!
    I am yashasvi goswami from Ludhiana Punjab,
    I am student,
    I just bought a new s9 plus from Samsung,
    after 2 days I noticed a dot in notification LED,i took it to the service center,
    they said the dot is minor an only visible if we capture a picture of it
    I bought so costly phone only because I want to start youtube..also sir I am working on a project for women safety.. and I love working for needy people’s and more…
    I contacted Samsung headoffice delhi they said its an minor issue and not effecting performance I said why I have to compromise like that dot is not in other s9+…
    they have no answer instead closed my case..
    I attached pictures to them…
    earlier then I was having note 8 in which was another but they helped and refunded after repair I will tell you whole story sir please contact me on 9780013384 sir my exams are going on please contact me after 1.30pm as I will be in examination hall before I am really sorry sir as I am seeking help at same time giving you time I hope you understand my situation sir please help me…….my phone is still in doa policy…its an quality issue sir and compony is saying its minor we cant help…I have a full conversation and details kindly contact me sir…your time is very precious to me sir and I promise to not to waste even a single second of yours please contact me after 1.30pm(due to my exams) I really APPRECIATE your work sir.
    my email

    phone number +91 9780013384

    I am yashasvi goswami from Ludhiana Punjab,thanking you in advance sir!
    here is my tweet link –

    1. RobinHood says

      Inviting you for a Live Video In Video Priority Pungi to Shake up Samsung. No Charge to you. Expect my Call after 1:30 PM today.

      1. Yashasvi Goswami says

        Thankyou so much sir i received my phone replacement.

        1. RobinHood says

          Happy for you Yashasvi. Lets do a Live Again

          1. Yashasvi Goswami says

            hello sir,
            I am really sorry for late reply,
            Still my issue with samsung is not solved(and is going on from soo long)…
            I made a youtube video for the same sir issues i am facing,
            I think they sell refurbished handset,Problems in Replacement Handset,
            They gave me backup handset which was already scratches and carcks(damaged) also they gave me no receipt for that handset(backup)
            now they want me to pay 14k,also no help for my handset,
            Also the person handling my case argued and behaved very bad,
            they automatically closed the case,
            Sir here is my youtube Video link,(I’ve tried explaining everything)
            Thanks for your precious time sir,

          2. RobinHood says

            Sorry to hear about this YG.
            Will take this up under Priority Pungi now.

  53. Rohit Kumar Singh says

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    My facebook account
    hai Please Sir mujhe Unblock kar dijiye.

    Please Sir

    1. RobinHood says

      When someone is blocked for whatever reason , we don’t UNBLOCK Them. You are welcome to communicate with us here Rohit.

  54. Dhruv says

    Mr AAMPRESS sir instead of saying Mr robin hood used Mr AAMPRESS coz as fake pages going on in the name of AAMPRESS but u r the real n only n only n only AAMPRESS robin hood to koi b ho skta h……today morning i called u up and u said NAMASKAR JI n i disconnected the call for a reason will tell u next time on call or on live vedio.Although i called up agn but was not able to connect. I dnt have any issue but yes i dnt want dat u spend ur precious time in giving high attention on dis (it was not a taunt) obvsly if we respct ur time u will. Just want to tell m also regular veiwer after ending up woth noght shift and reachng home i just searchd ur page n start watching ur vedios


    1. RobinHood says

      Next time have the courage to speak up my friend


    Sir Ek aur fake page khul gaya

    1. RobinHood says

      Coming up with a Plan Soon.

  56. AMIT ROY SARKAR says

    sir aam page ka fake page do dinse harkat kar rahi ha…
    May tripura se Amit…

    1. RobinHood says

      Noted. Thanks.

  57. Mahipal Singh Dulawat says

    Sir I want a job
    Please contact me
    Rajsthan India

    1. RobinHood says

      We are not a Placement Agency. Sorry. All the best.

  58. MD Zahaid Hussain says

    Bhai mera naam md zahid hussain hai mai blind hu 90 percent bihar ka rahne wala hu mai mumbai me aaya hu blind institute me admission ke liye to yaha jo sahab log hai oo log hamare sath bahat aatyachar kar rahe hai roj bolte hai kal aajao parso aajao or admission nahi karte hai aisa 6. Six month se kar rahe hai or mai yaha railway par wada paw kha ke 6 mahine se ji raha hu lekin admission nahi karte ki mai usme jau sirf bolte hai kal aajao parso aajao ab kal eid hai mere pass itna paisa bhi nahi bacha hai ki mai naha dho ke kal namaz padhu bhai mughe aap ki jarurat hai please help me 09507865459

  59. Shivam says

    Sir Meri ek problem hai aapse kuch discuss karna chahta hu.

    1. RobinHood says

      Write the details here and p[referable make a video Follow the Guidelines.

  60. Sulaiman Badshah says

    Sir I want to give u some advertisement of my business

    1. RobinHood says

      Send an email to with your business details and mobile Number

  61. Rajiv Das says

    Hello sir good evening

    It’s me RAJIV DAS from sikkim, actually i just want to say you that I really like your every video because you talk all about the genuine situation which we are unnecessary compelled to compromise in such a disgusting rules and regulations of Indian government

    I also want to share many videos which has been running illegally in our place so please make me the member of your Aam Press if possible kindly add my mobile number to be in the group of Aam Press Watapps and Facebook.

    Contact number

    1. RobinHood says

      Follow the guidelines on the link above.

  62. Amit says
    Robin hood ye up ki light hai ab todi eski pungi bazao.

    1. RobinHood says

      Follow the guidelines in the link if you want our support.

  63. Ambrish sharma says


    Doon Youth Summit is organising its very first chapter of Youth Parliament and Model United Nation Conference in Dehradun on 28th and 29th July, 2018 . We are a group of five students from Law College Dehradun organising this event and hereby request to get a promotion from your page as it will be really helpful for our event. By this event we wish to impart knowledge.Kyunki sir Padhega India tabhi to badega India. We will mark you as our  Media Partner sir and moreover students from all over the country would get to know about you and your work.

    Team Regards

  64. AFAJ UDDIN says

    hello sir app keise he apka bohot boda fan ho me Mera name AFAJ UDDIN me assam MORIGAUN district se ho app ko bohot bar phone kiya kobe phone bond rehata he to kobi bussy rehata he me app se bat korne ke liye bohot bar koshi kiya me ek suta sa dukan chalata ho job app live reteho to me busy rehata ho to muje app se Facebook live phone pe bat korna he a meri icha he please sir

    1. RobinHood says

      7:07 AM

      Mon to Friday

  65. Nilesh says

    Hello Sir i have problem with
    i have paypal account i am using it since last 4 Years without any issue just yesterday they limited my account without any issue.when i directly try to resolve it they says its final decision you no longer able to use our services.

    sir they thinks i have 3 accounts and all are internally connected but as per paypal policy with one KYC Documents only one account can able to create then how they can says that its internally connected??

    i request you to kindly please help me to fight with them.i tried hard to get back my account but no chance so i demand them to provide us strong evidence which says that i broke rules but still no reply from them.they just ignoring my request.

    itts request to your kindly ess paypal walo ke pungi bja do customers jyada ho gye hai to thora hva aa gye hai ess paypal walo ko
    kindly ess kamino ko line pe lado please bhai..mai uss logo se co-operate karne ke liye ready hu lekin wo long mere sun ke liye ready nai hai 🙁

    Hope you can help me in this matter


    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Request Video to PayPal not aggressive. Follow the guidelines Nilesh on

      Else you can Pay Rs. 2,500 To come on a Live Video with RobinHood. For that will need your Mobile Number as a reply to this comment.

  66. Mitul Goyal. New Delhi. Pitampura. No.9599519592 says

    Sir, I think you’re gonna love what just happened. This is Mitul Goyal from Delhi. I bought a Britannia biscuit – deuce . It’s a newly introduced biscuit. So what happened was there was a long plastic strands in one of biscuits, which I informed them, we also wrote to Twitter tagging the Britannia industries, 2 days later the tweet gets deleted and we get representative at our home, you takes the sample and gives us a few other biscuits as a thankyou. We refused that at first, but the next time their supervisor called they said we just need it to test and know the reason, other than that you are free to report anywhere you want and again the agent contacted us and took the sample and gave us the biscuit packets in exchange. It happened 4-5 days back. Today I got to know about you and aampress, the work you do by a colleague, saw your videos, thought you could do what needs to be done.They have not even called us to give the closure or anything. Couldn’t care less. And the tweet gets deleted automatically.Plastic as you know is something so dangerous. Had I not been cautious, I would’ve ingested that. Please see if you can do anything Mr Robinhood.

    1. RobinHood says

      As discussed reply back here that you are facebook Enabled. Then we tae this forward.

  67. Yashasvi Goswami says

    Greetings Sir!
    I am Yashasvi Goswami,
    From Ludhiana,Punjab
    We’ve talked earlier,
    Sir this message is not to offend you I just wanted to say something that i felt wrong..
    Sir i don’t know why you blocked me on whatsapp for no reason I mean sir I may be disturbing you sir but i was only asking for help thats what an 18 year old can do sir-Make videos,tweets and trying to tell people how it is even more sir but
    I was getting no help from Samsung and yes till now sir no help,Even the person handling case talked rudely,behaved very badly and said that he said that he don’t have any senior/Head when i asked him that transfer my call to your head,
    My phone is at the service center from 1 month and they fooled me opened my phone i will explain you whole story on call sir,
    They aren’t replying or helping sir,
    I texted you and even posted on your site here and you replied that case can be taken into #PriorityPungi i am ready to pay you for that sir but blocking i didn’t felt good about it i mean i am still 18 i am learning what life is how this big multinational componies fool customer now i am ready with proofs for the same sir,
    I am sorry sir for disturbing but i was only asking for help,
    I am still fighting with that compony completely alone with proofs contacting random people’s making videos on youtube,
    I am not giving up sir,
    I will pay you for #PriorityPungi kindly inform me your account number sir,
    I just want people to know what the real Samsung India is.
    I am 18 you can consider me too young sir,
    But Sir I have guts to fight for my rights,for people and helping others and componies like that who fool with consumers everyone should know about it,
    Kindly call me sir my number is 9780013384,
    -Thankyou for your Precious Time sir,

    Yashasvi Goswami

    1. RobinHood says

      Not interested to take Money for picking up your issue again. You must have done something to tick me off ! Take Care. My best Wishes are with you.

  68. Parth Bansal says


    I truly appreciate what you have been doing to raise customer voice and fighting for their rights.
    This is regarding the video sent by me, which you have uploaded on Youtube (PUNGI Myntra Ki Mitti) ,i.e, In this my e mail address for communication is wrong. By mistake you’ve written whereas it is Request you to update the change if possible, otherwise Myntra may not be able to contact me.

    But the way you’ve put up the concern, they themselves will find a way by checking my order details if editing isn’t possible.

    Nonetheless, your efforts to ‘bajao pungi’ deserves a big applause from all your subscribers and viewers…

    Feel free to contact me personally for any issues regarding this video…


    I will surely update you the coresspondences by Myntra regarding this order to decide whether Besharam Myntra needs to be done….

    Thanking You,

    Parth Bansal

    (Aam Press Fan)



    1. RobinHood says

      Happy to help. No need for any money.

      BUT… Agar aap apna khud ka video bana sakte ho, most welcome. Aur Haan No Video No Suport !
      Watch these examples.

      You will also need to post your mobile number here, which will not be publically available.


    I have sent you a video on the whatsap please check it with my no. 7217839754

    1. RobinHood says

      Please follow guidelines if you want our support

      Your Has to be uploaded on your Facebook Timeline. Send us the link here.

  71. ASHISH PANDEY says

    Hi Dear

    Robin hood sir,

    I have worked for an organization Den snapdeal Tvshop for 1 year and they have deducted the Provident amount every month which clearly mentioned in my salary slip but they never revealed the Provident fund number to me even after requesting them so many times,
    Now i have left that organization and continuously sending them email asking PF number,, but there is no revert me back through email….It’s been 3 months i left the organization. And sir Their MD(Managing Director) is so powerful person..they have also news channel (Tv 24) And National voice. he is owner this channels
    What should i do now…and i attached my documents.
    Please sir Do Needfull for me.

    My contact number is (7210815513,7011173259)
    Ashish Pandey

    Company Address

    1. RobinHood says

      No Video. No Support. Make a Video of your Problem if you want out support !
      Follow the guidelines

  72. Siddhanta Das says

    Hello Sir,

    I had purchased a Term Insurance from MaxLife.
    I had inquired online for their policy. Their sales representatives called me immediately after 5 mins of the inquiry being made and started the process. then my medical test was conducted, I was overweight, due to this specific reason they almost doubled my premium amount which was not a justified offer. I asked them the revise the counter offer via emails and contacting customer care services. But I did not receive any revert back from their end. I decided to cancel the policy and ask for the refund.
    it has been more than one month neither they are contacting me from their end nor are they refunding my amount. they have policy cancellation full amount refund rules if its cancelled within one month.

    I purchased the policy on 16th June,2018 and cancelled it on 11th July,2018.
    my application id for Max Life Insurance is 515321735.
    I have contacted there customer care many times but they have resolved my issues yet and come up with different excuses.
    I am still getting emails from their end to accept the counter offer where as I have already declined the offer and asked for my refund. I even mentioned this to their customer care, they asking me to ignore it. but why should I ignore it they are spamming my email account storage. I explained them this thing they said this will stop but still they did not stop doing this till date.

    This is my Facebook time line video link:

    I authorise Aampress to download this video and help me out.

    name- Siddhanta Das
    my contact number is- 7508022320
    email id-

    1. RobinHood says
  73. Mayank ghadge says

    I had ordered a domino’s pizza from swiggy all was ok till I saw the last piece of the pizza had a long thick thread . I was shocked it was black and dirty . I even have a video . When I removed it .it was very bad experience with them. I called the customer care 2 times but only answer i got was the manager will call u in just a minute but he didn’t . Pune pradhikaran niagadi domino’s. Mayank .

    1. RobinHood says

      Your Video link and Mobile number please

      1. Sonu singh says

        Dear sir
        Sir I big Fan of yours.. sir mai apko EK SCAM KE BARE ME BATANA CHATA HU..SIR INDIA ME EK BAHUT BADA SCAM HONE WALA HAI..HISAR HARAYANA ME EK COMPMA HAI FUTURE MAKER PVT LTD..YE COMPANY LOGO SE Rs.200000 lekar Rs. 32500 per month (16 %) per month interest & 192
        % yearly interest dene ka promise karti hai money circulation ka kaam kar rahi hai..or IS COMPANY PAR BJP KE .. MINISTER KA BH8 HATH HAI..SIR I THING PLEASE RAISE THIS ISSUE IN SOCIAL MEDIA..ITS VERY BIG ACHIVENT OF AAM PRESS…
        THANKS YOUR …FAN..

        1. RobinHood says

          No Video. No Support

  74. Didweclick says

    I have been fighting cryptoscams in India.. have managed to provide legal assistance to the victims, guiding them through the right steps. I have a channel on YouTube . The idea to approach and seek help is only to grow support for the community that have been scammed. I have seen your videos, absolutely the way it shud be done. I wish and hope to get the support from you. My channel isn’t as big as yours but my cause n motivation in no less. I respect you n will do so even if you decide against my hopes.
    God bless India.

    1. RobinHood says

      Aam Press does not deal with Anonymous Id’s or people. It’s a Great initiative though. Send me your cell phone number on the platform where you got directed from, to write a comment here.

      1. Didweclick says

        Anonymous isliye hai sir ji. Kareeb 1500 crore Ka scam expose Kar Raha Hun. 5 companies..jismai se ek lcc 200 crore wala hai.. u can Google Manish Kasana LCC scam.. dusra mtc 500 crore scam. Manish kasana is on the run. Wanted by up police.. Amit lakhanpal is in Dubai, Mumbai Mai case register hai.. dikkat yeh hai k.. in sabhi companies Ka dushman or target Mai hi Hun. Dubai SE aksar call aate Hain. Ofcourse well wishers k Nahi.. +1458-219-8589 wtsapp no. Hai.. ek saahab aur Hain Jo jinke khilaaf abp news ko information Di thi.. 2017 mai abp news ne sting karke expose kiya.. around 300 crore Ka scam hai.. he is out on bail.. still operating the same company.. and has been issuing warnings n threatening me.. Akela Hun iss ladayi Mai, kal Nahi Raha tha toh San khatam hojaayega.. isliye thoda security Ka dhiyaan rakhna padta hai.
        Didweclick is my channel

        1. RobinHood says

          I will pass. When i think about my own life and the work i am doing showing my face, I don’t want to support anyone who is afraid You get threats, well so have I . Does that stop me from doing my work openly ?

  75. Didweclick says

    I don’t know Mera last reply aapko Mila hai ya nahi.. naam isliye Nahi Likha because they all are after me, it’s a scam worth 1500 crore.. it’s actually bigger. 200 crore Ka scam karne wala Manish Kasana is wanted by police.. he is on run. Company was LCC u can Google Manish Kasana LCc coin. The other is MTC coin, owner is in Dubai, Hiding from police. 500 crore scam, owner Amit lakhanpal. I have getting threatening calls from Dubai to stop wtevrr I m doing. I have been wearing a mask in my videos, because it’s me against 1500 crore rs scam.
    My channel is Didweclick
    My no. Is +1458-219-XXXX

    1. RobinHood says

      Masked your number from Public View for your own safety. But i still won’t back up anyone, with a US Numer and wanting to expose scams in INdia without showing his face!

  76. Imam Shaikh says

    Hi Robin Sir. (Sent you email with images)

    Hope all is well.

    Please be informed as just took part in a Photo contest named MIUI 8th anniversary few days ago, As the rule was who ever will get most likes in their story video will get the prizes accordingly with 3 prizes, As i had won the first prize (Mi Mix) and announced in official page of miui, suddenly they removed the post with all image of mine and in few minutes


    Then the lady named Charlotte was the admin of miui’s official Instagram page she personally MSG me and apologizing me that i am not the winner as someone else is the winner, i told them i had the like most, She just ignored rejected me and announced new post with new winners. For this scene i just got shocked how can be possible.

    i tried to congratulate the users those who won the contest on second time post- I tried to cross question with them for asking how do they do that having more likes Username Nutra: replied me that he got all likes by spamming and had too many likes .
    (Screenshot) ,

    Then i talked silently usernamed Rep-stories she replied she didn’t have played any contest in Instagram before and her friend help to get those all fake likes by some tricky websites
    (Screenshot available)

    And username BeingKajal : I just tried to ask one of the likers from her participation video he told me that he never did such likes to her video and never know her, The guy told me that she is using a websites named as sharing of word – likes, its one website that he and she is using to getting fake likes. (KAJAL is a Member of MIui Community and is working with them.)
    (Screenshot available)

    While seeing this all scenario i reported to the admin of Miui’s Official Instagram page,Her name is Charlotte she even ignored and keeps me telling that they are the final winners. I submitted all information with screenshot that they are fooling to all and having fake likes in some minutes and you just removed me from the contest winner post.


    (Screenshot available) She just ignored me and didn’t verify such thing and move forward to declared them a winner. I tried a lot and request her to do some crossing checking but she didn’t took any interest on it. I told many time its not fair decision please make fair even she ignored me.

    While seeing to the injustice happening i just quiet following and when i was angry and told her will inform all what happened all. she just trying to convince me with a offering a 5000 mah of Power bank and mi band 3 to keep silence and peace to avoiding report to higher officials of company.


    then she did video call and requested to delete the comments what ever i did and the post of participation so she can give me a surprise unofficial offering present to keep quiet as she wanted to keep those ladies and fake likers to win and while later she even refused to give any present to me and avoiding my msgs later , so i got angry and started posting the screenshot of proof of all evidences of conversation between us and the all fake likers with hash tags of all pages of xiaomi / miui and the higher official of company then suddenly she MSG me to remove all those post and convincing me that if i do remove those photos so she will remove the contest winners post, so it means she know very well the decision of her previously taken was wrong decision , after all i remove d those post she removed the winners declaration post from MIUI’s Official page at 2:43am


    (Screenshot available) and then she will delete the post of winners and no such post available for right now.

    I do request to investigate / and make some video in your channel for this case and do needful to have a justice for me against those fake liker and this supporting lady Charlotte – Least xiaomi should know whats happening and world should know. .

    I was forcefully cheated to delete my all post and the participation post as well. and tried to contact me from personal Instagram account again at midnight for offering something else to keep quiet in peace.

    Below are the screenshot for current finalized fake like winners.

    *Point should be noted as MIUI official executive supported fake likers (to benefit their friends of MI community)and removed me after from winner list.

    I Hope you would support me to have my winning gift back.

    Thanks & Best Regards

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video with embedded images as evidence please if you want our support

  77. Chauhan pappu says

    Sir, I’m watching your video from Chauhan Pappu Surat. Your videos look very good Sir, I want help from you. Sir, from 2010, from University of Nims University, we got 10000 rupees from us in the name of security. Even after coution money and 2014 complete engineering, we have not refunded money and coution money and if they do not have any reply on our request then sir is grabbing such students money That is poor and no refund of money is not received by anybody, please also please do not do any such thing, so that no one will spoil your future in these colleges Sir, his college has no campus selection and lies to children. They have made crores of rupees in the name of .coution money and they do not even refund coution money back to any students. So till now I will wait for your video. Sir you should show us this video in Fresh
    My contact no 9978802199

    1. RobinHood says

      Tried calling you. Call got answered but no voice. Make a Video if you want our support. If you include other students in your video with roll numbers and facts, it will be free because then it becomes a social cause. if only for yourself, it will be paid, personal issue.

  78. Shanu Ms says

    Sir Me Aap Se ye pu6 raha tha ki Aap video editing ke liye kon sa software use Karte Ho
    My Mobile no. 9624186399

    1. RobinHood says

      Proprietary Softwares built into an Apple Mac

  79. pavneet chhabra says

    sir mai pavneet chhabra mai chattisgarh india mai rehta hu maine 10 din pehle amazon se ek product mangaya jiske price mujhe 4750 padi phr jb product aya to maine bill dekha to usme bhi vo hi product ka naam likha tha jo maine mangaya phir maine box open kiya to usme koi or product nikla phr maine amazon valo ko cantact kiya uno ne kaha hum aapko refund dedenge to maine kaha ab mera product mujhe kb milega jo maine mangaya tha to uno kaha aap phr se order krlo to maine price check ki to vo ab 6800 ho gyi to maine unse kaha ki ab to price 2000 badh gyi to mujhe to vo hi price saman milna chahiye jime maine managaya tha to unlog ne ni sir hum aysa ni kr skte agar aapko saman chahiye to use price mai order krna hoga jo abhi chl rha hai phr maine mai case krdunga aapke khilaf to uno ne kaha ki aapko jo accha lage vo kro
    my num 9301164850

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video if you want my support. Its a valid issue. Follow the guidelines and make a video

  80. Gaurav Kumar says

    Hey Aam Press,
    I have problem in my area it’s about the supply of Delhi Jal Board actually I have launched more then 8 complains in their helpline to take action we mostly having dirty water in area or no water when we complain jee always reply the head office that problem is solved but within 1 week we had same issues when I asked customer agent that at least they need a method to inform us at least that they can’t be able to deliver water on time so at least we be prepared or have necessary water stored at least for daily use here this time we don’t even have water from yesterday no response from the customer agent to satisfy us. They just say the djb doesn’t have any method to update customers about such thing that they can’t be able to deliver water to us . What kind of work is it? Help us out bro
    Even to have some water we need to go to neighbouring and ask I’d they can share some water even not able to go to toilet without water it’s so embarrassing when even a 75 year’s old men or women just moving with road with buckets to have water they care their health or just move on for such things no solution so they need to do that

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video if you want support my friend ! Here are the guidelines

      No Video, No Support from Aam Press. I promise !

  81. PARVAIZ SHAN says


    I am Parvaiz Shan from Jammu & kashmir District Ramban.
    We are 25 Family’s here who are affected from widening Road Four line Project which is running by National Highway Authority of india.
    Our House’s are coming under road alinment.We are satteled here from last 48 years Our House’s and Shop’s are established But the thing is that NH1 And Administration not able to compensate us properly.As per National project norms they need to rehablitate and resattlement. But Administration & Company haressed and forcefully ask to leave our house and shops.
    Payment which they are giving against our houses & shops not enough amount we are not able to resattle.
    Now our demend to rehabilatate and resattled.

    Parvaiz Shan

    1. RobinHood says

      Parvaiz i am happy to support. Follow the guidelines on http://www.aampressin/support on how to make a video and where to post and reply back here.

  82. Shoeb Abdul Raheem says

    Hi I am shoeb I have booked a ticket from make my trip on 22 September Sydney to Hyderabad after detecting my amount I got a massage your flight ticket have been canceled then I call them back to know what the reason. they said because of air fare so I tell them that’s not my problem I need a ticket or my money. Mtm employ replay me your amount will be refund with in 3 days. I told them I can’t wait 3 days to booked a new ticket I need a ticket or send me on the spot like how you detect my amount . They reply sorry if you want booked a ticket from us or wait for few days till your amount refund .
    1Q why do I have to wait for they’re mistakes ?
    2Q why I can’t get my amount on the spot like how they detect?
    3Q why do I have to pay if I cancel my ticket for some reason why they won’t pay as if they do this?

    1. RobinHood says
  83. Didweclick - YouTuber says

    I want to apologize. Exactly a month ago I contacted u for help, I explained the fight that I was fighting and u had reasons not to support me. Which I fully respect. Help isn’t mandatory, it’s optional. So coming back to why I am apologizing – I cursed u, I wanted u to go through a fight where u feel the same as I did.. and today I see u fighting with cancer. I will pray for you, I believe in God. He does wts best for us.
    A mask man isn’t always the wrong guy, I was protecting my family. I am still fighting and I want u to keep the fight on. Insha-allah we both will win.
    God bless u

    1. RobinHood says

      Indeed. I wish you the best in your fight.

  84. Vinamra says

    He is directly refused to delink my adhaar card from my phone Number #9999663113 as per supereme court order

    1. RobinHood says

      Incomplete Comment ! Who is He ?

  85. Kiran Bhagat says

    Dear Robin,
    First of all wish you a very best for your speedy recovery.
    I am a regular viewer of your videos and appreciate your efforts towards public interest.
    In order to offer platform for every ordinary Indian youth specially for all those who always been neglected, I am coming with an option as a political Party.
    For now, let me assure you that this party will be different in every aspect than any other political party which exists in our country.
    I will let you know more about it when we will have a discussion. My mobile number is 8668577124

    1. RobinHood says

      All the best for your Political Party Kiran. What do you expect from me ?

  86. Gaurav Kumar says

    Sir, I am a viewer of your channel and wanna report something rediculous. I just got new jio sim almost 2.7 month ago of 500 rupees just got tower for 3 days I contacted customer care about issue they said gonna take 120-180 days for coverage no refund police or anything they are gonna give how is it face its same going to a restaurant just seeing menu and paying for all even when u just get whole is just a empty plate none else help me out. Even when plan validly is even 84 days how can they say gonna take 120 days for coverage no refund or anything.

    1. RobinHood says

      Jio Ki Pungi Baja di Ley Lo Link Mere Bhai

  87. kiran bhagat says

    Hello RobinHood,

    Here the url of my YouTube video.

    My mobile number is 8668577124.
    Awaiting positive response.

    1. RobinHood says

      I don’t see any written description of the video in the comments section. I only watch those video links which are accompanied by a written description Kiran

  88. Kiran says

    Hello Robinhood,
    This is Kiran again.

    I saw your email with feedback asking what I expect from you.
    I need your help promoting this Party. Awaiting positive response.

    I believe our country needs political Party with honest people specially involvement of Indian youth in politics. Hence I am coming up with a political Party as an option to all existing political Parties.

    Here is the url of my you tube video in case you need to review the same.

    1. RobinHood says


  89. Yourviewer says

    Pls confirm if this is also your page or it’s a fraud page?

    1. RobinHood says

      Fake Page hai

  90. Anish says

    Hello sir
    i need your help for my wife registration for nursing i am to tired with fighting with pnrc mohali there address is Punjab Nurses Registration Council, Medical Sikhya Bhawan, 3rd floor, Sector 69, Near Mayo Hospital, Sector 69, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062
    We were told that guy belong to some political back ground so we can’t do something about him my contact number is 7027985289 please help me on this its been 7 month for my case I already travel 2000 km for my wife registration that guy is really shame less please come to there office with me i am not the only one who have problem like this i have seen 100 of people who need help but they are to scared of taking action against them please come to there office or you can send any one from your team members with me please help me i beg you

    1. RobinHood says

      send video linl

  91. Datta R .Bandale says

    Hello sir,
    maine bhi max life insurance se ek policy leli hain aur wo policy pay term khatam ho chuki hain ab main wo policy surrender karna chahta hu lekin max customer bol rahe hain ki policy ki term abhi baki hain is liya surrender nahi ho sakte is main aapka loss ho rahaa hain aise jawab de rahe hain mujhe aapse ye policy surrendr karne ke liya help chahiya..

    1. RobinHood says

      Follow the guidelines on and Make a Video. But before that check the fine print of your insurance policy !

  92. Girish bothra says

    Sir, I’ve been facing this issue since four days. Airtel has discontinued all it’s services and now they are having no data of my mobile number even though I’m their customer from six years. I’ve been speaking to every executive for at least an hour and explained to evey single executive my problem. I’ve tweeted and posted on Facebook too regarding the problem but still I’ve not received any revert. Few executives are saying that my number has switched from prepaid to postpaid but my number is no more registered in any of them. Since six years I’ve been using this number and suddenly in fraction of seconds this happened without my notice and still not able to solve my problem. No one is really taking initiative from there end. Everything has been blocked for me as my every data is registered on that number which is 9966212085. Plus their operators in offices have been too rude to me and none of them are giving proper guidance. I want to swtich but they’ve blocked all my ways. For switching too I need network which they’re not providing.
    Alternative number- 9020406090

    1. RobinHood says

      Video Banao

  93. Mohit Aggarwal says

    Hello Robinhood sir,

    I hope you are living a healthy life.

    This is just to draw your attention that today around 5 PM I received a call from a suspicious number 9560893106 (Truecaller Name – Bank Bazar Service Provider) on which one woman told me that they are offering free lifetime health checkup and other lifetime benefits on my debit card from some bank department which made me think to be something suspicious about it. I immediately asked that woman if she can mail me all the details so that I can review it before making any kind of payment but she was insisting on a verbal confirmation for which I was not ready, thereafter she transferred that call to some male employee of the same spam firm to whom I asked the same question but instead of giving any positive acknowledgement he started abusing me and saying the one time amount will be deducted from my account even without my consent.

    Post that after 5 minutes i again received a message from 9560765426 (Truecaller Name – Bank Bazar Service Provider) of the initiation of auto debit of 11,500 from my debit card to which I immediately called on that number and ask them to stop such things otherwise I will lodge a police complaint for this. Seeing this kind of weird calls from this existing network of spammers i decided to notify and request you if you can make a short video on it to make aam janta to let know about it so that they can avoid such calls.

    I can even come on a con call if required.

    Your faifthul follower,
    Mohit Aggarwal

    1. RobinHood says

      Best not to share your banking and sensitive information with suspect callers Mohit.

  94. jagmeet singh says

    hlo sir meri max life ki 2 policy hy 1 or 1 lakh ki do policy hy sir hmare kotkapura me axix bank me ye policy krte hy or muje misgiude kr ke ye policy krvayi gyi hy muje bank vale ne mutual funds bol kr ye policy krva di abb jab maine bola ki isko cencel kro to bol rhe hy ke ye ab cancel nhi hogi or jo krna hy kr lo hmara hm ye policy cancel nhi krege or payment return nhi hogi sir ye mera mb no hy 6283126631 plz help me

    1. RobinHood says

      Send me video link of your Facebook timeline, NOT YouTube

  95. Mohd saqib says

    Sir axis bank walo ne meri policy ki 209003 rs mere a/c se kat liye mujhe us policy ki term condition nhi batai or mene tabse hi usko cancal karne ko bol rha hu to bolte h kra denge ho jyengi mera pgl bna diya in logo ne m bhut presan hu sir call krta hu uthata nhi h mail krta hu koi reply nhi deta h itne msg kar liye itne call kar liya koi jwab nhi mil rha meri policy cancal karnai h mujhe paise ki bhut need h plzz hepl me sir

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a video

  96. jaspreet singh says

    checkout this news. plz update your views. so they can plan that they will not get salary for April2020 and further. bez ludhiana-hand-tools-association reached supreme court. this industry is backbone of punjab and India. if they win then a big break….

    1. RobinHood says


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