Political Sensation Sorry Arvind Kejriwal sorryval ya topival

Political Sensation of India.. Sorry Arvind Kejriwal..or should i call you #sorival or #topival... and yes I would indeed refer to him as the New Kid on the Block...has embarked on a Sorry Spree. 33 Defamation Cases as reported in some sections of the media against him by people whom he has made allegations against which he seems to be unable to prove in court ! What a Brilliant strategy to garner eyeballs.

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Political sensation sorry arvind kejriwal sorryval topival and yes I would indeed refer to him as the New Kid on the Block…has embarked on a Sorry Spree. 33 Defamation Cases as reported in some sections of the media against him by people whom he has made allegations against which he seems to be unable to prove in court ! What a Brilliant strategy to garner eyeballs.

India’s Legal system is anyway stretched to the limit and we did not need to know Mr Arvind Kejriwal’s plight and inability – costs and time included to know this. And the Political Sensation Mr Kejriwal it seems went on a Political Rampage to Make these allegations.

I remember watching a Press Conference of Mr Sensation Kejriwal on Mukesh Ambani the very famously covered by the media on Mr Arun Jaitley currently the Finance Minister of India but the allegations are related to Mr Jaitley’s tenure in Delhi Cricket Association.

But for some calculated reasons Mr Kejriwal started his Sorry Spree from apologising to Mr Bikram Singh Majithia of the Akali Dal in Panjab for alleging that he had connections with the Drug Menace. And that in itself started boomeranging on Mr Kejriwal when right after his apology we heard that Aam Aadmi Party’s very own Member of Parliament from Panjab Balwant Mann resigned from the party post.

A Mistake for the first time is forgiven with an apology or sorry. Same allegation making mistake repeated again is a Blunder. But Mr Arvind Kejriwal apparently made these blunders 33 times over !! Wow. That stinks of a sinister strategy to me.

And the latest i hear is that Party Leaders of #AAP have now been assigned the job of making calls to their own volunteers to explain the reasons of these Sorrys. HaHa. A Sorry does not really need an explanation in the real world Mr Kejriwal Unless of course you need to Justify your strategy of making allegations.

The common people can easily see through your sorry campaign Mr Kejriwal. To come back with a Mandate in the elections as big as you did in second round, do think of a better one.

Political sensation sorry Arvind Kejriwal sorryval topival the Aam Janta can see through your nefarious sorry spree !!

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~ RobinHood

  1. Saurav says

    Sir assam government ne Assam Womens University ko achanak institute bana diya aur kaha yaha se pass karne wale ke certificate ka koi value nahi hai..
    Ye kaise bat huwa…ladkiya HUNGER STRIKE kar rahi hai…
    Kya yahi hai बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ
    Dukh ki bat ye hai national media soyi hui hai..kyunki assam se TRP nahi milti

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Watch this Video. Follow the System . We will Support you.

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  2. Mushahid Khan says

    Hello Sir ,
    This is Mushahid Khan 5 feet 10 inch..from Delhi..
    Apka bht bada fan hu bas ye mera pehla comment h aur keh sakte ho ke apki website par aane mai der ho gyi hai..

    To sir mere hisab se #Topival hona chahye qk topi pehnakar CM bnna zyada acha h…

    #Robin Hood 5feet 6 inch😁😁😁

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      #topival FINAl !

  3. Atowar Rahman says

    please call me-8486074779

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Regarding ?

  4. Praakash says

    Hello sir ,

    this is Prakash I,m from Hyderabad Why dont you please aTake Present Issue in Parliament regarding Andhra pradesh special Statues …

    Thank you very much…

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Dont have enough historical background about it.

  5. Sudhanshu Soni says

    Okay Sir, Now My Nervousness is in some control..
    Sorry for the Delay Sir, Now I am ready for our first Ever Conversation..

    Here is my number : 83687XXXXX

    I will be waiting for your Precious Call..

    Once Again Thanks!!!

    “Hail The Living Politeness Legend Robinhood Sir🕵‍♂🕵‍♂🕵‍♂”

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Was a pleasure to speak with you.

      Focus Now !

      1. Sudhanshu Soni says

        Sorry for such delayed Reply Sir… Just jumped off back from Cloud9

        From Today, My language in comments will be totally different.. So that Wo “Jhaad pe Chadhaana” wala thought Destroy ho jaaye..

        My pleasure to speak to you Sir, From Crores of Followers, I got the Honour..

        Sure Sir, from this Very Moment, I will talk only Productive to Aam Press..

        Sir please, continue to provide me your Precious Guidence as you did today..

        Focused Sir Focused…

        Kaam pe Lagta hun main sir..

        Once Again Thanks…

        1. RobinHood says

          Write Baby Write

  6. Subash Chandra Dash says

    Sir, even i was deeply hurt by the decission of sorry.#sorryvalla / Topivalla.
    But let me make it clear , Defamation is a legal tool to escape & every allegation against our Neta’s may or may nt be legally proved because our system is such & without moral values. All the 33 person’s r pure Gentleman ? Aam public should realise whose integrity is doubtful #SorryValla ™ or the doubtful 33 .

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Under the circumstances i would say #sorryval.

      Kehte Hain Per utne hi failane chaiye jitnee chadar hai… aur khana utna hi khana chaiye jitna pacha sako. 🙂

      I Think #sorryval defaulted big time and committed 33 blunders

  7. Krish says

    Saw your video today , the one with that carpenter, just wanted to share a funny incident.
    Now a days, India’s most popular eye-apperals firm, Lenskart started selling their membership which has some few benefits, including BOGO on all of their items.okay,i bought their membership 3 days back and am not able to use it even by today,because of a technical glitch on their side,which they assure to fix within 1 hour everyday.
    Now today when i got frustrated and yelled at them a bit, the guy from lenskart said “do what you want to do, i will not listen to you and disconnect your call right away,and you are being non professional.”
    So thats the thing in India,
    ->They do business here
    ->They sell false appealing memberships
    ->And when customer is frustrated,they yell back at him,no professional courtesy.
    So, this s the thing happening in MNC’s like ones in India.No customer action fear.
    PS. Their membership is not working even now and they still are working on it,LOL! Bug fix assurance of 1 hour and its been 3 days, and shouts from customer service.
    Feels awesome to be betrayed. 🙂

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Dear Krish,
      WatchThis Video and Bajao #PUNGI
      We will be happy to expose this and Support you if you follow the guidelines.

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  8. Viraf Maneck Khan says

    Hi Puneet,

    It’s wonderful to see the video on Mani Lal, folks like him are rare today, so thanks for highlighting him & his work.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this guy Akash Bhai learnt humility from someone like Mani Lal?

    Proper customer service should always be at the core of any organization, whether it is a multinational company like Google, Subway, etc. or a restaurant like Gokul!

    Please keep up the good work & God Bless.

    Thank you & kind regards,

    Viraf Maneck Khan

    1. RobinHood says

      Lovely comment. Thanks for your love and support. Stay tuned. Live Videos will be moving to the WebSite Shortly.

  9. Ahmed anas says


  10. Rishi Pathak says

    Hello Puneet bhai,

    Kindly make a video on a separate religion status awarded to Lingayats by Congress just before Karnataka elections. They couldn’t have done that with any other religion but they did it with Hindus because Hindus are mostly tolerant and vulnerable. Thank you!

    Kind regards,
    Rishi Pathak.

    1. RobinHood says

      Welcome to share your thoughts.

      Watch this Reference Video

  11. Sultan Ansari says

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    BOI – Rs 105.02 Debited(TRF) in your Ac XX3100 on 21-03-2018 .Avl Bal 00000 Pls Link Aadhaar to A/c, if not linked.

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      follow the guidelines and we will be happy to support you.



    I typed two paragraphs on my phone regarding my issue but my son (2.5yr) snachet my phone and throw on no man’s land , all my issue was erased.. request you please cal wenevr you feel like sir I’m always available for you..

    Shivang Sharma
    जय जनता!! जय रोबिन्हूद सर!!

    1. RobinHood says

      It takes less than 5 minutes to type again. Take the effort .

  13. Munis says

    Mp kisan portal pr Subha 7 se raat 11 bje tk kisan apni bhawantar yojna ki samasya pooch sakte hain. No.07552550495 lekin ye no. Out of service hai.. jankaari milegi to kahan se.. ? Kisano ke hit me sarkaar ye kaam kr rhi hai..

    1. RobinHood says

      Video Banao. Pungi Bajao. Here is How.

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  14. Nayananshu Nath says

    Sir, I need your help.
    It’s about Agarwal Packers and movers DRS group.
    Please give me your email address. I will give you all details. Please sir…

    1. RobinHood says

      Happy to Support if you Make a Video and Follow Aam Press Guidelines.

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