Petrol Diesel Prices Rocket Pe

Petrol Diesel Prices Rocket Speed se Oopar Century Marna Hai Kya पेट्रोल डीजल के दाम राकेट रफ़्तार से ऊपर जा रहे शतक मरना है क्या #LiveVideo


Petrol Diesel Prices Rocket Speed se Oopar Century Marna Hai Kya पेट्रोल डीजल के दाम राकेट रफ़्तार से ऊपर जा रहे शतक मरना है क्या #LiveVideo

Petrol Diesel PricesAb Aap Bhi Apne Comedy Videos Air kar sakte hain Aam Press pe. Priority Pungi aap sab ke hunar ko badhava dene ke liye hi start kiya gaya hai aur taki Aam Press ko aam log chalayen, naki sirf corporate advertising !

Sampark karne ke liye Priority Pungi Post pe Comment Karen

~ RobinHoodRises

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  1. Hi Robinhood,

    I must share something with you. Initially when i saw this page, videos and website, it seemed like another “Arnab” kind of reporter who wants publicity which is easy in India. After following you for last 2 years, you are a person with a difference who wants to help out there every common man for whom our government and beaurocrats should do something about it. You are actually doing their job and getting nothing from public! We pay taxes and people follow politicians blindly but here is a man with clear thoughts and intentions and people think its just entertainment. Truly people of India have little common sense. I have not seen so selfless person who gave up his career and still goes out everyday to make a difference to the society. Though it seems like a uphill battle financially, i am sure there is silver lining in this journey at some point.

    Aap ka shubchintak.

    Thanks for taking your precious time to read my comment.

  2. Dear RobinHood Sir,

    Good evening.

    Sir, ye fuel prices to abhi aise hi barengen..kyunki abhi 2019 door hai…Mujhe yakeen hai..2019 mein elections se pehle seedha 8-10 rupay rate gir jaayenge.

    Ye hamari Indian Politicians ka ek Pre-plan hai..jab tak sarkar girne ka koi darr nahin tak har cheez ka rate high rakho..har cheez pe barrcharr ke GST lagaao..har cheez se munaafa kamalo..aur jab elections paas aa jaayen to..dharaam se rate niche gira do taaki Public gov ko accha samjhe.

    Public pehle bhi bhugat rahi thi..aage bhi bhugtegi..elections ke baad jo rate kum kiye honge woh waapas upar…agar ek baar..sirf..ek baar…Public NOTA..ka istemaal theek tarah sabki akal thikaane aa public ko bewaqqof banaane se kya nuksaan hota hai.

    Aap jaise log Public ko Jagruk rakhte hain..lekin kuch log sona hi pasand karte hain..unme se kuch neta bhi hain..unko sirf munaafe se matlab hai..Public se nahin..unke hisaab se to Public jaaye bhaad mein…lekin aap jo karte ho usse logon ko bohat kuch pata chalta hai…Aap logon ko jagaa ke rakhte ho….Sir…We Love..We Support You…..LOVE U AAM PRESS.

  3. Robinhood Sir,

    Ab ye dekho aap..UP..mein itni beqasoor jaane chali gayi…sirf kaam mein laaparwahi ki wajah se..lekin gov ko karnataka elections ke liye netaao ko..public ka shukriya karna bolke “aap logon ka shukriya, ke aapne congress ko sirf 78 seats pe jitaaya”…aur TV pe LIVE bhi aana hai.

    Arre, jis jagah flyover gira wahaan per to aapki sarkaar hai…wahaan ke logon ka dukh baatne ki bajaai..aap abhi bhi karnataka mein busy ho…kyun?

    Anwser is..
    Kyunki..UP..mein abhi koi elections nahin hai…gov koi bhi ho..netaa agar aise aaj flyover gira hai public per..kal building gir jaayegi..

    Pata nahin ye neta kab aam publuc ka dard samjhenge.

    Bhagwaan UP mein marne waalon ki aatma ko shanti de…aur hamaare politicians ko akal de.

  4. Respected sir,
    I want to prepare 30 reporters in the 30 DIST. Of odisha. Kindly help me.

    Sibabrata Satapathy (Robbin hood fan)
    Contact no. 9398226385

  5. Hi good morning. I am very upset . Because govt order to army for not fire on tererist . But why ? Tererist have no religion then why ? What effect of ramzan on tererist? It’s very wrong decision.

    • Pleasure to speak with you Insta Angel. And yes, have masked your personal info before approving this comment exchange.

  6. सर क्या मैने ये सही लिखा है और क्या मैं पेट्रोल और डीजल के बढ़ते दाम पे इन सब्दो का इस्तेमाल कर सकता हूँ क्या क्योंकि मैं अब सरकार की पूंजी बजाने चाहता हूँ,

    EIA यानी कि Energy Information Administration जो कि एक यूनाइटेड नेशन बेस संस्था है।

    जहा पे आप देख सकते है कि कैसे हमारे देश की सरकार हमे लूट रही है।

    2013 में अंतरराष्ट्रीय बाजार में कच्चे तेल की कीमत 102 डॉलर प्रति बैरल था लेकिन उस समय की तत्काल सरकार ने हमे इतना महंगा तेल खरीद के भी तेल को 80 रुपये प्रति लीटर अधिकतम मूल्य पे दिया। सब्सिडी दे के,

    लेकिन आज 2018 हमारे देश मे हमे वही तेल 84 रुपये लीटर मिल रहा क्यों. जब कि कीमत आज के अंतरराष्ट्रीय बाजार में दर प्रति बैरल दाम 63 डॉलर है।

    अखिर मोदी जी क्यों 120% टैक्स ले रहे प्रति लीटर पेट्रोल पर भारत की जनता फिर भी क्यों खामोस है,

    मोदी जी एक राष्ट्र एक टैक्स के आपके GST के अधीन क्यों नही आया पेट्रोल और डीजल।

    अगर आप पेट्रोल एयर डीजल को को GST के अधीन लाते है तो जिससे हमें पेट्रोल और डीजल आज 84 रुपये के बजाए 40 रुपये के दाम से पेट्रोल मिलता लेकिन आप नही चाहते कि आम आदमी को फायदा हो।

    आपकी सरकार बड़े बड़े उद्योगपत्तियों को मुनाफे के लिए आम आदमी की मेहनत और खून पसीने की गाढ़ी कमाई पे डाका डाल के पूंजीपतियों का जेब भर रहे है।

    मोदी 4 साल में अपने एक भी चुनावी वादा पूरा नही किया कम से कम एक काम तो अच्छा कर जाईये की जिससे देश की आम जनता को मुनाफा हो।

      • 8 month old Nitin died and a class 10th student Krishna died yesterday in cross border firing across IB in Jammu. No video from Aam press why selective journalism. Pakistan is targeting civilian population I know many Pakistani citizens follow your channel. Make a video on this menace and tell all Indians loud and clear what we are facing. No media channel is giving I importance to this. Innocent people in Jammu are suffering.

        • So either you make a request or be sarcastic reference your words “selective journalism”

          And you know what Gaurav you have the same tools that i have. Show some creativity and courage my friend and make a video just like I do and start with your own facebook timeline . What Say? 🙂

  7. Aam Press ye baat to galat hai hum se bhi baat karni chaheye hum bhi aap ko pyar karte hai. Speed kam hai find out karne ke but pyar dill se karte hai. 9041211414 aap ke Marge hai baat karna na karna but love u ..

  8. Hello Sir,
    I am Jaskaran Singh. Last Night I comment on your Video and today morning you call me on my no +91-90412XXXX but due to some reason I can’t pick phone call. After some time I tried to call but but call fwd to another no and than disconnected. Please call me Big Fan of Yours. Love you

    Jaskaran Singh


  10. Sir mera naam ABHINAV CHAUDHARY h or mera phone no. h 7669910064
    Sir mere sath ek bhaud bada fraud huwa h..
    maine Vikas Patel(jo apne aap ko Army m btata h) naam k ek aadmi se Iphone kreda tha 15000₹ ka..jiske payment maine usse paytm si ki thi Uska paytm no h. 8875725925 jo maine 2 transection m ki thi (7000₹+8000₹)
    Usne muze iphone courier se send kiya tha.. OVERNIGHT EXPRESS COURIER naam ki company se phone send kiya tha jiski usne muze slip bi bheji thi..
    courier mere pass 27 May ko deliver hona tha..27may ko mere pass courier wale ka ohone aaya (phone no.9549427485 ) se call aaya ki sir aapka courier h jo ki locked h..isse aapke pass tak delivery krne se phle aapko security jma krni pdega..maine Vikas Patel se baat ki usne kha gi ye army courier h or aapko security jma krne pdegi jo aapko delivery k time waps ho jayegi..
    courier wale n muze ek no.send kiya or kha ispe payment krdo..wo no.(9549753695)overnight express ka btaya gya tha unhone security k naam per mere se 4 transection m 28050₹ paytm no.(9549753695) per karwa leye..(5100₹+5150₹+3800+14000₹) or kha ki m delivery leke aa rha hu or aapko aapka courier or security k 28000₹ hand to hand return kar duga..
    Lekin sir baad m naa to koi courier wala mere pass aaya or na hi muze mere paise waps mille..
    Total muze 15000₹ jo muze vikas patel n leye + 28050₹ jo vikas patel k khne per maine Courier company ko send kiye security k naam per nahi mile..Total mere se 43050₹ le leye gye or muze na hi kli phone mila or na hi mize mere paise waps krre gye..Vikas Patel ka no.h 8955502219 isse wo mere se baat krta tha..
    neeche pdf m maine sari details or chat ki photos daal di h..sir please mere help kro..m cllge m padhne wala ek student hu..
    Sir Please Mere Help krre

  11. Sir 11:29 minutes pe +919117163471 से मेरे पास Bihar School examination board patna office से बोल के हमारे पास एक कॉल आया है की आप sabiha khatoon बोल रही हैं ,तो मैं बताया उसका भाई बोल रहा हूँ तो उसने अपना नाम चंद्रमा सिंह चौहान बताया ,और वो बता रहे हैं कि आपकी बहन की geography मैं 4 नंबर से क्रॉस है तो आप अपना काम करवाना चाहते हैं तो आप को इस के लिए 3200 ₹ लगेगा ।खुद को वो आफिस मैं डाटा इन्ट्री करवाने वाला बता रहा है ,आप से उम्मीद है कि हमारी सहायता करें । Abu Sufyan kasba Purnea Bihar Mob. 7004542516

  12. Good evening Sir

    Main aaj ek news channel ki report dekh raha thaa..petrol rates pe….kabhi kabhi koi koi channel galti se theek report dikha dete hain…

    Uss report ke hisaab se petrol GST ke under isiliye nahin laaya jaa raha hai..kyunki pata nahin kitne logon ki kamaai maari jaayegi…Is waqt central gov ka tax alag ..state gov ka tax alag..aur dealer ka comission alag..public ki kisiko fikar nahin hai.

    Fuel pe agar 28% GST bhi laga diya ki sirf luxury items pe lagta jo petrol is waqt Delhi mein Rs76 ka hai..woh seedhe Rs52-53 ka ho jaayega..aur isme dealer ka comission bhi added hai…magar koi bhi sarkar ho..apna munaafa koi nahin chhorna chahta hai..chahe woh kendriya sarkar ho..ya..rajya sarkaar ho.

    Logon ko sirf yahi bataya ya dikhaya jaata dekhiye doosri deshon mein fuel kitna mehanga hai India se…lekin kabhi un deshon ke baare mein nahin bataya jaata hai..jahaan Bharat se petrol sasta hai…aur kamaal ki baat ye un deshon mein se ek desh ka naam hai..Pakistan….Pak mein petrol Rs59-60 ka hai….

    Ab aap sochiye ke agar Pakistan apne desh vaasiyo ko sasta fuel de sakta Hindustan kyun nahin de sakta hai..

    Zyaada tar states mein aaj BJP ki sarkaar hai..hamare PM saheb ko isme seedhe seedhe interfare karna chahiye…aur fuel pe se maximum tax kam karwa dena chahiye…kyunki agar fuel kuch mehanga.


  13. Sorry Sir..maine abhi google pe check kiya hai..uspe Pak petrol rate 89-90 rupees ka aa raha hai..lekin baaki baat to sahi agar PM chahein to rate kam ho sakte hain…aur ..agar opposition woh bhi apni apni states mein rate kam kar sakte hain…ya fir opposition ko sirf drama hi karna aata hai.

  14. Hi Sir,

    I am khushbu Singh from Ghaziabad my husband got 2nd marriage on date 12-05-2018 I have 7 years child I have also complaints about this to Police. Sir 494 Act laga dia gaya hai but mere husband ki dadagiri ki wajah se police koi action nhi le rahi hai.Maine har jagah application di complaints ki sabse request ki pls take any action but har koi person bika huya hai.Sir court mai meri mediation bhi chal rahi thi.
    Maine NDTV walo ko bhi bataya unhone kaha aapki personal problem hai pls bataye mai kya karu kaha jau aapne bete ko lekar na financially strong hu or na ab naukri hai.

    Please do needful sir this my humble request.

    • Dont think we can help either in such a case. It is a matter between two individuals Khushboo.
      Airing only your views would put us in legal tangles which we cannot afford right now.