उलटा चोर कोतवल की नौकरी खा जाए !! NCR HOTEL SAREE PULL CASE !

A woman stands up for her right and what does she get in return? A termination notice by her employer. Is this how we protect our women? Watch this video and remember to share. Get videos direct on WhatsApp send message "YOUR CITY NAME" to +91 99-200-80-700.


A woman employee was sexually harassed by the Security Chief of The Pride Plaza, NCR Delhi. The very person who should be protecting people is the one abusing his position and the icing on the cake, is that her immediate boss was also present while she was being harassed. The evidence is clearly out there in the CCTV footage. She complaints to the HR and with the help of a colleague she gets hold of the CCTV footage and files a complaint. What happens next? She and her colleague get a termination from work. How is this fair?

Seems like the basic courtesy of humanity to protect and empower a woman against harassment does not exist in this so called 5 Star hotel.

Share this video so that she gets the justice she deserves.