Mr Modi – Do You Have an Answer ?

It's Very Easy to Give Interviews to TV Channels whose Anchors Keep Nodding their Heads. Here are the Real Questions Mr Modi !


It’s Very Easy to Give Interviews to TV Channels whose Anchors Keep Nodding their Heads. Here are the Real Questions Mr Modi !


  1. Mr 5feet 6 inch you want answer Haan? Come live will love to meet you in any new channel you want. We both sit together and will give your all questions answered their. Don’t you dare to ask any questions to our respected PM. It’s pretty easy to stand on road and become a director of your so called news channel and share your third class speech and questions in social media. Come live will answer you there.

    • I dont take Challenges from 2 Penny JackCraps my friend. And yes Dont be Mistaken, I have every right to ask any question from any on the planet! So keep your BullCrap to yourself ! Thank You.

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    • Dear Maharishi,
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  3. Why is PM held responsible for this ? Shouldn’t the person who parked that expensive luxury car, probably as educated you had should be held responsible. Individuals efffort is required to follow lane.

  4. Why is PM held responsible for this ? Shouldn’t the person who parked that need to be held responsible. I guess hewould be probably as educated as you. Individuals efffort is required to follow lane.
    Individuals moral responsibility towards society needs to be questions.
    People in some states don’t follow the yellow line divider, zebra crossing etc. They get into wrong lane etc. I believe you are getting my point. And all these people mostly are well educated and responsible. What would you say to this does Modi or his minister need to start looking at it and leave there high priority work.

    • Hey RT,
      Thanks for stopping by. The Proirity of the PM or his Cabinet is the welfare of the common people in the country. I think they are missing the mark grossly !

      • Thanks for your response. Agree with you. But still the question is answered. There are a parking lines and people don’t park it accordingly. Whose fault ? I think people should also wosk in welfare of the them self and society.

        • What is the Government doing than stopping people from getting Rations withour Aadhar on issues like these . Why is Money Not Spent on Public Awareness issues like this ?

          • I don’t agree on government spending money on this issue. There are other issues which requires public awareness.
            When anyone learn how to drive a vehicle he or she should know how to park the vehicle.
            Similar to your other video when that guy parked his car in the middle of entrance or exist driveway. This is also similar to above video so do you think government need to spend money for public awareness for this ?

  5. Mr. Aam Press aka So called Robinhood, First Of All I appreciate that U are taking Stand for Right. But Sir ye Channel Aam Press Nahi Lag raha Hai, aisa Lagta hai Sirf ye BJP ke Against bolne ka Channel Hai. Agar Har Cheez Neutral Hogi tohi Change Aayega. Waise Koi change Nahi aane Wala. BE TRUTHFUL AND BE NEUTRAL.