Motivating Truth #DkB #4 Dil Ki Baat America Se

Motivating Truth DkB #4 Dil Ki Baat America Se Viewers Voice. I am not going to call you a press reporter or aam press man I look at you as a big brother.

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Motivating Truth #DkB #4 Dil Ki Baat America Se

Dil Ki Baat : दिल की बात जहाँ दर्शकों द्वारा लिखे गए पॉजिटिव एंड इन्स्पिरिंग कमैंट्स पर हम वीडियो बनाते हैं ! और हाँ हमारा दिन इसी से शुरू होता है 🙂 Dil Ki Baat #DkB where we make videos on Positive and Inspirational Comments by Viewers. And Yes, our Day starts with this 🙂

Priority Pungi : कोई भी व्यक्ति विशेष की निजी या सरकारी कंपनी या दफ्तर से परेशान है तो अपना मुद्दा यहाँ उठा सकता है. यह एक पेड फीचर है ! If you wpuld like to raise a personal issue with a Private Company or a Government Department, welcome. This is a Paid Feature. आप हमें या तो प्रे रिकार्डेड वीडियो भेज सकते हैं या हमारे साथ इंस्टाग्राम या फेसबुक पर लाइव वीडियो मैं आ सकते हैं ! You can either send us a Pre Recorded Offline Video or Choose to Come Live on Video with us on Facebook or Instagram. Advertising for NGOs and Business Organisations is also available. If you like our work and would like to make a Donation, we will appreciate it.

Sampark karne ke liye Priority Pungi Post pe Comment Karen

~ RobinHoodRises

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  1. Zoha Khan says

    Hello Sir,

    Just wanted to bring it in your attention that, A youtube channel named “Footage Global News” has been posting your videos for quite some time and has been garnering huge views from that, most of your videos has 500 to 600 thousand views… Which means he has easily made around 800$ to 1000$ from your 1 video… Below im sending you few screen shots of that channel.

    1. RobinHood says

      Will be roasting them soon. Thanks for the Heads up. Appreciate.

  2. Sonu says

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    Contact Person:
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    I have lost not only money but also suffer exciating mental tension and tortures for no fault of mine

    Please aam press tv help me receive my claim amount please help me sir please sir mein ek gharib ghar ae hu badi mushkilo se meri family ne pheli bar mujhe phoen lakar diya tha but now syska ne koi paisa ne diya mujhe aaj 2018 ho chuki hai sir
    I also attached some documents

    Contact me : 9646530648 / 7973462021

    1. RobinHood says if you want our support

  3. Sandeep Kumar says

    Hi Puneet & Janet!

    Just finished watching “Why I Quit my Job ? How did Aam Press Start?” and “Mr & Mrs RobinHood” series videos. To say that I was touched would be an understatement. And in particular two things –
    1. The personal journey puneet shared in the video and realizing the role a common man can have in the society.
    2. That one of the things you guys have to deal with is “body shaming” directed towards Janet.

    To be honest, i didn’t take your videos seriously when I discovered them earlier this morning. But when I saw these two videos, I was moved deeply. And more so because I can relate to everything you guys said (both political and apolitical).

    I am pledging to donate Rs. 10,000.00 right now. I added AAM PRESS as a payee on ICICI Bank but it won’t allow me to transfer until 24 hours from adding a new payee. I will do so as soon as the bank allows me to do it. My only request would be to highlight the issue of body shaming in your videos. I and my wife grew up facing this (and partly because it is so marginalized and considered normal in Indian society).

    Keep up with all your efforts and I hope AamPress and your efforts continue to grow and reach more people than ever.

    @Janet – I laud your efforts supporting Puneet and doing #AamRas videos, continuing with your studies, and everything else you do. You’re just awesome! And keep doing it.

    I hope to contribute more than just financially in the future and do my bit in the small lifetime I have got.

    God bless!
    -Sandeep Kumar

    1. RobinHood says

      Thanks for your encouragement and contribution Sandeep.

      We would love to invite you and wife on the Next Mr & Mrs RobinHood to Participate on the issue you have Raised on Body Shaming. If you are on, do drop a reply back with your mobile number (WHICH WILL NOT BE POSTED PUBLICALLY AND WILL BE ONLY FOR MY EYES, ALL COMMENTS HERE ARE APPROVED BEFORE POSTING )

  4. Virat Chauhan says

    Dear Robin Hood
    Greetings of the Day. Would like to compliment you for the stupendous work you have been doing through your Aampress channel. I have seen your videos and applaud the way you take the issues with the concerned head on.
    I would like to bring your attention to this news which is a very sad reality today. I came across this news article today -:

    This news article was published by NDLF which is a wing that is taking up issue of employees with regards to layoffs in IT industry. I dont belong to NDLF but they are doing a wonderful job in protecting employee rights and counselling them.
    Although i am no one to give any suggestion or recommendation to you but this is a burning issue and so many employees are emotionally broken. You should definitely speak about it as your voice is heard by thousands and i sincerely hope it motivates people of not taking their lives for any company.
    Thanks and Regards

    1. RobinHood says

      Noted Thanks.

  5. batman says

    ROBINHOOD , your vedios are awesome they create social awareness among the common people

    1. RobinHood says

      Thank you

  6. Virat Chauhan says

    Hello Sir

    Had been trying to reach you but unfortunately couldn’t connect. You must be keeping real busy and totally understand it.
    Writing to you to let you know that we are all with you. You are fighting a battle with cancer and just like Robin Hood style, you will defeat it hands down.
    The way you approach it with a smile on your face and the strong will to fight… this determination is truly inspiring to all of us.
    If our will is strong then we can overcome the hardest of hurdles. And who knows it better than you. You’ve wrestled with hard times and always come out on top.

    You have helped and supported thousands of people who contacted you through Aam Press channel.Selflessly. Their best wishes and blessings are with you Sir.
    I wish you a speedy recovery and soon you will be back with a Bang… We all love you sir.
    God Bless you.


    1. RobinHood says

      Thank you for such a lovely message Virat

  7. Manjit Singh says

    I autrosie to aam press to copy & share this video
    My phone no is 9310021637

    1. RobinHood says

      Shared on our Facebook page

  8. RAJNI BALA says


    1. RobinHood says

      See and follow guidelines on

  9. Manjit Singh says
    1. RobinHood says


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