Mind Games #JustJanet.in

He Swept Me Off My Feet on the 31st of March, 2017. And this is what I wrote Two Days Ago. #mindgames #justjanet.in #aampress #robinhood


Mind Games – #JustJanet.in

Pure untainted souls Born into the arena of chaos Conditioned to believe they are far less Than who they truly are. Abundant love, innocence Choked by the false sense of world’s success How can this soul live? Reduced to mere existence Breathing toxic thoughts Curbing authentic emotion The essence of life – fading Why? Does living have to be this way? Define success to me Define materialistic happiness The experts play mind games The leaders strategize them The soul is led to believe that they are just a number Pure untainted souls, born into this arena of chaos Seeking their right to love Seeking their true calling to live Seeking to destroy that which kills Mind games….


29 March, 2017