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Learn Social Media with Aam Press. All your questions and doubts answered on how to increase views and monetise organically.

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Learn Social Media One Day Program that Answers the Following Questions for you.

  1. Business Vision and Strategy
    1. What are you offering to the Customer?
    2. How is it different from your competitors?
    3. Have you set your targets?
    4. Are you learning everyday and adapting to the ever changing environment ?
    5. What is UI… User Experience ?
    6. How does Interactivity with customers increase your business ?
    7. What is AutoSMS ?
    8. What is a WhatsApp Business Account and how is it different from the normal one and how can you use it effectively ?
  2. Blogging
    1. Why are Blogs Important ?
    2. How to write blogs in English, Hindi or your local language ?
    3. Where to write Blogs ? Facebook or Blogger.com or Website etc and what is the difference ?
    4. What are Keywords and Tags ? How are they Related to Monitizing your content ?
    5. What is the Importance of adding images to your content ?
    6. How to effectively add images to your blog and how many should you add ?
    7. What are SEO Titles ?
    8. Why is SubTitles and Meta Description so important ?
  1. Vlogging
    1. What are VLogs? And how are they Different from Blogs ?
    2. Where should you upload your Vlogs? Facebook, Instagram or YouTube or Website etc. and what are the differences ?
    3. What is the Difference between Offline and Live Videos ?
    4. What Camera Back to use for Vlogging Camera or Front Camera in a Cell Phone, HandyCam, Digital Video SLR etc.?
    5. What lights to use for Videos White Light, Yellow Light or Natural Light ?
    6. How does background Noise or Music Effect your Videos ?
    7. Why is your Core Content Important than any of the above points ?
    8. What is the Importance of Titles and Description and Tags in Videos ?
  1. Social Media Reach
    1. What should you start with Facebook, YouTube or Instagram or Twitter ?
    2. How do you increase your Facebook Likes ?
    3. How do you get more subscribers on YouTube ?
    4. What will get you more followers on Instagram?
    5. What is special in Twitter followers ?
    6. How does increasing all the above 4 following impact your business or vision ?
    7. What is Cross Posting ? What is the effective way to Cross Post ?
    8. How frequesntly should you post content on Social Media?
    9. What is an OverKill of Content ?
  1. Monetization
    1. Do Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Monetize your Content ?
    2. If the answer to the above is No, How can you still Make Money from your content ?
    3. What are the Criteria to get Monetized on YouTube ?
    4. What is AdSense and how is connected to YouTube ?
    5. What other platforms can you deploy Adsense to?
    6. Are there any other Advert Aggregators besides AdSense?
    7. How do you increase Sales Leads from all of the above ?
    8. How do you convert Leads to Sales via your Online Efforts ?
  1. Website
    1. Why Website in the Social Media Age ?
    2. When should you get a website ?
    3. What is the most effective way to block your domain ?
    4. Should you buy Linux or Windows Hosting ?
    5. What are Shared and Dedicated Servers ?
    6. How do you select a hosting service provider ?
    7. What is SSL Certificate and when do you need it the most ?
    8. How to create an effective website and which platform to use ?
  1. Come On Roll Up Your Sleeves
    1. Lets write an Effective Blog and Analyse it
    2. Lets Make an Effective Video and Analyse it

Participant Charge : Rs. 5,500

If you are interested, leave a comment on this post with your Mobile Number and Email  and we shall take this forward.

This is a One Day in Person Program. Students from other cities who want to Learn Social Media can go through this digitally. We will cover the above topics as part of Feedback Calls for 10 Vides that you make.

Trainer : RobinHood

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  1. Lalith says

    My name is Lalith Kumar,, sir am searching for a job as airport authority anywhere… Sir I always follows ur videos and see how you helping Pepole.. Can it Happen that any airport airline manager from your followers can help me… I am going to complete my graduation nxt month..kya esa hosakta apki aam press se mujhe Apna jindagi suru karneka moka mile?

    Ur well wisher n follower
    Lalith Kumar


    Sry sir forgot to give my number.

    Lalith kumar

    1. RobinHood says

      Dear Lalith,
      You are welcome to make a 2-3 minute Video CV with a Request to Aam Press to help you find a job. Post the video on yior facebook timeline and paste the link back here as a reply comment. Once we have a look, we will try to hep you.

      Click here for Guidelines.

      1. Asim Sayyed says

        Hi sir,
        I want to complaint about Jet airways towards My Massi is traveling from Mumbai to Lucknow flight time was 12:25 we have reach on airport at 11:40 due to heavy traffic he is senior citizen inside airport the no one Jet airways staff help him after some counter person making boarding ticket he take out the print & not give to him and told him you time is over now we are do any help complain on Jet airways counter In counter I have told him all stories he taken my two hours and not given any refund and told me next flight on17 it’s cost Rs 7500 we will deduct previous tickets amount 296 Rs. Roobin sir in this case need your help.

        1. RobinHood says

          Make a Video aampress.in/support has the guidelines.
          This will be chargeable as per aampress.in/priority-pungi

  2. Rajesh gohil says

    Dear sir
    Aapka aam press Ka Kam bahut hi pasand karta Hu.aap jis Tarah aam logo ke liye Sawal uthate hoisliye me aapko Dhanyawad dena Chahta Hu.

    Sir aap Facebook pe live me logo kese lagate ho.or kon so aap use karte ho.muje meri santha ke program live karneke liye help Chahiye
    Aasha hai ki aap Muje help karege.
    Director Rajesh Gohil (President of Gujarati film Television and Event Association)

    1. RobinHood says

      I go Live from a Facebook Page Rajesh

  3. Mohd Akram says

    Hello sir! Sir yesterday atal ji was died on his period of governing we are minor that was our school period so we don’t know what he did but today every one saying he was good and he is also from BJP party. So, I don’t know why I think it’s a advantage to BJP for 2019 election because atal ji is good person sir I am right or not? can it become advantage for BJP? Can BJP get vote because of this? Can BJP and modi ji use for votes for 2019?

    1. RobinHood says

      The Politicians will use anything and anyone for votes. Our Job is to vote intelligently.

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