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Kadva Sach Har ek ke Bas ka Nahin hai Jhelna. #Pakode aur #Bhakt ko to shayad loose motion lag Jaye. Watch the Video and Remember all comment son website are responded to. 

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Kadva Sach Har ek ke Bas ka Nahin hai Jhelna. #Pakode aur #Bhakt ko to shayad loose motion lag Jaye. Watch the Video and Remember all comment son website are responded to.

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AajKal#AajKal Current Affairs, Politics, State of the Nation. Live Unedited Unscripted and Uncut Video WeekNights at 8:08 PM Be there or Be Left Out. RobinHood’s Common Sense take on whats going on and maybe what is being ignored by main stream media ! आजकल के मुद्दे, देश की स्तिथि और सियासत पर रॉबिनहुड के अनकट, बिना स्क्रिप्ट के , अनएडिटेड लाइव विचार हफ्ते की रात पर. देख लो यह फिर रह जाओ ! यहाँ वो मुद्दे भी उठाये जाते हैं जो बड़े मीडिया मैं कभी भी प्राइम टाइम तक नहीं पहुँचते. If you want to be Live on Video with us on AajKal, connect via Priority Pungi.

Hazir JawabHazir Jawab Kuch Darshakon ke Pakodon Main Lagi Aag ka Chuskiyon Bhara Jawab ! Chuskiyaan Lekar Unhain Wapis Jawab Dene Main RobinHood Ka Mood to Taaza Ho Hi Jata Hai, aap ke chehre pe bhi muskaan aati hi hogi 🙂 #HasteRaho #ThokteRaho 🙂

So you think You Can Crack a Joke or a Funny One ! Welcome. Use the #PriorityPungi Program to Air Your Funny Videos on Aam Press. Ab Aap Bhi Apne Comedy Videos Air kar sakte hain Aam Press pe. #PriorityPungi aap sab ke hunar ko badhava dene ke liye hi start kiya gaya hai aur taki Aam Press ko aam log chalayen, naki sirf corporate advertising ! Sampark karne ke liye Priority Pungi Post pe Comment Karen.

Pungiयदि समाज मैं चल रहे किसी भी दुराचार, अनैतिकता अथवा अक्षमता से परेशान हैं तो आइये थोक के पुंगी बजाइये. If you are upset about a social evil, cause or inefficiency welcome to Thok Ke Pungi Bajao ! Priority Pungi : कोई भी व्यक्ति विशेष की निजी या सरकारी कंपनी या दफ्तर से परेशान है तो अपना मुद्दा यहाँ उठा सकता है. यह एक पेड फीचर है ! If you wpuld like to raise a personal issue with a Private Company or a Government Department, welcome. This is a Paid Feature. आप हमें या तो प्रे रिकार्डेड वीडियो भेज सकते हैं या हमारे साथ इंस्टाग्राम या फेसबुक पर लाइव वीडियो मैं आ सकते हैं ! You can either send us a Pre Recorded Offline Video or Choose to Come Live on Video with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Mr & Mrs RobinHoodMr & Mrs RobinHood #Live and #UnCut on YouTube Channel AamPressDotIn Tuesday & Thursday at 9:09 PM Relationships, Life and Love only. Nothing Political and No Pungi. To discuss any issue, write a comment on any post on the website which starts with Mr & Mrs RobinHood and we will reply to you. You are also welcome to feature with us on Live Video as a couple. Do leave your Mobile Number in  the comments section in such a case.

English Hindi SeekhoReLaunching from June 1. English Hindi Seekho. Live Videos on our YouTube Channel . One Sentence in English Same Sentence in Hindi. No Theory Only Practical Knowledge.


  1. Ayesha says

    plz help us share this link as this boy needs constant medical help and this is one way we can help the family generate funds. Thank you.

  2. Abhishek pandey says

    Hello Sir,
    Everytime I see your videos, I get to learn something you. Be it positive attitude, boldness, courage or patience.
    Thanks a lot sir.

    Take a bow.

    1. RobinHood says

      Was a Pleasure to speak with you

  3. Parth Jain says

    Sir i don’t know how to contact you
    I just wrote an email but got a reply saying that you only reply on the website but I can’t find a place to put my views forward.
    I even wrote a comment but not being able to see it

    1. RobinHood says

      Comments are seen on website only after they are Approved.

      And yes, EveryOne has a Right to their Food. You Have a Problem, go get the Govt to NOW BAN the food you have a problem with.

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