#KabTakRape #OpenVideo #3 #HaryanaCM

#OpenVideo #3 #KaBTakRape Haryana Chief Minister Mr Khattar हरियाणा के मुख्य मंत्री मिस्टर खट्टर के लिए #ThoKo


Haryana Cm Mister Khattar… Women are getting Raped left right and centre in Haryana. And the Biggest Action you can Take is Ban a Movie ! Isn’t it Appalling. I think you are a Single Man… But Being the Head of a State I don’t think you are insensitive and i don’t think you should be either.

Take Some Serious Steps because the Next Elections are coming closer too and the people Will Not Forget ! RobinHood wont for sure !

Jind, Panipat and Faridabad have just happened back to back in Haryana. Is it not the job of the Legislature to Make Appropriate Laws which govern the state. Could you not have taken a leaf out of BJP Rules Madhya Pradesh on this one ?



  1. Every year many boats capsize news comes and govt gives around 2-3 lakhs rupees for compensation but what if these amount of money invested in purchasing life jacket and gives free to every fishermen. Thus it could helps in saves about 1000 lives in a year.
    Think about it

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