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  1. Hi! Robbinhood sir good evening!
    Sir if you don’t mind I would like to give you few advice.
    1- please don’t give chance or answer the Bhakt.
    2-Their motive to make you IRRITATE n aggressive.
    3-If you air on your irritation they succeed n some time Ginuwine fallowers get disturb n impact is negative.
    4- Some of people are feeling problems what fact you discuss.
    5- Don’t be disturb and aggressive proceed your objectives without caring Bhagat.
    6-you are doing very well go on your work is being apriciated don’t worry.
    6-only concentrate on your with some positive reforms.
    My Best wishes.

  2. Sir meri Samajh me ek Baat nhi aati ki Ek Taraf to Bamaare Mahaan Modi ji Baat Karte hn Cashless India ki, Lekin jab ham uss Cashless India ki muhim me shaamil hone Jaate hn to Seller hamari marne ko baitha hota hai… Bolta hai ki Debit ya Credit Card se payment karoge to 2% extra lagega.
    Ab mujhe ek DSLR camera lena tha to Canon ke Image Square ka mail hai mere paas usme usne saaf likha hai ki 2% exta pay if pay by Card.

    • Hello Arish. Thank you for your comment and the mere fact that i am approving it is because you have taken the effort to comment on our website If this Video were on your own Facebook timeline I would have loved to share it. Also please understand most people in INdia including myself will not understand what is being said. Another thing, we don’t know what date the footage is from …and Live takes care of that. Also the description of the video is “Politically coloured” . Aam Press would have been happy to support a Call for Humanity….I hope you understand where we are coming from .

    • As long as the amount is not so big to land us up in an income tax inquiry i guess we should be fine 🙂

  3. Good afternoon Puneet Bhai and whole Aam press team. I hope you all are doing well. I would like to admire you for this amazing job and wish to be a part of it.
    I have some plans to work for the betterment of people. I promise it will be completely selfless.

    Also,I am willing to invest in Aam press.

    I would appreciate if someone would reach me back ASAP.

    Jai Hind Jai Bharat 😇🙏🙌

  4. Hello Garv

    Hello sir mera naam Deepak vashist hai aur main chandigarh se hu.main
    punjab govt ka servent hu.maine apko Garv islyi kaha kyu ki mere sath
    sath pure desh ko ap pe Garv hai.waise te main bhut chota hu apke
    age.lekin mere mann me ik baat baar baar ati humare desh ek
    religious desh hai..kitna hi paisa desh ke mandir,masjid aur Gurudware
    etc me save hota hai..jis ko puri tarha se use me nahi laya jata.akhir
    kar wo paisa bhi to janta ka hi hai na sir, Aam admi Tax se bhut
    preshan chalta hai..main chahta hu jo religious places ka jo bhi paisa
    hai wo hum apne desh ki defence me se desh aur majbut bhi
    hoga aur aam admi par se thoda Tax relif bhi milega..bhagwan ka paisa
    hum desh ki suraksha me to lga hi sakte hai na sir..kitna hi paisa hai
    jo mandir masjid church aur gurudware me store hota hai..jis ka miss
    use bhi hota hai..plz ap is baat pe jarur gor religious paisa
    desh ki defence minstry ke liye use, B.S.F etc ko is paise
    se budget milega humara desh kitna surakshit hoga aur aam admi ke upar
    se Tax ka bhoj bhi kam hoga..
    Thank you sir,


    Deepak Vashist

  5. Hello Robinhood Sir…

    Sir, kal aapne caller show mein sawaal poochaa police ko politicians ke under hona chahiye ya nahin..?

    Anwser ..1.bilkul bhi nahin hona chahiye…aaj ki date mein kai policewaale bribes lete hain..kyunki unko imandaari se kaam nahin karne diya jaata…jab bhi kisi mujrim ko pakadte koi na koi politician ka dabaav unpar aa jaata hai..jisse police ya to frustrate hoke apna gussa aam public pe utaarti hai..yaa rishwat lena shuru kar deti hai…

    2. Hamaare yahaan UK jaisa system hona chahiye..wahaan police commisnor bhi pehle as a constable bharti hota hai..fir dheere dheere promotions se step by step..police commisnor banta hai…jisse police force apne har staff member ko ek hi nazar se dekhti hai…hamaare yahaan hawaldaar ki koi izzat nahin hai..ya to senior ke ghar ka kaam karta rahega..ya fir 30-35 saal ki naukri mein bechaara zyada se zyada head constable hi banega…is system ko change karna bohat zaroori hai.

    3. Jab politicians ko pata ab police hamaari nahin woh bhi apne ghar mein apne bachon ko bhaiya ab kuch gadbad mat karna..main kuch nahin kar sakunga agar polce ne pakad liyaa…isse kuch politicians ke bigde bachon mein darr paida hoga..aur woh kuch galat karne se pehle dus baar sochenge.

    4. Hum jitni izzat apni army ki karte hain..kya hum police ki utni karte hain…koi ye nahin sochta ke hamaari police kaise aur kitna kaam karti hai…unka to koi sunday bhi nahin hota hai…kuch rishwatkhor police waalon ki sazaa sabhi imaandar bhukatey hain…agar hum police ko izzat de..aur unko apna kaam acchi tarah karne de…to mujhe yakeen hai…rishwatkhori bhi bandh ho jaayegi.

    5. Sabse badi cheez..hamaare yahaan police ki adla badli bho honi chahiye…bhejdo saari haryana police J&K mein..lath lath maar maar ke seedhaa kar degi sabko..aur bulalo saari J&K police haryana mein.

  6. Salam , Robin Hood Bhai
    I am Meraj from Dubai . YouTube mai ek sports channel run karta hun , today Sports Prediction k naam se , app k bohat sara videos dekh or yeh socha k ek sports section bhi hona chayeh AMM Press mai . Agar app chayeh tu humlog Do no milke ek sports section chala sakte hai , meri height bhi 5.6 inch hai lolz. Crickets pe mai zaida interest rakh ta hun , men’s and women’s both . Waiting for your reply Yes or No . App ki merzi

    Regards Meraj

  7. Hii
    I want to ask you few things …
    What is the real motto of aampress???
    Why u make videos which are not relevant to the work of aampress . ( No body is interested in ur personal home videos )
    Why u make irrelevant faces during shoot of a video.
    Do u think it is good to criticize and mimic the prime minister of India???
    Plz give me answers
    Mai bhakt nhi hun so plz gaali mat dena
    Or mai modi ka aadmi bhi nhi hun
    U r good person with good thinking ….bas usko maintain karo and avoid irrelevant things .

  8. Good Morning Sir,
    Maine aapki video dekhi..Nitish kumar wali…ye ek example hai..hamare sade gale system jahaan ek cricketer ke alaawa aur kisi sportsperson ki value hi nahin hai….National level ke player ke liye to gov ko aage aana chahiye…Jharkand ho yaa U.P….dono gov ka ye farz banta woh Nitish kumar ki help karein.

    Aapko agar video banani hai to gov ko hilaane ke liye banaiye…unko ye pata chalna chahiye ke National level ka player kya hota hai….agar aaj kisi cricketer ke bat ke saath same cheez hoti to… nahin kaun kaun aage aa jaata..

    Agar hum sab Nitish kumar ki help kar bhi dete aaj Nitish ke paas rifle to aa jaayegi lekin system wahi ka wahi rahega..kal koi aur Nitish kumar paida ho jaayega…humko is system politicians ko theek karna hai..taaki aage se aisi laparwaahi naa kare gov.

  9. I am hardik .I am from punjab ,amritsar.I had bought a shoe from Adidas .It was worth 4000.which I was not able to afford but I purchased because their employee was saying nothing will happen to this shoe if u will run daily with this shoe bt I m not doing that..Then after some months their condition got bad and and at that time they were out of warranty and it was for only 3 months but my shoe started tearing from 7-8 month and after that when it was 1 year I sent mail to them. I am having screen shots of their message which customer care of Adidas have sent me .I m having photos of my shoes ,bill ..If u will take my case I will send u screen shot and all photos of shoe and bill and this conversation between me and Adidas is only 1 week old.Hope u will help. me. …Jai Hind…

  10. Hello Sir,

    My name is Mohd.Hussamuddin Siraj from hyderabad.I like your videos, knowledge and the way you talk and I appreciate you.

    Today I am writing this comment to request you that what Indian government is doing for Seria people.Who don’t have shelters,food and medicine.

    I am requesting you to appeal Indian government to help Seria people.

    Thanks in Advance


  11. Hello Sir,

    I am Jaswinder Singh from jalandhar, Punjab. Now to be very Honest when i started following you in the begginning i used to do it just for entertainment sake u know just to have some timepass but as time grew more and more i started having more and more faith in you and your believes. I always see your videos on youtube and you are doing a great job. By a proffessional i am a website developer, I am always there for you and you can take any type of IT assistance from me.I built in wordpress in which your website is built and i am a regular user of newspaper theme which you are using in your website. Even i have started my own website its a small website : using wordpress and same theme you are using as i have purchased this theme.Sir i have one issue myself and this is video i made but sorry its in Punjabi but please consider it
    Link of the video :

    Sorry sorry in advance if i made any mistake in past or by mistake in this comment. Thank you

    • Thanks for your love and support and your offfer to help.

      We only support links of people who are commenting not links of others and not other pages.

  12. Sir punjab mei school har saal admission fee charge karte hai jo ki galat hai aur 2 saal pehle is par kafi darna padarshan hua but no result. Kya aap ismei kuch help kar sakte hai.

  13. Hello Robindhood Sir,
    Aapki northeast ki video dekhi..abhi to Sir..zyaada tar har jagah Modi ji hi aayenge…kyunki Indian public bhed chaal pe chalti hai….main ye nahin keh raha hoon ki Modi acche PM nahin hain..per unohone aise kaunse vaade poore kar diye jo kiye thhey…woh Desh ke kum..BJP ke PM zyaada lagte hain…

    Ab baat aayi Rahul Gandhi ki…ab woh zamana kahaan raha sir ..jab koi proof ke saath ilzaam lagaata thaa…ab to ghar baithe baithe log ilzaam lagaate hain..aur kehte tum proof tum beqasoor ho..Politics ka level ab bohat zyaada gir chukaa hai…

    Main abhi abhi Amritsar gaya thaa..wahaan pe Modi ji ki sarkaar isilye nahin aayi..kyunki wahaan ki public Baadal sarkar se tang thii..aur unko Amrinder singh zyaada pasand thhey…lekin ab wahaan ke log congress se bhi tang hain…mere relatives rehte hain unse ..aur kuch unke friends se is baare mein baat hui thii….

    Ek cheez notice karna sir aap…sarkaar kahin bhi.. kisi ki bhi ho…neta sabhi healthy hote jaayenge…ye kabhi nahin hota kisi ki sarkaar naa ho..aur uss party ke neta kamzor dikhne lage…sabhi aish karte hain.

    Logon ne abhi tak.NOTA ki taaqat ko pehchaana nahin hai…agar ek baar NOTA ka istemaal election mein theek tarah ho sabhi politicians ka dimaag thikaane aa jaayega…public ko apni taaqat ka sahi istemaal karna chahiye.

    Rahi baat NE..mein development ki…hamare desh mein development tabhi hoti hai.aur wahin hoti hai..jahaan jab koi bada politician chakkar lagaane jaa raha ho…for example…aapke ghar ke baahar waali sadak pe agar gadhhe honge to woh tab tak nahin bharenge..jab tak aap jaisa koi samajhdaar insaan apni taaqat ka sahi istemaal naa kare..ya ..aapke area mein jab tak..CM..ya..PM..jaisa koi naa aaye…har jagah yahi haal hai sir.

    Aap jaiae log janta ko jagruk rakgne ka kaam karte hain..lekin janta ko bhi aapni aankhen khuli rakhni chahiye…bas chal dete hain hawa ke saath..ghata ke sang sang….Sir..main to bas yahi chahta hoon ke Hamara..INDIA doosre desho ke liye misaal bane..mazaak nahin..aur ye sab aap jaise log hi kar sakte ho….GOD BLESS U.

  14. Sir, i am a student of nerist a prime institution in northeast india under mhrd.We don”t have permanent director since 2014…due to date we face lots of problems like corruption,low funds,lower ranking…etc.Everytime we contact mhrd they come up with same excuse.Last semester union minister of State kiren rijuji have promised us appointment of director bt we got same result as always.We are on strike since 27 feb n today is 8 day of protest and 6th day of hunger strike.Many students are hospitalised till no response from MHRD and no coverage from national media.We need permanent director not from our campus.Sir we need your help for amplification of our voice.pls help n share this video

  15. Sir sorry jo maine avi call krke aapko disturb kia.

    Sir maine details aapko mail kia hua h. Bt baat ye h ki avi presently jo Government hai or uske kaam krne ko lekr media me jo news aati hai ki asa hua wsa hua,reality asa blkul ni h. Phle mujhe lgta tha ki Aap Tweet me hmare so called Dynamic Prime Minister ko tag kro, Woman Commission ko tag kro help comes in no time. Sir 3 months hue sbko contact kiye complaint kiye hue but hua abtk kuch v ni. Twitter pr WCD k msgs aae bss ki Don’t worry!

    Woman Empowerment ko lekr jo claims hai ya jo galat baat khi jaati hai srf galat hai or kuch ni. If possible than contact me pls sir. Thank you

    No. – 9915386570
    Email address –

    • Dear Raghvendra,
      Glad you commented on our website.

      Here are the guidelines to follow if you wish to air your thought son aam press.

    • Dear Asif,
      I was not able to view all 4 videos but i saw the first one where an elderly gentleman was strong armed with Holi Colours. I feel sad at situations like these. IN future try to follow these guisdelines if you want to share something on Aam press.

  16. I saw your video on facebook regarding banning of Hindi vulgar language, so untill the matter is under resolution process, would you boycott the Facebook ( GORO ki company ) untill then, jab tak uninstall your Facebook account, this is the best way to protest..

  17. Again cmnt delete kr di…
    Koi ni…
    Sry yaar agr mere question se hurt hue ho to…
    Hurt krna mera intention nhi tha…
    God bless u..👍

    • Kuch aise likha hoga aapne comment main jo Aam Press ne theek na samjha ho Mayank. Hamain koi mushkil sawal pooche us se hamain aitraz nahin… par adb se poocho jawab zaroor milta hai yaha.

  18. Hi sir ,
    I m with u and I watch regularly your video on fb, can u tell me your name? My mobile / what’s app number is 9033171575. I tell you one thing about your video on fb.

  19. Good morning sir,
    Sir, I’m a great fan of yours. I always worries thinking about your health. Please take care. Lets come to the main point. Sir, why don’t you create a Android application of Aam press? It will be really suitable for you and the all Aampress viewers. Viewers can easily visit and manage their favourites also. Its just a suggestion from my side.
    Good day ahead.

      • Ohhh sorry…Sir
        This video link about BJP IT cell.
        if you don’t see this video you can’t understand. that’s why I’m request to you
        Please please see this video …and I wish you make a video about this things.. You are the best hero that’s my experience …My dear Rabin Hood Sir…
        Thank you very much

  20. If one person can run a nation then one person can run aampress.

    Create an Android app from viewers and your reach will be even more and no need of website as all content will be touch of a button for

    This is the start of “disruptive journalism” just like disruptive technology

    Good luck

  21. में एक contruct agencys में काम कर रहा हूँ , और यहाँ काम करते हुवे मुझे 3साल से ज्यादा हो गया , मुझे यहाँ time पे salry मिल रहा हैं , या bonus ढंग से , कभी तोह salery में से भी 100 , 200 रुपये काट लेते है , और इन सबके बारे में officer’s लोगो को बताऊ तोह काम से निकलने को टारगेट करते है । बताऊ तो भी किसको बताऊ , और 3साल में अभी तक leave का payment भी दिया नही , leave payment के बारे में office में कहने से आज कल करे 2साल हो गया लेकिन हमारे एकाउंट में एक भी रुपए leave के नाम से आया नही । दोस्तो में ही नही यहा जितने भी इस agencys में काम कर रहे है सभी का यही हाल है , पर काम से निकलने के डर से कोई अपने मुंह खोलने नही चहते है ।
    उपके पास कुछ उपाय है तो मुझे inbox बॉक्स में बताइये ।

  22. Sirji good afternoon
    Vese to apko suggestions dene ki jarurat HI Nahi. Ap itna acha kam karteho i’s liye lekin ap ke roj ke live ke liye ek topic hai. Ssc scam.
    Staff selection comision ke online exam me ajkal bhot laparvahi ho rahi hai.i hope ap kuch bate is topic pe bhi kare.

    Thankyou for yr work sirji. Keep boosting

    Kalpesh amin

  23. Hello sir ,
    This is Dr Abhishek (Physiotherapist) from Dhuri (District Sangrur , Punjab).
    I am a well wisher and a enthusiastic viewer if AAM PRESS (which is the only Non Biased Media Press) .
    I want to share with you something very important about PHYSIOTHERAPY profession . And what’s going on in our Country due to negligence of Our Governments from years.

    Name : Dr Abhishek Lomash

    Profession : Physiotherapist(Qualification B.P.T. from BFUHS , faridkot University)

    From : Dhuri ,District Sangrur, Punjab

    Contact no. : 09878389097

    I hope and wish that you will call and listen Our Problem.

    • As discussed over the phone.

      Please read and follow guidelines in the link below.

      I will be happy to support.

    • Yes that is a Fake Page being apparently run by a Person with a Lot of “MOTIVATION” and Funds to spend on Facebook to promote his cowardliness.

      Thanks for reporting. Appreciate.

  24. A very good evening 🎩 Robinhood sir ji 5’6”.Sir i am very used too of ur videos and the way of helping strangers and resolving there problems without any charges.. bcoz sir ji jahan par log paise lekar bhi aur vote lekar bhi aam janta ku support nahi karte aur unki help nahi karte aur ek aap hai ke without any profit… aur jo log apke upar jhuta ilzaam lagate hain ke aap paise khaate and blah blah!!! Beside this ur working very legitimately aur sir maine soncha hai ke aam press ki help zarur karunga isliye maine job shuru ki hai aur aaj pehla din hai sir mere job ka aur mere job pe lagne ki wajah ye hai ke mai meri salary me se 50% share aam press ku fund karunga…. ek baat aur sir ji jabhi bhi aap donation ki appeal karte ho na to log apko bolte hai ke ‘agaya na aukaat pe’.but sir wo log nahi jaante aap kitno ki help karr rahe hain aam press ke zariye iske badle me hum ko chahiye ke hum apki madad karien q ke aap akele ho kar poore desh ki madad kar rahe hai kya hum sab log milke apki madad q na karien … i am with u sir ji love u the most robinhood … hats off for u sir ji

  25. Hi robinhood sir,
    I am from jammu i have been following u from the day u started i am a big fan of ur courage and ur braveness.sir u r doing a great job and it also motivate us..keep doing the good work sir we need person like u i have been trying u on phone to talk to u when u starts ur session of talking but couldn’t reach you.sir big fan aur ap jo kr rahe ho bht kam log krte hai ap ki videos dekh k bht motivation milta hai.
    Love u ROBINHOOD sir 5’6″😘😘😘😘😘 wish that i can talk to u.. and one more request do come to jammu will be waiting 😄

  26. Sir jab maine pahali baar aapka video dekha tha to usme app ki apne aam press kyu start ki ye bata rahe the ki apki domino me cheat kiya gaya jab maine pahalei baar apka video dekha tha to socha tha ki kya faltu ajkal sabhi aise video banae me lage hue hai phir uske kuch time baad maine apki koi dusari video dekhi tab usme jo apne baat boli wo sahi lagi phir uske baad maine apke channel ka sticker born to ride naam ke youtube channel par uss ladke ki scooty par dekha shaya apne sposper kiya hoga.Uske baad apki kafi videos dekhi aur bahut accha kaam kar rahe hai aur ha bahut baar apki vedios me kuch baate achi nhi lagti aur kai baar kuch video bhi achi nhi lagti lekin jab achi nhi lagti to band kar detahu but jo acchi lagti hai usse poori dekhta hu .Keep it up

  27. Good Morning Sir
    I am one of your big fan
    I m Class 10th Student
    Willing to tell your about our indian education system
    Our education minister changed the policy of cbse of half syllabus to full syllabus and internal marks composition to 20 marks for session 2017-2018 and Now they are again changing it to old half book pattern as the syllabus is very vast according to them
    Its like changing things without thinking
    Kindly have support on this ..

  28. Bro make a video on election in India and, EVM machine and give a Suggestion which i am giving to you in this comment My suggestion ” email account/mobile no. ko voter id sa link karda and, also give a message on the email id/ mobile no. which party you give vote just like all big social sites they use 2 step verification to login why we can’t use this same system in our elections ” also tag election commission in this video

  29. Sorry but seems as if you are becoming aggresive and gaining attitude in your behaviour and yes i must mention that you are doing great job and god bless you and keep rocking.

  30. delhi mei sealing pe kuch boliye na sir.. aj ek din mei.. 700 shop seal hogi without notice…old double Storey amar colony lajpat Nagar delhi…40 yr old asia’s topmost market

    • We have already made a Video on Delhi Sealing Politics. Why dont you make one of the Affected Parties. We will be happy to support.

      Follow the guidelines below.

  31. Government of India has banned the survey which shows unemployment ratio of youths in India from now onwards no survey will be held so that nobody would know how many people are employed and the rest of the ratio of unemployment. the last survey was made in 2016 so the real face of BJP has been exposed and the opposition Congress slammed NDA. please make a video on this

  32. On the occasion of International women’s day Rajasthan women’s commission chairperson said ” There was a time when every girl would desire a man with a broad chest and thik chest hair ” but no such men can be seen today….she said ” How can he who can’t even handle his jeans protect sisters ”

    एक समय था जब युवा सरकारी नौकरी के लिए सरकार से संघर्ष करते थे आज के युवा पढ लिख कर पकौङे तलने के लिए तैयार हैं इसके बावजूद सरकार का महिमामंडन कर रहे हैं। सरकार को नौकरी सृजन के लिए पैसे नहीं है लेकिन अपना सेलरी भत्ता कई गुणा करने के लिए पैसे हैं??

    • When Banks will let the Big Fish Fly… and levy charges after charges on Common People. .. Its a sad state of affairs.

  33. Dear Robinhood Sir,
    I must say this that you are truly a Legend. Legend of Empowering People’s Voice. I have a question to you. What is the power of this fearless reporting ?? When was the first thought of this fearless reporting in your mind ?? Sometimes I also feel pumped up to do a Journalism Course along with Aam Press Earn & Learn .. Will Pursue it very soon.. Loads and Loads of Love to you Robinhood Bhaiya. Sorry I will call you bhaiya because you are part of my family now..


  34. Hello paji … Kidaan ?? U r doing a good work .. Well i keep it short cause i knw u kinda off one man army ..and u have time constraints…so i want u to do something about people growing green vegetables along side of mumbai local line tracks and selling it to the market which is reaching us on our tables .. They use that dirty drainage water to cultivate these crops … Mumbai ch saag khana vi band karta mein .. Source of leafy vegetables is questionable… Hope u see this thank u … Lots of love rab tavanu hor mer rhake te tarik bakshe ..

    • Very Valid Point Raised.

      Make a Video on this and i will be happy to support. Follow the guidelines

  35. Hiii sir
    Mai kiran Maruti Potale (Mumbai)
    Aam press ka ek darshan hu.
    Mujhe ek sawal h ki aap 2 din se video bana nhi rahe ho. Kuch problem hai kya sir??

    • Links with no written description get no response. We are not a Dharamshala. If you are serious about your issue, take some time out to write a description first.

  36. Hi,
    I have been watching videos since last 6 months and i don’t know the exact reason why i watch your video all the time, you can say like addiction but anyway i like it..

    I am looking some suggestion or help in matter of Vodafone Mobile Tower in front of my Terrace and don’t know what exactly I should do..

    Can you please suggest better way to remove that tower or any other way to save family from tower radiation


    • COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY Action will work here. Get 100 people from the same area together. Educate Inform about mobile Radiation effects. Someone Has rented their space to Vodafone for commercial benefit. Appeal to them. Appeal to Vodafone. Read TRAI Guidelines on Tower Installation. Go down to the last level of details. Then if required file a lawsuit , PIL if required.

  37. अमर बलिदानी शहीद उधम सिंह को नमन। जिन्होंने आज ही के दिन जलियावाला बाग हत्याकांड के हत्यारे अंग्रेज जनरल डायर को लंदन में जाकर गोलियों से भून डाला था। शत शत नमन..💐

  38. Sir you are doing a great job
    I request you to please make vedios on college admissions so that students can decide what to do or which college to opt as in many cases college betrays students after taking the fee by providing substandard education

  39. Sir,
    I really agree regarding loan interest rates. Education loan has more interest rate than home loan. It means that home is more important rather then education.But I think that if a person is well educated then he can build his own home.

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