Internet ka Mahabharat Tripura CM Biplab Deb

Internet ka Mahabharat Well the questions hitting my mind is whether Lynching of Humans in the Name of Cows, selling Pakodas considered a Viable Employment Option and were the King's Ministers engaged in pushing back Rape Charges from the accused on an 8 Year old Girl too?

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Internet ka Mahabharat Tripura CM Biplab Deb Makes Startling Revelations about the Existence of Internet and Satellites Centuries ago…

Once the Vajpayee Government was nearing its term completion, India witnessed an unprecedented Political Campaign in the name if India Shining. India was shining so much that it brought the BJP’s opponents to power back to back for 2 terms, 10 years.

Now the Modi Government is completing its term. And the new Political Narrative and Campaign seems to be India Goes Back… Well i draw my conclusions from Newly elected Tripura CM’s remarks at a Government Seminar on Computerisation and PDS system that internet existed in the times of the Mahabharata! Well thats a new Internet ka Mahabharat the CM seems to be launching ahead of the 2019 polls.

Well the questions hitting my mind is whether Lynching of Humans in the Name of Cows was prevalent in the Mahabharat times too ? Was selling Pakodas considered a Viable Employment Option in the Mahabharat times too ? Were the King’s Ministers engaged in pushing back Rape Charges from the accused on an 8 Year old Girl too?

Well if anyone has answers to these questions they are welcome to comment on this post. May be i get a little better educated too ! Internet ka Mahabharat indeed !

~ RobinHood He likes to spend time in the villages in his search for the Absolute Truth. Reach Him via comments on any post on this website and he will respond ! He lives each day as if it were the First of His Life ! Other than Aam Press, he is a Post Graduate in Numerology and prides himself in being a scientist rather than a Baba sitting under a Banyana Tree :), an Author of a book on Graphology titled Look Beyond the Obvious, an Aura Reader, a Life Coach, a former National Level Roller Skater, Lawn Tennis Player, a skiier, ice-skater and yes a Marathon Runner and Cyclist. He Thinks like a Fish and Calls a Spade a SPADE, when the need arises.



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