Free Seminar on Video Making Digital Marketing and Website Design

Free Seminar on Video Making Digital Marketing and Website Design 24 March Malad Mumbai


Free Seminar Video Making Digital Marketing Website Design.

Use Social Media Effectively. Learn to make Meaningful Content which Can be Monetised smartly to generate a monthly income from the internet.

Video Making is easy… and yet so many people are scared to come and make videos. RobinHood Aam Press has made over 5000 videos on Internet. Come Learn How to Shed your fears and Embrace the Smart Phone in your Hand to Use it Effectively.

Digital Subhash has over 10 Years experience in Telecom Sector and in the Last 2 Years he has specialised in Digital Marketing and Website Design. Teaching is his passion and he has trained over 50 individuals one on one ALL of whom have been successfully employed as well.

Come Attend a Free Seminar conducted by the both of them on March 24 Mumbai , where to reserve your seat pay up Rs. 500 which will be refunded back to you at the end of the seminar. We are doing this so that people respect our time and theirs as well and take it seriously.

And yes, that makes this seminar ABSOLUTELY FREE.

You Can Deposit your 500 Rupees in Account Number

Bank Name : ICICI Bank

Branch : Borivali West

Account Number : 101-601-500-185

Account Name : Subhash Bothare

Account Type : Savings

IFSC Code : ICIC-000-1016



  1. Sir jo aapke saath Gokul Restaurant mae hua… same humaare saath GOA mae “LITTLE HUT” name ka restaurant hae.

    Hum 2 couple bethe the , saamne Live football match chal raha tha , humne unko Cricket March lagane ko bola toh staff nae mana kar diya ki Match khatam ho jaaye fir change kar lena.

    Football match kaun dekh raha tha , All foreigners were sitting there and they were not even watching match.

    After 10 minutes match khatam ho Gaya and than we have asked the staff to put the cricket channel, but again they have denied and owner said – Sir yaha pur Saare foreigner customer bethe and aur wo match dekhte hae is liye hum change nahi kar sakte.

    Foreigners were not even watching the match even after it was ended.

    Than I have called the owner of the restaurant, but he said the same thing , ki Sir aap chale jao , but football match channel change nahi hoga…

    Robin Hood Sir we need revolution in customer service.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. sir….
    I live in west bengal.hamne flipkart pe 8 tarik ko ek phon flsh sell main book kia tha bahut kismat se..mera order confirm vi ho gaya thi.but mera jo product o 10 tarik ko kisi other person ko delivery kor diya.flipkart ne bola apko fir se pre order korna sir online shopping din pe din esehi logo ko ullu banate rahega?

  3. Robinhood sir…i am a huge fan of yours..sir plz tell which coffee powder brand do you use for your BLW, sir after seeing that live video i have also decides to try this filter coffee and i have ordered coffee perculator also but sir aapka coffee powder brand ahare kiniye sir plz..

    • 🙂 Dear Chirag,
      There is a shop in Jor Bagh Delhi in a place called Khanna Market. I pick up my coffee powder from there. It is called Devan’s. Phone number : 011-24611474

  4. Why refund? You should charge 500 for seminar. Infact 1000. Digital marketing with web design is v important for sales pitch. I have 30 ppl ready to join. Will transfer 15k in 3 days

  5. Good Morning..Robinhood Sir,

    Aapki family mein mein jinki bhi death hui hai…Bhagwaan unki aatma ko shanti de…and…U r absolutly right ..Maut hi ek sach hai…Zindigi to bewaffa hai..ek din thukraaegi…so Sir…ek din to sabko jaana hai….Himmat rakhiye..and sorry for the loss.

  6. Sir agar koi aam press ke Naam se koi fake page hai to hum kaise pata lagayein ke wo fake page hai… Sir kahin Aisa to nahi ke main kisi aam press ke fake page Ko follow aur share Kar Raha hun

  7. Sir,
    I have seen your videos and I have become a fan of Mr Robinhood .Thanks a lot for your efforts of making people notice and roar against the social stigma that we are just common man and we can do nothing,but can only adjust ourselves.
    I humbly request you to make video on unemployed youths especially engineers because our parents spent their creamy income to pay fee of engineering colleges,but still we are unemployed.
    I tell you my story.I am from obc background and a native of Patna,Bihar.My parents took loans from relatives for funding my engineering.I am their only child.I have completed my engineering in mechanical engineering from private college in Noida.I didn’t get any placements from college even after scoring 85% plus in 10th ,12th and then I am self preparing for Gate.But I didnt made it till now.What I and youths like me can do?I went to delhi ncr as well as pune for job hunting but got only call center job with miserable pay and no growth.I dont think I have done my engineering for being in this situation.I am under mental and social pressure of getting some job.It simply give me a feeling that I am in the deadlock in this wicked world.please guide me and the youth like us before its too late(i.e. we took any wrong step.)I beg you .help us…please.
    Hope you will understand.
    Even if you won’t take my appreciation that you all are doing tremendous job.Keep doing!!!

    • Every Challenge is an Opportunity Gourav !

      Approach it differently. Follow your passions instead of Just Looking for a Job right now…

      Pick up a Call Center Job in the meantime…

      Life always gives you answers and solutions. Just make the right efforts.

  8. Sir i am your follower but you are my idol i want to meet you once and wanna do photography for you because it is very glad to work with robinhood sir you can look on my photography on my page on facebook
    Onshusingh’s photography
    just have a look on it

  9. After seeing today’s video,very disappointed. Think you will be another AAP party by even thinking about getting into politics. You contradict own statements as you have been saying you will never enter but still provoking janta to see if you could have a chance..nice longer can trust..i am not a bhakt just a normal aam admi. bye

    • You are welcome to your Views. Change is the Only Constant. And what i said is Aam Press is Happy to Explore giving Media to Independent Candidates who would want to stand up and fight for elections. But i think you did not get it. Anyway. Blessings Always.

  10. Hello Sir,
    I am From Ludhiana.. Today I read an article from time of india site that more than half of the followers of Modi and Rahul Gandhi are fake.. If it is right then why they don’t choose the other profession like acting, sports etcetera.. If they want to express himself the most knowing person among the people then why they choose politics.. Why they like to play Twitter-Twitter.. Why they don’t realize that our country will not grow with Twitter or the followers.. They only think that with the help of fake Followers, more and more people attract towards them and they do taunts to the opposition that they don’t have even enough followers then how people trust on them.. Why they don’t think that how many real followers of farmers, lower class and even middle class!!
    They always came to us door steps during elections and after that whenever we want help from them they will say who are you, who are you to put question to us, what you did for the country..
    Only for once, if modi will meet to those who suffer every day during demonstration, hope at that time they think or realize that most of the people don’t even buy a phone then how they connect with them on Twitter..

    If this is right then shame on such people whose mentality is that they will get relief with only FOLLOWERS

  11. Dear sir,
    As i know you have great knowledge of numerical science. With love i would like to request you to please make one video on numerology and guide on particular topic that how numbers stands in our life and buy how we can make our life growth and peasful by numerical follow.


  12. Good eving Robinhood Sir

    Aapki video dekhi..aur Sir..Elections mein mat khade hona..yahaan aache se aache Ram ko Raavan bante dekha hai…aur agar khade hona hi…Amritsar/ Chandigarh se..khade hona….Chandigarh ko aap acchi tarah jaante ho…aur…Amritsar mein aap angrezo ko hilaa chuke ho…magar jahaan tak koshish ho..mat aana politics mein.


  13. Hyy Sir
    I wanna talk to you on call kuch baat karni hai apke fb page se related and about its verification aur kuch baat social networking sites ke baare main
    -Sultan Khan
    Hope you reply and give me time
    Thanking you

  14. Sir Mane Abhi 40 minute pehle aap ka live video dekha aur aapne video mein Yeh Kaha Tha ki Meri Aankhon Mein problem hai aur aap goggles bhi Laga kar Aaye The aur mere ko bhi Bachpan se goggles Hai -12 no hey aur Haal hi mein Mane Balvinder Singh Ji Woh Ek professor hai aur unho ne bahut research Ki Hai Ek Prasad( medicine) develop Kiya Hai jinhe wo 10-15 saal se Aankhon mein daal Te Hain aur unhone bahut blind mens womens and child Ki Aankhon Ki problem solve ki hai aur yeh bilkul free Prashant date Hain main bhi 20 Din Se daal raha hoon Meri Aankhon Mein Bhi bahut improvement Aaya Hai sir main aapko Yahi Kehna Chahta Hoon Ki Ek Baar aap bhi try karo yeah Jalandhar city main free seva Karte Hain main aapko Inki video ka link bhej deta hoon aur Unka WhatsApp Number 9653141516 Yeh hai and good night sir

  15. sir,
    mai eak aam press ka darshak hu mai 12th ki exam de raha hu aur aap ko pata hai ke paper leak ho gye hai merai pas evidence to nhi hai par suna hai exam ke 2 hours pheale leak huai hai…….
    aap sai request hai ki aap accounts ka exam re-conduct karane ke appel kare apne video mai…………
    thanking you…….
    puneet idnani
    e-mail :

  16. Dear Sir,
    I write to you to express my deep concern over the illegal construction taking place in mumbai at Andheri (K/W ward),looking to this I being a responsible citizen raised my voice by continuously writing complaining letters to BMC(k/w ward) regarding various illegal construction taking place,from past 2 & a half months I am keeping a regular tracking to my complains by visiting BMC on regular bases and asking for reply from every concern officer at building and factory(B&F) Department,at my first visit I came across that officers are saying me that what is your connection with this complaints, why are you doing so let it be as it is, so i asked him to what ever you are saying reply me in writing & very angryly he told i will not reply you in writing, such replies coming from a high ranking municipal officer is just not expected, Other officer’s told me to come after 10 days so that he can file the remarks to my complains,after 10 days I visited BMC the assistant engineer was not on his place I was told that he is on side visit will be back in 2 hours I waited there,he didn’t return then I ask to his junior about him they say he will be back in 2 more hour,so I waited after waiting for full whole day on a working day since morning the assistant engineer does not visited his office,his junior told me to visit tomorrow morning and the worst thing which happened is again the same thing continued for many more weaks.
    After running behind them for last 2 & a half months just to get a proper reply nothing happened,no action taken against the illegal work,which clearly indicate the corruption taking place within the system which made me to take the help of media to let the people know what is the situation of a common man while raising voice against the corrupt system.
    Need your kind help in a fight against corruption

    Thanks & Regards
    Shehzaad Shaikh

  17. Robinhood dedicated to you

    वृक्ष हों भले खड़े,
    हों घने, हों बड़े,
    एक पत्र छाँह भी
    मांग मत! मांग मत! मांग मत!
    अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

    तू न थकेगा कभी,
    तू न थमेगा कभी,
    तू न मुड़ेगा कभी,
    कर शपथ! कर शपथ! कर शपथ!
    अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

    यह महान दृश्य है,
    चल रहा मनुष्य है,
    अश्रु, स्वेद, रक्त से
    लथ-पथ, लथ-पथ, लथ-पथ,
    अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

  18. Good afternoon..Robinhood Sir

    Shop at Aampress Feedback…Sir aajkal to bohat se platform hain shopping ke liye…lekin har.koi best service nahin de paata hai….customers ko best service ki bohat zaroorat hai…BEST SERVICE….will be first priorety….lekin….agar Aam press pe koi apna product customers jo aapko jaante hain…jo aapke followers hain..woh to aapki wajah se woh cheez kharidenge.

    Aam press se unko best service unka vishvash hoga…verna pungi bajne mein der nahin jaante hain sab….aap jo bhi karo soch samajh ke karna Sir…kyunki ye bohat badi zimevaari ban jaayegi aapke liye.

    For example – Koi company apne garments aapke platform pe sale kar rahi hai..main to aapka follower hoon..main to aapke platform se hi khareedna chahunga…kyunki mujhe pata agar product mein dikkat Sir hain naa…isme aapki responsibility bohat bar jaayegi…aage Sir aap zyaada jaante ho….GOD BLESS U.


    • 🙂 Lovely comment. Very clearly expressed.

      All the above inputs will be taken into account before we launch

  19. Sir me ek baat aap se puch na chata hu sir ji aaj hamare bharat me bahut berojgar gari ha kahi company me work karte han tho bahut kam paise mile tha jaise 8000 hazar ek femaly ke liye itane kafi nahi log bahut paresan

      • नेता लोगो के यह बच्चे काम कियो नही करते पकोड़े बनाने का काम लोगो ने सरकार को इस लिये चुना थो पकोड़े बनाने के लिये लोगो परेशान है
        किसी गरीब के यहाँ टाइम बिता कर देखो तब पता चले गरीबी किया होती है।

  20. Hello,

    My name is Riddhesh from Canada Vancouver.
    I would like to share couple of my experience with Indian Airport.

    –> Custom Department – Ahmadabad International Airport is not accepting custom duties via any kind of Debit / Credit Card. They only accept Indian Currency Cash for custom duties.

    My Question is ” How many government department in India is accepting Debit / Credit Cards ?”

    –> Air India – Specially for Air India government have special laws for immigration procedure.
    Recently My brother traveled on Air India and Air Canada code share flight. He booked ticket for Vancouver to Ahmedabad.

    Vancouver to London – Air Canada.
    London to Bombay – Air India
    Bomaby to Ahmedabad – Air India

    According to immigration law , If you are entering India your immigration and customs should be done on the port of entry. Air India is not following this law. After my brother landed to Bombay Airport , Air India redirect my brother to domestic flight to Ahmadabad without immigration and customs.

    There is approximately 2 hours of layover in Bombay Airport. Now he was sitting in domestic zone and from this zone anybody can enter the city more easily.

    After he landed in Ahmedabad Airport , Immigration and custom cleared.

    • Interesting Observations. Now these can either be limited to this commen ton or we can take this to the next level. Make a Video by following the guidelines. I will be happy to support.

  21. Dear Sir,

    I usually watch your videos.

    But Sorry to say that but this whole solution which you are sponsoring on your video it’s all failure. On Google play store have you seen the reviews of the app.. People are saying like this app is not supported and getting crashed , and the reply from MBcare is like we will send you the updates and these phones are very common which are not supported. So whole solution of launching this to end user is totally failure, you should have to wait till you supported max phones and you are also responsible for this video in which you are boosting about this app, but you should have done rnd before making this video. I m sorry this video is not done at all.

    Apme n doosro mei kya farak reh gaya.

    Wanted to tell you this that’s reason I wrote all this, and sorry for all these lectures

    • 1. I am not endorsing or sponsoring anything. Aam Press is a Media Platform and people have an opportunity to showcase or launch their dreams. You surely don’t seem to have one.
      2. It is very easy to find faults. Difficult to participate in the evolution process.
      3. I appreciate your taking the time out to comment.
      4. Be a Little more positive in your approach and life will seem far better.
      5. I will pass on the message to the concerned to take corrective action.

  22. Good Day Aam Press
    Hi i was doing late night research on some news i just went on your youtube channel i had seen a lot of your contant has being chopped by other channels by Youtube.
    Just want to bring to your kind attention that below are some of the examples of the crime.
    I feel so bad that your hard word is used by the wrong person to fill their pocket without sweat requesting you to register a case to cyber cell as i feel it is only the reason to stop this. Check out the channel name
    Do take action as i felt very bad by watching this and its upto you if you want to keep quiet.
    your follower Take Care and one more thing with videos they will not stop as i feel u need to take strong action.
    Thank u Please Dont reveal My identity

  23. Hi Sir
    For Web education .. Mr Digital giving free seminar but again it will be limited for who can reach there…. but if you guys do Webinar it will go all around the world who is far away from Mumbai…. plz help us out…. hope you got it. … basicly its for learn …. Really Thanks and Appreciate your Unique Thinking!

  24. Sir ji aaj ke time me government job ke Liye bhi paise chahiye jaise abhi SSC scam ho rahe Han jo bahut gareeb ha bo jaise government job jaise laga paye ga next Jo abhi generation chale Rahi ha bahut brojgari ha Neta log apni jeb bharte Han publice ke Liye kuch nahi karte Han bus Mike par PO PO karte ha

  25. Sir,
    i have joined the company named Epage Digital Media Private Limited on 24/07/2018 as Regional Sales Manager in Noida Location on the Salary of 45000 per month.Sir as per my offer letter there are no term and condition mentioned that if i am unable to complete the company given target,company will not pay my Salary. Sir he did not paid my Salary 24th July to 31st July in first month,when i asked for my Salary to the Director Shivraj chauhan he told me that he will pay July month Salary after adding August month Salary.In next month he only paid me August month Salary.sir he did not give my July month balance Salary.sir when i asked my Director in october month for my september month Salary he told me directly that he will not pay my Salary till date because i have not achieved the 2Lac Rupees. Sir i have worked in the company till november month but did not single bit of amount of my rest months Salary.Sir i have suffered from mental stress and admitted in hospital due to this.During hospitalization i asked my Salary to the director Shivraj chauhan he did not give me any reply.sir after releaving from hospital i have visited my office and asked the director for my Salary he told me that he will not pay my Salary and told me u will collect cash from clients besides Salary and also told me that you didn’t come to the office from today onwards.Sir this is to inform that i did not give any resignation to the company and never get any mail for termination of my duties from company side till now.Sir i want justice because i have suffered lot of things due to lack of money and also admitted in the hospital and the paid the amount 2Lac in my injury due to this cause.I have lot of responsibilty for my family and now i want justice in terms of my Salary,mental hrassment and hospital bill till now.Sir iam giving below details of company Director.

    Name – Shivraj Chauhan
    Company Name- E Page Digital Media Pvt.Ltd
    Office Telephone Number – 0120-4212441
    Mobile Number – 9205788501
    Personal Mobile Number – 9999079777
    Home Landline Number – 0120-3339197

    Satender Nanda
    Mobile no: – 9350203885

    • Happy to Support your case. If you Make a Live Video under the circumstances.

      Follow the guidelines please.

      • These people will never change robinhood. They will never make videos. They want 2 minute maggi noodle solution without any effort to their own problems.

        • And that is exactly we are attempting to change Satish. The Middle Class Chalta Hai Attitude will not work.. but I am pretty confident we will be able to make this change happen sooner than later especially with the support of people like yourself.

  26. Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?
    – still making videos trying to change the system and peoples mentality?

    – selling products on aam press?

    – starting a media channel?

    – standing for election?

    – tired of aampress because people will never change, settled somewhere

    Just a thought..think and envisage

    • I would rather Time answer this question 🙂

      Harry, I am a survivor and not a quitter…

      Remember Armageddon the Bruce Willis Film ? 🙂

      And Yes, we are Already a Media Channel…

  27. Hello sir
    Aj maine b app k style wali coffee bnayi kya mst coffee bni hai mazza agaya thank u tareeka btane k liye baki ap kaam toh bht badiya hai lage raho sir g….
    Hum honge kamyaab ek din

  28. Hello sir ,
    Sir delhi mai pragati maidan metro station k samne ek sardar ji egg ka shop lagate hai wo bohot old hai 75 year sir plz meri apse request hai ki waha jakar unke upar bhi ek ap video banae jisse unki thodi help hogi mai unka ek video link yaha share kar raha hu


    • Arvind,
      Jis din aap main himmat aayegee Live Video Banane Ki Apne Facebook Timeline par, us din main aap ki aur aap ke mudde ki support Karoonga. Mujhe Kisee Commercial Media Channel ke Links aur Videos Ko Popularize karne ka koi Dharmshala kholne ka koi shauq nahin.

      Here are the guidelines to make a video.

      Make a Video

  29. सर गोदी मीडिया
    लोगो को लड़ा रही है हिन्दू मुस्लिम लोगो को में न्यूज़ चैनल देख था हु तो उस मे बस जुटी जुटी खबर न्यूज़ एंकर दिखाते है। जिस से लोगो मे गलत बिचार आते है। सरकार को कानून बनाना चाहिये जिस से न्यूज चैनल अपनी मर्ज़ी से फेक न्यूज़ न दिखाये

  30. Hello sir n a vry Gudmrng..!!!

    Dis is Farheen frm Nagpur, Maharashtra.

    I hav a habit of reading news no matter how bzy I’m… Bt due to da fact tht nowadaz all newz r manipulative n real news get hide somewhere…i had stopped reading the newzz n had lost interest fr da same…

    Bt thx a ton to u Sir fr giving us Aampress on whch v can rely blindly fr n e news.. After all trust matters… N I pray to God to protect u frm all da evils…

    Proud to b a follower of Aampress…

  31. सेवामे

    श्रीमान् जी रोबिन हुड

    विषय :- मेरे पुत्र देवेन्द्र गोयल को अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति दिलाने बाबत्।

    मान्यवर जी,
    उपरोक्त विषयान्तर्गत निवेदन है कि मेरे पति स्व. श्री कंवरलाल गोयल पुत्र स्व. श्री मोतीराम जी कृषि मंत्रालय भारत सरकार टिड्डी मण्डल कार्यालय फलोदी जिला जोधपुर राजस्थान में एम.टी.एस के पद पर कार्यरत थे। इनका स्वर्गवास दिनांक 31.12.2012 को कैंसर की वजह से सेवारत रहते हुए हो गया था। मेरा पुत्र देवेन्द्र गोयल जो कि 10 वीं उतीर्ण है। अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति हेतु निर्धारित प्रपत्र टिड्डी मण्डल कार्यालय फलोदी जिला जोधपुर में आवेदन किया गया था। इस संदर्भ में विभाग के पत्रांक F.NO. 1-10 (29) 2012 Adm 131-dt 06.01.2014 के द्वारा वनस्पति रक्षा सलाहकार भारत सरकार एवं रक्षा संगरोध एवं संग्रह निदेशालय फरीदाबाद हरियाणा को प्रेषित किये गये थे। स्व. श्री कंवरलाल गोयल के छः पुत्रिया व एक मात्र पुत्र है। मेरे परिवार का सम्पूर्ण खर्चा मेरी पेंशन से बड़ी मुशिकल से चल रहा है। व आपको पता होगा कि परिवार बड़ा होने के कारण गुजारा कैसे चलता होगा व मारवाड़ में लडकियों के प्रति खर्च आपने देखे या सुने होगे तथा परिवार के भरण पोषण के लिये मेरी पेंशन के अलावा आय का अन्य स्त्रोत नही है। मेरा पुरा परिवार रोड़ पर आने पर मजबुर हो गया है। घर में रोटी के लाले पड़ रहे है। आज हालात यह है कि बेटियों की पढाई के लिये दुसरों के आगे हाथ फैलाने पड़ रहे है।
    मेरे पति से सबसे बड़ी गलती हो गई कि भारत सरकार की नौकरी की, अगर राज्य सरकार की नौकरी करते तो 15 दिन में अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति मिल जाती। आज मेरे परिवार का यह हॉल नही होता । साथ ही आज ना तो मेरे परिवार के दुःख नेता सुनते है और ना ही विभाग सुनता हैं। विभाग कहता है कि परिवार की स्थिति के उपर हम पहले अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति देते है। तो जिस परिवार में छः बेटिया हो, उस परिवार की क्या स्थिति देखोगें घ् मैने इस संबध मेंः-
    1. श्रीमान् उपनिदेशक कि.वि. टिड्डी मण्डल कार्यालय जोधपुर को – 20 पत्र
    2. श्रीमान् सहायक निदेशक कि.वि. टिड्डी मण्डल कार्यालय फलोदी को – 20 पत्र
    3. श्रीमान् वनस्पति रक्षा सलाहकार भारत सरकार एवं रक्षा संगरोध एवं संग्रह निदेशालय फरीदाबाद हरियाणा – 72 पत्र
    4. Ppq मुख्य प्रशासनिक अधिकारी एवं सीपीआईओ

    , फरीदाबाद – 10 पत्र

    पत्र भेजे पर आज दिनांक तक कार्यालय स्तर पर मेरे पुत्र को अनुकम्पा नियुंक्त दिलाने हेतु किसी प्रकार की कार्यवाही कार्यालय द्वारा नहीं की गईं हैं तथा में व मेरा पुत्र फरीदाबाद स्थित मुख्यालय में वनस्पति रक्षा सलाहकार से मिल पर कोई कार्यवाही नहीं हुई हैं। इस संबध में
    5. श्रीमान् बाबूसिंह राठौड़, विधायक शेरगढ़ – 7 पत्र
    6. श्रीमान् गजेन्द्र सिंह शेखावत़, सांसद जोधपुर – 13 पत्र
    7. श्रीमान् उपखण्ड अधिकारी महोदय, शेरगढ़ जिला जोधपुर – 2 पत्र
    8. श्रीमान् जिला कलक्टर महोदय जोधपुर – 4 पत्र
    9. श्रीमान् राधेमोहनसिंह, केन्द्रीय कृषि मंत्री दिल्ली – 11पत्र
    10. श्रीमान् राजनाथ सिंह, गृहमंत्री भारत सरकार नई दिल्ली – 4 पत्र
    11. श्रीमान् प्रधानमंत्री महोदय भारत सरकार दिल्ली – 12 पत्र
    12. श्रीमान प्रधानमंत्री महोदय द्वारा पी.एम.ओ पोर्टल पर 5 शिकायते की गई व माननीया मुख्यमत्री महोदया द्वारा सम्पर्क पोर्टल पर 2 बार शिकायते की गई

    अब बताये हम क्या करें दुखी हो गये है विभाग व नेताओं के चक्कर काटकर व पत्र लिख कर 4 साल से थक कर हार गये है।
    अतः आपको व्यक्तिगत पत्र लिखकर हाथ जोड़कर निवेदन है कर रही हूं मेरी आर्थिक स्थिति बड़ी खराब है तथा भारत सरकार के अधिन कर्मचारी की पत्नि होने के नाते व मेरे परिवार को सम्मानजनक जीवन देने हेतु आपसे याचना कर रही हूं कि मेरे पुत्र देवेन्द्र गोयल को अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति दिलावें, जिससे मेरे बुढापे का सहारा तथा अपनी छः बहनों की परवरिश, शादी व अन्य सामाजिक स्तर के कार्य पूर्ण कर सके।

    मैं आशा करती हूं कि आप इस परिवार पर दया जरूर करेगें।


    हवा देवी पत्नि श्री कंवरलाल गोयल
    दर्जियों का बास, शेरगढ़ तह शेरगढ़
    जिला जोधपुर ;राजस्थान 342022
    मोबाईल नम्बर – 9829673924



  32. अनुकंपा नियुक्ति के लिए प्रधानमंत्री को 15 पत्र लिखें मगर नहीं मिल रही है। नौकरी

  33. Hello sir,
    I am writing an email to you for “HOW TO MAKE A LIVE VIDEO ON INSTAGRAM” and in this website screenshots are not sending so i was writing an email to you.
    My email address is “”

  34. Hello sir namaste I am Vipan from Ludhiana Punjab Hamare Sath Dhoka Hua Hai Dena Bank ki taraf se bank Walo Ne Hamari Property Plus Karke kisi doosre ko Laun diya Hume is cheez Ka Pata Bhi Nahi Tha Ab Jis admi Ne business limit liya hai us par FIR ho rahi hai aur Banke Hame tang kar raha hai ke hum tumhare property ko ceel kar denge Warna paise do please sir Hamari report press Mein dijiye thank you sir main aapka fan Hoon

    • I think you should ask this question to Mr. Arun Jaitley Honourable Minister of Finance Govt. of India. I think i am a little too busy to answer this question. And yes, if you don’t know yet.. I run a Media Company not a Dharamshala. 🙂

    • If you read this carefully, which i don’t think you have… You will figure why I did not share your Fb Link on our FB page and also why I did not download your video and share it as well. I hope you figure it out

  35. Good Morning Robinhood Sir

    Sir, aise mat aaj northeast se baat karli..wednesday ko himachal se karoge…aise to aap aage jaake bhool jaayenge..kaunsi state se baat ho chuki hai.

    Clockwise aapko yaad rahega..aur sabko barabar ka mauka milega.

    We love u..So we care for u…aur subah subah bhakto pe gussa mat kiya karo…
    Pungi bajaane ke liye poora din para ka bhi dhyaan rakho..GOD BLESS U.

  36. Question 1:You say you are media channel (single man show actually). Then you should be making videos for all you fans rather than shouting at them and forcing them to do video. When you had 3lac likes you were desperate to make video for others. Now since you have 7lac likes you have changed and resisting to do videos. This is not a good indication.

    Question 2: is aampress company registered? Also trademark etc. Do you declare income and pay taxes like aam aadmi for the enterprise (if registered)

    Question 3: dont get angry at what i asked and just kadva sach so janta knows


    • Good Questions. Wont Answer any of them.
      And yes its the last time you will get a reply from me ! 🙂
      And i would Love the Entire World to read this !

      • Hello robinhood sir.. the person asked genuine questions and you got so livid and just cant accept the fact that people cant question you. You dont want to answer then its your wish but by using bad word like “bloody tone”etc doesnt sound right. That person didnt even use a single bad word.This is not setting good example. Janta wont like it

        • I have a right to my opinions. Come and sit in my shoes and you will understand. Just to sit thousands of miles away and comment is easy….

          • Sir, if you cant answer kadwa sach then pls dont preach one. Sitting at home and making videos is also easy. Aampress lately has become quite egoestic and arrogant. Pls keep some humility and humbleness which will go long way. Remember erin brockowich who is totally down to earth. Hope you prove. Good luck.

  37. Hlo sir,
    Sir aapne subah pucha tha ki instagram pe live video save kyo nhi ho pati.sir vo isliye nhi ho pati kyoki instagram me live video ke alag features hai.instagram me hum log live video download kar sakte hai.or vo video instagram pe 24hr tak hi rahti hai.or sir instagram live videos pe emojis bohot hote hai isliye log uspe live video banana pasand karte hai.
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  38. Sir in your video tag against fake pages. I think something like “TO SEE OUR VIDEOS LIVE VISIT FACEBOOK/AAMPRESS” must be effective i think.