Fitness Feedback from Jammu Kashmir


Fitness Success Story as received on email


Good Morning Sir. Saw your video on Facebook  early morning today about fitness and celebrating small success. ? Sir, so i should also share my story of fitness with you. May be it might help people and motivate them to be fit.
Sir, I started 4 months back with my fitness regime as i had cross the danger line of weight. ?Today i have lost 23 kgs after for months but its stil a long way to go sir . But i am sure i will get to the rest of my Goal sooner or later . Its been the most toughest task i have ever taken to achive but trust me this has been my best decision of my life till date . Have worked day and night to reach my goal and it feels so good to see the results today. Will ve sharing my pictures of transformation with you . Hope it might help people to get motivated as i have been the most lazy and lethargic person you could ever come across ?But today things have changed . So all i want to say if i can do it anybody on this earth can do it .  Trust me on that. Thank you . ?? Regards,

Aajiz Gayoor

Jammu and Kashmir.
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