Education Stress & Anxiety

Every one hour in India a student commits suicide because of academic pressure. This is a grave issue!!!

Education Stress Anxiety

Education Stress & Anxiety

Education Stress Anxiety is on the rise in our society today. Every one hour in India a student commits suicide because of academic pressure. This is a grave issue!!!

With such advancement in all areas of technology and life, to makes things easy for us, is surprisingly causing us more and more stress. Where are we going wrong and what are we doing with our children?

Education has become so competitive, that children who are meant to explore and play, are being burdened with studies. Their whole childhood is spent trying to achieve a status for the future. Academics is important to join a university or ultimately earn a living, but is that all there is in our lives?

Reach out and Be aware

A lot of children suffer from mental disorders like depression and bipolar, which can be genetic. Some suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and some from learning disabilities. You might think that your child is being lazy or naughty in order to avoid studies, but that may not be the case. They maybe genuinely suffering from an illness or disability and don’t know how to ask for help. Most often as parents, we don’t want to accept the fact that our child has an issue and we may be in a state of denial. Please understand that your child needs help. Refrain from trying to think that you can handle it alone. Seek help – it will make a tremendous difference fro your child and stop the suffering they go throw.

The pressure to get high grades can be very stressful! Stop pushing your child to achieve something they may not have the caliber for. Becoming an engineer or doctor or some PhD holder does not guarantee anybody a good, happy life. Being successful is not about having a big house, fancy car or university degree. Being successful is actually being happy, being able to live a good, meaningful life.

Training Teachers

Educational Institutions MUST train teachers to identify children who have learning disabilities. Unless they are trained and the awareness is brought to them, how will they be able to handle the children? Also, children with such disabilities need teachers who have immense patience. And its not just about the teachers, lower your standards of admissions into schools and colleges. There are so many talented individuals who deserve a chance. If you claim that only students above 90% can enter into a science field – then is it possible to prove that the”highly intelligent” individuals actually graduate to be highly successful and happy human beings?

Change perspectives!

I think it’s time we change the education system and really focus on giving our children a holistic education on how to live and good and meaningful life. Education should help us grow, nurture us into good humans – not burden and stress us out.  Life is so much more than just academics. Let’s teach our children to live, love and breathe.

~ JustJanet

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