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If you are Already a Video Content Creator who wonders why you don't get views on Social Media and are a Viewer of Aam Press and Understand the Basics of who we are and what we stand for, we are looking for you as a Content Partner !

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If you are Already a Video Content Creator who wonders why you don’t get views on Social Media and are a Viewer of Aam Press and Understand the Basics of who we are and what we stand for, we are looking for you as Content Partners !

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  1. rohit Sharma says

    Hello sir, i am rohit Sharma from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, yet i am not making any videos on YouTube or any social platforms but i did some research for social platforms what things are missing in our daily life and daily life problems which not covered by any media or any channel. So we can add these such things on channel like”aam press”. Because your channel is not a fully entertainment channel or news channel but you are doing journalism in a different way. Please give me a chance to explain my things to you sir.
    Thank you

    1. RobinHood says

      Lets have a Chat. Reply back with your phone number !

  2. Nishant Mehta says

    Will you be interested in Cryptocurrency.

    Where in we can do mining & trading of coins. I personally believe that if we enter in this then we can generate lot of funds for the channel and ourselves. There would not be any dependency of any financer in future.

    I have knowledge on trading where in we can generate good profits and can have people on our platform to invest on our tips and earn. In return we will charge them a nominal monthly fee.

    1. RobinHood says


  3. Rajiv bhatt says

    Hello I am a professional fitness trainer and I make videos on Google plus and WhatsApp and share those who are in need for yoga fitness i want to try on youtube and yesterday saw you post


    1. RobinHood says

      Wont click your link till you mention your Mobile number and City.

  4. Mukesh Suthar says

    My video link
    7349084463 ……….
    Hope you will like it

    1. RobinHood says

      Saw it. We believe in Human Anchor Videos not a string of pictures pieced together. Take Care All the Best.

      1. Mukesh Suthar says

        Hi am mukesh Suthar
        My new video link with face .
        Plss reply me

        1. RobinHood says

          Watch the videos of some of our Content Partners. Learn, Adapt, Focus. Connect in first week of October. Try and watch some of the Aam press Videos. Get a Flavour of who we are and what we do and how we do it.

  5. Divanshu says

    I want u to expose Colgate because it contains sodium Lauren sulphate which can be deadly for everyone and many people in India is using it so plzz if u like after reading this then u can mail me I have already mail u indicating this I also have some more this like this I am waiting for your reply if possible plzz mail

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video Yourself show your face present your facts clearly and back up your video with evidence. Post it on Facebook timeline and send us the link. Will have a look and Share if appropriate. Follow the guidelines on

  6. Divanshu says

    So u can expose the mortin which produces some harmful gas all over room and when children inhale it harms them

    1. RobinHood says

      Same Reply Divanshu !

      Make a Video Yourself show your face present your facts clearly and back up your video with evidence. Post it on Facebook timeline and send us the link. Will have a look and Share if appropriate. Follow the guidelines on

  7. Parth Bawa says

    Hi Robin Ji,
    I enjoy your videos and the work you are doing for our society.
    To introduce myself – i am Parth, i am a lawyer.
    Back in law school 3 years back – i launched a website called, which was on the similar ground idea, i use to cater problems of individuals with companies and their products. Sadly couldn’t pull it up back then due to lack of experience and time.
    Today i have a law firm – and just launched a registration portal –

    I know today our work is very different, i still wish to be associated with you in any way possible. While watching your videos i remember my time when i use to deal with companies to solve problems of customers.


    1. RobinHood says

      Tried reaching you twice on Monday Morning. Phone Unanswered. Wondering if you would like to be create some awareness videos for us on Legal Matters. Watch this Video before you reply.

      1. Parth bawa says

        Hi Robin ji,
        Appologies for not being able to take your call, tried calling back.
        Watched the video – very positive and practical to bring people together.
        I would be interested to create legal awareness videos – we can discuss on call/email .
        Lets connect over call anytime in the evening ?
        Or you can email me your idea regarding videos – so that i can brainstorm and we can discuss it.

        1. RobinHood says

          Have you yourself made videos before ? If yes, please send me a link to review.

          1. Parth bawa says

            No, we haven’t.
            Let me know the idea you have in mind regarding legal awareness videos for your channel, it’s a need for our society today.

          2. RobinHood says

            I guess we will Pass. We are only looking for existing video makers.

  8. Subhajit says

    Hii, Sir
    Its Subhajit Ghosh from Kolkata, West Bengal.
    Age 17 years and HSC Passed!
    Ph no – 8777347804.
    Email –
    Main Travel or Funny Vlogs Banata Hoon.
    But Yeh Jo Video ke link main diya hoon niche, Yeh main Apka video Dek kar Inspired hoke banaya Tha!
    I hope You Understand 😊
    Apse request hain ap mujhe apke Content Partner bana ke dek sakte hain. Apko main sahi result dene ka pura koushis karunga!

    Video Link –

    1. RobinHood says

      Not the kind of content which goes with the Aam press vision and Strategy Subhajit. Also saw on of your travel videos. You have good face expressions and verbiage and presence of mind, but the central content is all over the place.

      1. Subhajit Ghosh says

        Thank You Sir for Watching My Videos!
        Main Janta hoon ki mera banaya videos Aam Press Jaisa nhi hai but I did many Sting Footage but Use main Upload nhi kar paya beacause I am a Student and Koi mujhe help nhi karega. But Ager Mujhe App Ekbar Chance Denge Main wada karta hoon bohot sare Sach ko main samne lapaunga!
        Mujhe ekbar mouka digia , main apko nirash nhi karunga. I promise You.

        Niche ka yeh Video per main auto wala n Police ka protest Kiya but baad main mujhe threat call ane lge. So I just need your full support n One chance for Aam Press !

        Watch the video-

        1. RobinHood says

          Watch some of the videos of the content partners on Aam Press. Learn Adapt and Focus. Connect in the first week of October.

  9. Sumit Singh says

    Hello sir i watch your most of the videos and irrespective of what people think we should do our work…..and that’s what i have learned from you.
    Now comming to my introduction
    I am Sumit Singh from Jamshedpur Jharkhand
    My age is 20 years currently pursuing my Bcom honors along with CA.
    I make food challenges video try to eat things as fast as possible my channel name is Sumit Singh
    link of the video:

    Sir i request after watching if possible just give me your honest feedback like where i need to improve or what extra i can do will be very thankful to you.
    Mobile no : 7004301976
    Mail id :

    1. RobinHood says

      Dear Sumit,
      Eating food Fast is the Most Unhealthy Thing a Human being can do to his Sysytem .

      I understand the Young Blood of India like yourself, enjoys challenges and most likely such “Sensational” Videos gets you lots of views and revenue too. But This is Not As per the Learnings of Life we know for a Healthy Life !

      And hence I am not even tempted to click on your link and so cannot give you feedback on your video.

      However, If you understand my point, and wish to change and adapt yourself to the higher purposes of life, do connect again if you are interested to be a Content Partner with Aam Press, and work TOGETHER with us, and will be happy to consider your request. Best Regards, RobinHood

  10. Yash deshpande says

    Sir I’d like to discuss the unnecessary nagpur metero project going on in my city , it’s just a case of selecting luxuries and neglecting the pain of our farmers my scripting is ready I’ll make a video asap just need ur point of view on this

  11. Yash deshpande says

    Sir my name is Yash deshpande I had made a video for content parters on how the farmers of nagpur n all the villages which come under nagpur are affected due to unnecessary nagpur metero project , the issue is the uploading speed in my area is very less therefore uploading video on u tube isn’t quite happening so if u permit can I send u the video on what’s app directly or by any means u suggest , it would help me a lot 🙂

    The uploading speed will be back to normal in about 15-20 days as some broadband maintenance is taking place in my area

  12. Ajeet says

    Hello sir… I have seen your video about content partner – I am a blogger/writer – i can write for you and can share some flaming posts about current affairs on any topic – i can give you the full content in written format and you can go on to make a video. I just want to stay behind the scenes – i surely like your way you pursue things and thats why wanted to support this cause to make it even more bigger than today. Please do allow me to draft some of the current affairs video for you. Looking forward for your reply.

    1. RobinHood says

      Your Mobile Number please ?

  13. lokesh says

    Hello i am lokesh and i am master of food
    i have my youtube channel
    and you can watch one of my video here
    i make videos in hindi to reach mass indian target audience and i want to share my passion of food with the world through you. i make innovative and hatke dishes and publish on my youtube and whatsapp. everyone love my food and i would like to associate with you. thanks for reading and considering

    1. RobinHood says

      You forgot to mention your mobile number Lokesh

      1. lokesh says

        Hello sir my phone number is 9911639178

        1. RobinHood says

          Made three calss to you at lon intervals through the day today. I guess you must be a very busy man 🙂

          Sujata Mixer and Grinder 🙂

          Drop me an sms if you wish to connect with a time window of 2 hours between 7 am and 7 pm. Do mention your name in the sms

  14. Gyanesh kewalramani says

    Name-gyanesh kewalramani
    Studying-ba in journalism and mass media communication (first year)
    Interest area- cricket updates
    It would be my honour if I can share my content with u !!!! I always try put on YouTube but I can’t get that much views so it would very nice if u can help me i can learn from u guys too!!! I would highly obliged if u can reply
    My content-

    1. RobinHood says

      Your Mobile Number please ? And a time window of 2 hours when your phone will ave connectivity ?

      1. Gyanesh says

        My phone availability after 12 to 4 sir!!

        1. RobinHood says

          First make up your mind 12-4 which you wrote in this comment or 12-2 which you wrote in another comment. I suggest please connect with us in October First Week. Meanwhile Tone up your video framing skills, pay attention to lighting and background and remember we are not a gossip channel, we are Aam Press. All the best.

  15. eshaan sood says

    A very good evening sir , I am Eshaan Sood currently I live in United Kingdom for my schooling.I will give a little briefing about myself ,then will offer my content for your kind consideration. As a 16 year kid its been an struggling, hard and disturbing journey . I won’t blame anyone but education system of India which is spoiling the youth which is the best asset of the country at present I won’t say much you can check a story highlights of my Instagram account where I express my self in form of stories. When I end up here in UK I had some you know regret that students of my country has to go through so much and there is no one who could understand them educate them aswell as their parents. I won’t do self praise I will just portray my abilities as a 16 year old i can build robots programme them and know various programming languages but all this was considered as crap and co curricular by my school which was dishearteing.Why I landed here I am a regular follower of your youtube channel first of all I want to salute you sir for your great effort on improving our nation you are the voice of the comman man. Yesterday I saw your video in which you were looking for content partners.
    I would be great full to be of any use for the betterment of the society.
    1)I can teach robotics , careers in robotics
    2) career counciling (I have been counciled a lot of times and gained satisfactory experience )
    3) motivation , solution for life problems ,sensitive topics (this is very crucial face of a teenagers life I know it very well and can guide people accordingly)
    this is just a gist sir I would request you to give me a chance to elaborate my content through your esteemed Chanel I would be pleased to have a convirsation with you .
    MY INSTAGRAM ID eshaan_8
    my mobile number – +31 684085375
    my WhatsApp mobile number – +91 9910384158

    1. RobinHood says

      Thanks for writing in Eshaan. Please send us Any one of Your Video link before we can connect with you.

      1. Eshaan Sood says

        Sir i am not a vedio creator i have ideas but have not implemented yet 🙂
        What i can do is if you give me a week’s time I can make a vedio of myself on a specific topic ?
        Can we have a chat please ?

        1. RobinHood says

          Send us your video link first. Will make an exception for you because Content Partners is only open to People who already make videos. Drop your video link back Here in the comments section and we shall consider you.

  16. Anshul says

    Respected sir,
    I am anshul, a student of bjmc (bachelor of journalism and mass communication). I live in Delhi, and I was looking for this opportunity from last many days but couldn’t find any contact information of Aam press.
    Although I am a student but still I have courage, stamina to improve or to do something to improve our political, judicial, social, environment system.
    I don’t have any social media page or video but still want to associate with u.
    It’s my humble request from u to pls reply. (Waiting for your reply).
    Yours truly

    1. RobinHood says

      Lack of Attention to detail ? Where is your Mobile Number Anshul ?
      And yes, I repeat the Invite is only for existing Video Makers !

      1. Anshul says

        Respected sir,
        Sorry sir I m not a video maker but still I want opportunity because I m confident that I can do it. (Not over confident).

        1. RobinHood says

          Giving you three months to Prove Yourself. Connect in October 1st Week.

          1. Anshul says

            Sorry for messaging again and again sir but pls can u send me reply or a hi message on my mail I’d, sir it’s something very important matter, it’s for the sake of youngsters.

          2. RobinHood says

            NO. Stop wasting my time please. Is this the level of clarity you youngsters have when some has given you the respect of replying to you earlier ? Am Ashamed at #DudeIndia !

  17. Pradeep Yadav says

    Hi Robin,
    Please find the video link:

    Location: Bandra West, Mumbai.
    Cell Number: 7303423456
    Twitter: @rtiindiapy

    Intrest: Street food and RTI Activist

    I started this channel with my friend who is VFX artist, But due to busy schedule he was not able to help later on, and I don’t have hands-on experience on video editing. My next idea is to start a new channel on guiding people on RTI and political fake post and more political mismanagement. already in the death trap for filing RTI on many companies. So youtube channel will be the best option save my life. please do check my twitter on my activity also.

    1. RobinHood says

      Give us a time window of 2 hours when your phone will be in coverage area Pradeep.

      This morning we tried twice and your phone was not reachable.

  18. Ragav Singh Bhalwal says

    Help us for God sake
    Hi Sir, Myself Ragav Singh and i have been serving in Merchant navy since last two years. I would like to draw your kind attention towards the scams and frauds that are being performed with so much ease by Shipping companies in India.Sir In 2016, I went to a Shipping company Office (ELEKTRANS SHIPPING PVT LTD.) Whichis situated at Sector 55-56 Global Foyer building, Gurgaon Haryana for my interview for the job. I cleared the interview + exam everything they asked me to do. They issued me a official letter saying The company will provide you the vessel as soon you clear your Diploma in nautical Science from Sailors maritime academy, Vizag(IMU AFFILATED). Along with me there were 20 more cadets who all are sent by the same Elektrans shipping to the college. College fees was 3.5 lacs for the whole DNS(DIPLOMA IN NAUTICAL SCIENCE) But thats not the case with Elektrans sponsored cadets. They were supposed to pay 6.5 lacs for the same course. None of us raised the topic because of the fear of getting failed by the management if we do so. I completed my Dns successfully with 75% marks in first attempt in Dec 2016. Just after getting my marksheet and diploma certificate i went to the company office for the job. They literally harassed us. Captain Rishi Sharma the man who signed our letters literally refused to provide us vessel/ship for our on-board training. We were 20 cadets and the case is same with all of us. Most of us have taken loan from the bank , some have sold their land, some have mortgaged their houses in the hope that once they’ll Complete their Dns they will get a job. Elektrans shipping shifted their gurgaon office to mumbai just after the scam. I thought we were the only ones who were conned in this way but no they have done this with hundreds of cadets and Elektrans is not the only one most of the shipping companies are conning the cadets for the money. I had made many complaints to the Ministry of shipping , Directoral General Shipping of India but nobody gives a damn. Just few days back one of my batch mate Rohit Singh committed suicide because he has taken loan for his Dns and the bank was threating him to sell his home to recover their money. 😩 The moment when i called Captain Rishi sharma to inform him about the incident he said ” It was his mistake i have nothing to do with it stop distrubing me” . Rohit was his parent’s only son. He was the topper of our batch.
    I mailed ministry of shipping to Mr.k touthang but no action was taken against anybody. I tried every bit of me. Made many complaints to Mr.Subhash barguzer ( Dg shipping Chairman) Mr.Vatsalya Saxena( dg shipping official) I have a list of mails but no action was taken. I am writing this to you with lots of hope I cant fight with them need your support sir. Even i have taken loan for my DNs which is increasing as the time progresses. I am in huge trouble please help me.
    I went to many companies, all aaking for money very darely. None of them looks scared of the Govt. Some asking for 5 lakhs , some 10lakhs cash . Even then its not sure whether they’ll give a job or not. Merchant Navy is full such scams nowadays but nobody gives a damn. I shall be Xtremely very thankful to you if you pay your kind attention towards our matter. Whole Mariner community will b thankful to you.

    From Cadet Ragav Singh Bhalwal
    Dated 18/7/2018

  19. Pradeep says

    Hello Robin hood.

    I am been following you since 18 months, but don’t see any great progress in your quest

    1. RobinHood says

      Your finally reaching our website I see as a Great Leap Pradeep !

      Great to Question, and better still to become a content partner , which i really don’t think you have the steam for .. I could have said “Balls” for too.

  20. प्रांशु सिंह वर्मा says

    नमस्कार मेरा नाम प्रांशु सिंह वर्मा है। मैं कानपुर उत्तरप्रदेश का रहने वाला हूं। मेरी उम्र 23 वर्ष है। मैंने इस वर्ष AIMC दिल्ली से अपना परास्नातक का डिप्लोमा मास कम्युनिकेशन में पूरा किया है। और मैं अब टाइम्स इंटरनेट में स्पोर्ट्स हिंदी कंटेंट राइटर के तौर पर गुडगाँव में काम कर रहा हूं। मुझे आपके द्वारा उठाए गए मुद्दे पसंद आते हैं। मुझे खेल कूद में बेहद रूचि है और मैं खेल से जुड़े मुद्दों पर आपके साथ काम करना चाहता हूँ।
    फ़ोन नंबर 8960470449, 8299544620

  21. Pranshu singh verma says

    Hello sir,
    I Pranshu Singh Verma. I am 23 years old. I am from Kanpur Uttarpradesh. I have just completed my post graduation diploma in mass communication from AIMC Delhi. currently I am working with Times Internet as a hindi sports content writer. And now I want to join your chennal as a sports journalist or sports content writer cause I like the way you show the things.
    Mobile no.-8960470449, 8299544620
    My video link-

    1. RobinHood says

      Pranshu we are a anchore based Video Channel not a Video made out of stringing pictures together. You have a good voice though. I suggest you connect with us in a month if you can adapt. It will be good to have Sports content, other than cricket !

  22. Shivansham dixit says

    Hello Sir I am shivasham dixit , a 17 year old boy from Indore madhya pradesh . I am following you from a couple of weeks. Sir I have got a channel named dream 11 cricinfo so i am facing lot of trouble for views and i have stopped it a there are no views coming . My channel is about fantasy cricket . There is an app dream 11 by which people can legally play and win real cash

    Here is my link
    My contact no. 8966017515

    1. RobinHood says

      Appreciate your connecting with us Shivansham. Aam Press is into Reality not Fantasy my friend. And we are an Anchor Based Channel..

  23. Pranshu singh verma says

    Sure sir I want to work with you..if you will give me a Chance.

    1. RobinHood says

      Darling, you mention your city name, your mobile number and don’t give us a link of any one of your videos ! Do you really expect me to work with such a casual approach ? Connect 3 months later if you are really serious

  24. Nirvair singh says

    Hi sir I am nirvair singh from jalandhar city
    I am a 16 year old 160 kg boy very much inspired by life and somehow i believe that i relate with your thoughts
    I am a natural poet and content writer and won 3 gold medals in district level poetry competition and i have created a youtube channel but got only numbers of subscribers .Saw your video wanna join u as i feel that india has a need to understand and get back to its literature for once it was world famous but in new style
    So waiting for your response
    I dont know ill get it or not but i know this much that i will make my point vocal one day

    1. RobinHood says

      Where is your Phone Number ? Where is your YouTube Video link for us to Review ?

  25. Nirvair singh says

    Sir my phone number is 7999081313
    Sorry sir but i once deleted all my videos but if you want i can give you a sample on my work

    1. RobinHood says

      You wasted your one chance you had for my attention. Stop feeling so unsure about yourself. The world will pass you by.

  26. Vijay Yadav says

    Hi sir,

    My name is vijay from delhi and i am 25 years of age. and i make videos on product unboxing and review. you can watch my video as link mentioned below.

    1. RobinHood says

      Happy to have you in Aam Press Vijay as our 2nd Content Partner. Welcome.

  27. Vijay Yadav says

    Hi sir,

    my name is vijay from delhi. i make video in product unboxing and Review.
    kindly watch my video as link given below.
    my contact number – 97113XXXXX

    1. RobinHood says

      Happy to have you on Board as a Content Partner, Vijay !

  28. Vijay Yadav says

    Hi sir,

    i submitted my details along with videos link for the content partner. but am not able to see my comment i do not know why

    1. RobinHood says

      Comment are only visible once they are Approved from an Admin. Nahin to #Bhakt to yahan Bhi apna #KanjarKhana Khol Denge 🙂

  29. Vijay Yadav says

    Hi Sir,

    Thank you for calling me and i have deleted that video.


  30. AJAY LAKSHMAN says

    hi sir iam ajay from Bangalore I am student studying ug degree bca , Iam a tech YouTuber as I have a passion towards technology, my main motive in creating videos In my YouTube channel is that I want to spread news about the latest and essential products that every single aam aadmi uses and all the products I show in my channel will be affordable by one or the other people who are less financially strong ,so I would like to be a content partner with your aam press channel as I am also a fan of your pungi episodes, so pleas provide me a chance to be a content partner with tour channel
    my phone no- 7259666618
    my YouTube video link-
    my channel name- TECH BOZZ

    1. RobinHood says

      After we spoke for an hour, this was your reply to me. Posting here so the world knows HOW MY TIME IS BURNT !

      “hello sir,  I took my time and made my video which successfully completed to be a good video but as in the process I was sending it I just thought on my behaviour with you that if I don’t get a chance someday to make a video on some unforseen circumstances what I can do , to not betray you and avoid vanishing the risk and faith that you kept on me I just thought it and thought that I wouldn’t do it to such a person who is a motivation to people , thus I would like to inform you right now itself that I quit to being a partner with , and also in sorry that I have wasted your precious time”

  31. Mukesh Suthar says

    Hiii sir iam mukesh Suthar .
    My video link
    Hope you like it ………..
    From banglore .

  32. Mukesh Suthar says
    Hope you like it …..
    I am mukesh

    1. RobinHood says

      Mukesh, thank you for writing to Aam Press.
      Here are a few suggestions.
      Pay attention to your background, lighting and most of all expressions. Your video sounded like a radio commentary. Keep trying. Be disciplined. Connect again in 1st week of October.

  33. Arjun Mehar says

    Hi…. This is Arjun Mehar
    Mobile No. :- 7073067888

    Link 1:-
    Link 2:-
    Link 3:-

    1. RobinHood says

      Send us ONLY One Link if you want us to consider you as a Content Partner !

  34. Ajay Lakshman says

    hi sir I’m ajay you had called me today at 6 am sorry that I couldn’t receive the call as I was out on my walking routine please call me tommorow at the same time as I will be waiting for your call!

  35. Shivam kundnani says

    Its shivam kundnani can be a wellness content partner and I am a certified spa therapist
    Please contact 9761692566
    Hope you remember me

    1. RobinHood says

      Send us your Video Link for review please Shivam.

      Also your YouTube Channel Link

  36. souvik dey says

    Hello sir, I’m souvik Dey from Assam.
    I have a YouTube channel named Apex concept my videos based on basic science and engineering but you mention on your previous videos that we have to open up with our face but I’m not uploaded any video like that except one funny video but if you allow me to do the same thing that I’m doing I will promise you to show my face in future this is the link of my video
    Souvik Dey
    Email ID deysouvik821@gmailvom

    1. RobinHood says

      Dear Souvik,
      We have not really thought of educational videos for now. Moreover, we don’t see regular videos on your channel. I suggest, keep at it if you are serious and connect with us in the first week of October.

      1. souvik dey says

        Yaahh sir you won’t get the regular videos because of some technical issues of my phone and exam purpose….i will try to make it regular sir thanks for your time

  37. Pradeep sharma says

    Hello sir I am Pradeep sharma from Noida, running tech channel on youtube. Please take a look at my latest work.
    Video link-

    1. RobinHood says

      Dear Pradeep,
      If you are really interested in being a content partner with us, i wonder why your comment did not include details like your city and mobile number etc? Unless you do, am sorry will not be clicking on your link to review. Message back after watching the video on this very post again.

      1. Pradeep sharma says

        Well Good to hear from you…
        Name: Pradeep Sharma
        Age : 34 years
        Place: Noida
        Interests: Tech reviews, Updates, Vlogs and Food.
        Channel name: Tech Smartt India
        Email :
        Mobile Number : Check your mailbox
        Latest video link:

        1. RobinHood says

          The clock is ticking if you want to work with us Pradeep .

  38. Kranthi says

    Dear Robin hood,

    Modi has given outsourcing contract to china for printing our currency. It is a big national security threat considering cloning history of china.. Are we promoting make in china and print in china and buy china products. Wt abt our make in india.. Swadeshi and nationalism. If you through some light on this it vl b good for our county. Instead oh showing red eyes to china, its redcarpet to china.

    This is a big issue, but no other media vl show. Mitro wake up and save our nation..

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video on this , we will support you.

  39. Aman Agrawal says

    Hi sir i am Aman Agrawal. I live in Indore Madhya Pradesh.i am a writing a book and pursed author as my carrier. Yet sir I have not making any videos but I have researched a lot. Sir I want to work with you as if you just only speak truth and has not monetized your videos which is very unique idea and sir I love your mojo way of journalism.
    For contact :-

    1. RobinHood says

      Our YouTube Channel got menoetised after 8 months of a Battle with YouTube. We also need money to feed ourselves my friend.

      Send me your mobile number

  40. Mohammad subhan says

    My name is Mohammad Subhan .I am from Beed Maharashtra And I am an engineering student. Few days back on date 22 Aug 2018 (24000) rupees has been debited from my SBI bank account . Then I visited my branch for query and bank said me that it matter of ATM card cloning or fraud transaction and bank stated that we will not involve in this case and we can’t do anything about it. Then I visited Police station and first of all they were not ready to file a case against this subject and then they gave me recieved letter and said to visit cyber branch . Then after visiting cyber branch they tell me to go back to police station only and make a FIR about it and only police will only handle this matter . Police and cyber both are not helping me and always avoiding me and not registering my FIR and Also RBI says that if your money is debited from your account your branch will give you within 3 days and bank is saying like this as mentioned above . I am not getting justice from anywhere . I request you to do something on this type of issues .

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video Subhan on your issue. You will definitely get my support.

  41. Abhishek singh says

    Hii Robin sir..I am your biggest are the most inspired man currently…you made us realised that we can achieve everything..we can fight with anyone..sir hats off for your work keep doing it’s really from Kolkata..bhagwan aap ko lambi umar de..aap ki saari wish Puri ho

    1. RobinHood says

      Thanks for your love and support Abhishek


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    1. RobinHood says

      Was very nice talking with you Manish. Look forward to working together.

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