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Content Chor Ab Tumhari Khair Nahin, Aam Press Encourages its Viewers to Start Reporting Links of You Tube Channels and Videos and Fake Pages on Facebook who Steal our Content.

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Content Chor Ab Tumhari Khair Nahin, Aam Press Encourages its Viewers to Start Reporting Links of You Tube Channels and Videos and Fake Pages on Facebook who Steal our Content.

Any Viewer who reports ON THIS POST COMMENTS SECTION links of any Fake Channel on YouTube or Fake Page on Facebook, will be invited for a Thank You Video in Video Live with RobinHood.

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AajKal#AajKal Current Affairs, Politics, State of the Nation. Live Unedited Unscripted and Uncut Video WeekNights at 8:08 PM Be there or Be Left Out. RobinHood’s Common Sense take on whats going on and maybe what is being ignored by main stream media ! आजकल के मुद्दे, देश की स्तिथि और सियासत पर रॉबिनहुड के अनकट, बिना स्क्रिप्ट के , अनएडिटेड लाइव विचार हफ्ते की रात पर. देख लो यह फिर रह जाओ ! यहाँ वो मुद्दे भी उठाये जाते हैं जो बड़े मीडिया मैं कभी भी प्राइम टाइम तक नहीं पहुँचते. If you want to be Live on Video with us on AajKal, connect via Priority Pungi.

Hazir JawabHazir Jawab Kuch Darshakon ke Pakodon Main Lagi Aag ka Chuskiyon Bhara Jawab ! Chuskiyaan Lekar Unhain Wapis Jawab Dene Main RobinHood Ka Mood to Taaza Ho Hi Jata Hai, aap ke chehre pe bhi muskaan aati hi hogi 🙂 #HasteRaho #ThokteRaho 🙂

So you think You Can Crack a Joke or a Funny One ! Welcome. Use the #PriorityPungi Program to Air Your Funny Videos on Aam Press. Ab Aap Bhi Apne Comedy Videos Air kar sakte hain Aam Press pe. #PriorityPungi aap sab ke hunar ko badhava dene ke liye hi start kiya gaya hai aur taki Aam Press ko aam log chalayen, naki sirf corporate advertising ! Sampark karne ke liye Priority Pungi Post pe Comment Karen.

Pungiयदि समाज मैं चल रहे किसी भी दुराचार, अनैतिकता अथवा अक्षमता से परेशान हैं तो आइये थोक के पुंगी बजाइये. If you are upset about a social evil, cause or inefficiency welcome to Thok Ke Pungi Bajao ! Priority Pungi : कोई भी व्यक्ति विशेष की निजी या सरकारी कंपनी या दफ्तर से परेशान है तो अपना मुद्दा यहाँ उठा सकता है. यह एक पेड फीचर है ! If you wpuld like to raise a personal issue with a Private Company or a Government Department, welcome. This is a Paid Feature. आप हमें या तो प्रे रिकार्डेड वीडियो भेज सकते हैं या हमारे साथ इंस्टाग्राम या फेसबुक पर लाइव वीडियो मैं आ सकते हैं ! You can either send us a Pre Recorded Offline Video or Choose to Come Live on Video with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Mr & Mrs RobinHoodMr & Mrs RobinHood #Live and #UnCut on YouTube Channel AamPressDotIn Tuesday & Thursday at 9:09 PM Relationships, Life and Love only. Nothing Political and No Pungi. To discuss any issue, write a comment on any post on the website which starts with Mr & Mrs RobinHood and we will reply to you. You are also welcome to feature with us on Live Video as a couple. Do leave your Mobile Number in  the comments section in such a case.

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  1. Rajes Mudli says

    It’s quite good to say just one word, Aampress is only one way to share our all problems and only one way to get proper resolution. You are awesome Sir. A big thanks to u. You proofed that only one man can do anything.

    1. RobinHood says

      Thanks for such a Lovely encouraging comment for us Rajes. We hope to create many more RobinHoods out of the Aam Janta soon. Stay Tuned.

  2. Abhishek pandey says

    A big salute to you and your hard work sir 🙂

    1. RobinHood says

      Thanks Abhishek. Will try whats app calling you today

  3. sanjay Kumar says

    sir I also make your aam press reporter without any ( shrt)means I only share my people problem on your media . because on my side rich people crush the poor village people badly I live in rajasthan jila _ chru tesil.taranagar village -dheerwas bara

  4. Ayush says

    Sir, this video is copied from your channel.I have reported the channel and also request you to report the channel.

    1. RobinHood says

      Dear Ayush,
      You become the first person to make a spot on relevant comment on this post and on this issue.

      I have taken a note but before I reply to your comment I am deleting your phone Numbers from Public View.

      Once this Channel gets deleted, we will be communicating with you to Invite you for a Live Video with RobinHood. Its people like you, who uphold the flag of honesty and truth and we hugely appreciate.

      Thank You Again..

  5. Ubaid says

    Hi , This is Ubaid shaikh from Ahmedabad now .
    I work in sales since last 7 year .
    I had good employers so far .
    But in between I joined a company called Dara pharmaceutical LLP .
    It’s Pune based.
    What they did
    They launched there company recruited experienced huge employee for all India & handover appointment letter with good CTC rise.
    & Within two months they start holding salary of employee in major areas like Mumbai Maharashtra Gujrat & MP .
    Then they didn’t paid expense Daily allowance travel fair etc even after four months they didn’t paid salary except first one .
    They used to say salary will come later as our financer is sick he is from Australia then our director is admitted in Pune please Co operate with us & focus on sales .
    People like me felt our career spoiled .
    We can’t even able to afford petrol for bike .
    Then they said your performance is not meeting our expectations .
    Then they said we are dissolving our Mumbai team & some other city or state those are not performing well .
    I was in huge truble in my life including my colleague .
    That time I was decided to register a complaint in labor Court but didn’t had money & then I read our appointment letter it was clearly mentioned that for no reason company could terminate you without notice period.
    I was shocked how can they mentioned this.
    Our laws allow this condition ?
    But I wasn’t able to do anything .
    After that I have been seen many appointment letter & some of them mentioned this condition .

    I think it’s pre-planned to launch any new company in whole country see the performance of two three months & make a list of termination .

    This is a big cheating .
    The person may suffer through out his life & his or her career may spoiled .

    Can we do something in this matter not only with this company but other also even we should complaint in labor ministry or the condition they mentioned are allowed to run a company .

    One request please take necessary action on fake pages on your name .
    Please reply
    Ubaid shaikh

    1. RobinHood says

      Welcome to come on Live Video with RobinHood to talk about this issue. Reply back with your mobile Number and also what is the best and stable UPLOAD speed you get on internet at home office or some other quiet place ?


    Sir me Odisha se bol raha hoon Samara Agar kuch problem ho gaya Toh Hum Kis ke paas Jayenge police ke paas Ja Phir media Walo Ko phone karke bulayenge agar dono ne Paisa Kya To Hum Kaise batayenge Jise to help karna chahiye tha Uno Ne Haath Upar Kar Diya Main mujhe Aap Ki Zaroorat Hai so please contact me..7077196573

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video of your Problem. Follow thr guidelines at Send us your Facebook Link back as a comment. We don’t charge anything

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