CBSE Paper Leak Case Closed or is it.. RobinHood Writes

RobinHood Writes about what if he had been a student and the paper had been leaked and what his expectation would be

CBSE Paper Leak
RobinHood Writes

CBSE Paper Leak Case Closed or is it.. RobinHood Writes. It has been 27 and 25 Years respectively since I gave my Class 10 and Class 12 Board Exams. Time has changed a lot since then. There were no cell phones then and neither was there 4 G or laptops and tablets in almost every urban household.

The one thing that has not changed is Human Greed. The greed for quick money, the greed for finding short cuts to hard work.

So there is this huge talk about a coaching centre and some teachers in a school conspiring to leak Class 10 and Class 12 CBSE papers. Let us also understand that there was a CBSE official who fell into the leak as well and has now been suspended.

But above all there was a need and greed in some students to by-pass hard work and look for a short cut. A product a service hits the market when there is a demand. The demand is created because schools are failing to deliver good education. That has given birth to coaching centres. And even after that the pressure is so much to get admissions in good colleges that some students don’t stop looking for short cuts.

If I am not wrong most engineering and medical colleges have a separate entrance exam for admissions from many many years now. What is the need of separate entrance exams in the first place? Because these institutions some funded by the government as well do not reply on the CBSE or other Regional Board results ! This i see as the first mark of shame in the whole process!

CBSE meanwhile sat like a duckling even when an anonymous whistle blower sent emails and fax days and in some cases hours in advance of the exam date in time. And to top it all there were vehement denials from CBSE for a few weeks about the same. Mr Javdekar, Minister for Education and also a parent lost his sleep over this as a parent, after precious time in course correction had passed and political ramifications of an inquiry, investigation may have been weighed carefully.

I wonder if there is any effort being made to computerise and digitize exams just like the Voting Process has almost been? But then the cases of EVM malfunctions and the trust that has been eroded not just once but many times over hardly seems inspiring.

I have been a student then and I am still one and probably always will be. Study well. Put in those hard working hours everyday instead of deciding to pile it all up at the end. Every person has a destiny and you will have to live it despite the odds. And remember If you Give the World Red, the World Will give you back Red. If you Give the World Green, You will for sure Get back Green.

~ RobinHood :


  1. Sir aaj Jo Bharat band ke naam par hua kya aap uspar apni rai nahi Dena chahenge. Kya aap support kar rahe hai ya nahi. Aap ko bhi lagta hai Iss niyam ko wapas le Lena chshiye.

    • I spent two year trying to set up this platform to empower people. A platform where people could voice their opinions far far bigger than just their own facebook timelines. It is not always about my opinion. I have been consciously keeping quiet for a while now, hoping some Gaurav Gupta will wake up and understand the purpose and the modus operandi of this platform 🙂

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  2. Well Mr. People dont need aampress to voice their opinions. These days they can do it on twitter..fb etc. You need to bring something new to the table. You are just making videos without any action then it defeats the purpose. People empowered you to make videos and solve real world problems than talking about bhakt etc.

    Its nice to have website and write down opinions on a arm chair. If you just stop there then you are not achieving bigger goal. Empower..Act..Resolve..1000 people to help..clock is ticking..a day gone. Did you? Life is calling.

    • Great English and Frustration showing in your attitude. Those who cannot do, Comment ! Have you really “DONE” anything yet besides commenting? Life is Calling 🙂

      • Well, i didnt ask you to certify my English. Appreciated.

        To answer your question , yes i have been a Samaritan to the community and not here just to add some metadata to your webpage.

        I think you jumped into conclusion quickly, its not frustration in my attitude. You have potential to do bigger things but you are holding back and not going full monty. Time is short. You need to come out of http and serve in reality than virtual world. Website and fb helps you to connect more people but thats it. You are spending far more time on launching on website etc. This is good for personal goal but doesnt serve the masses. Make use of your potential. Probably you didnt get the meaning of “life is calling”. It was meant to say you are both called and chosen.

        • Now thats a Positve vibed comment. Appreciated.

          Waqt se Pehle Aur Kismat Ze zyada badhazmi karta hai Prashant.

          And please appreciate I am 1 Person running this entire system. Boon Boond sagar banega and I hoe we will be able to reach further and faster

          • Today only I got ur video (subway colourful board )in my YouTube suggestion list and I accidentally saw that one…and from my heart telling u after that I watched your every single video on ur channel…the courage, ur proud and ur work in the good direction, which really needed in every Indian citizen’s soul for making our country better.
            Really getting good vibes from you and a positivity to raise my voice against bad and wrong things.
            and I must tell you sir I m only 17 year old and Ü r doing great job… keep it up.
            Indian youths need people like you for inspiration.

          • Thanks for your love and support Dhruv and i hope youngsters like you come forward and hold the flag up for the work i have started.

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    • Happy to support if your friend follows the guidelines below

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  4. Sir aap me ek tailent ha baat sab logo me rakhe ne. Ka aap apni language me kiyA quality late ho …good aampress

    • Thanks for your compliment.

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  5. Sir yeh saare politicians ek jaise hi hote hain main toh keheta hun aur aap yeh jo bhakt word ka use karte hain apni posts main main toh aap hi ka sabse bada bhakt hun

  6. Sir my question is about reservation system in our country.What do you say as an very active citizen of India. Should it be removed or it is good for our country to have reservations. Many times I saw peoples commenting on social media that India has reservation system because the SC/ST and OBCs were discriminated and were not allowed to come forward in societies in past of our country and that’s why they should be given (decided) preference in studies,govt. jobs and other sectors
    Do you think that reservation is helping our country as a whole to develop as compared to other countries without reservation, do you think that because of past of these societies our country’s present is destroying

    • There were huge atrocities and discrimination committed on some sections of society for centuries. That is goiung to take time to correct.

      In my opinion, India should float a plan that in lets say 25 years all reservations will be abolished, which would then build up the pressure on the politicians to bring about the balance that they should.

      Also I observe that the benefits of reservation sometimes do not reach those who deserve them the most, but to those who are influential within those sections.

      Another thing is that just like Gas Subsidy, people should be encouraged to voluntarily give up rights to reservation.

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  11. Sir u r so much involved in social work( i may not agree with all of videos and topics though but overall a great initiative) how do u make a living? And the respected lady in ur videos is ur wife? How come u started working for corporates at age of 19. I m assuming ki 19 tsk apki education bhi puri nahi hui hogi. Overall i admire your work. Again i may agree with all of your topics but who am i to decide. Good work puneet ji🙏🏾

    • Quit college mid way. Was fed up of theory so that answers your working at 19 question 🙂

      I am not into Social Work. We are a Media company not an NGO. That is another matter that we are a Media Company with Rock Solid ethics and Principles unlike quite a few that you see out there.

      Running Aam Press sets me back right now by at least 3 lac rupees a month..It gets very difficult to survive and borrow money on interest to keep this alive… but you have to believe in your passions else you will keep clapping at stories of Steve Jobs and Bill gates for the rest of your life 🙂

  12. From 7th app ye website per hi live aoge sir? To i request please guide how i can get notification when you are live. Pls guide. I never want to miss your live videos. With love Naimish.

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  14. Hi sir,
    Hope you and Jannette Ma’am are doing well. Good to see you growing.

    Sir, I am no one to advice you, but it really really hurts when I see some #Bhakts or some people writing you *“pagal, dog, and all that nonsense”* but honestly as a well wisher one small suggestion, *“make political failure videos, people will support you more & your message will spread like wild fire 🔥 just political failure, like lack of basic necessities / requirements, poor healthcare, education, roads, food, bad / poor govt policies etc etc”*

    I am sorry if I said anything wrong, but as a regular viewer, I hope, I have the right to give a suggestion.

  15. robinhood sarji Jila Morena kailaras Gandhi Marg State Bank main Bank Adda karaoke Manmani chal rahi hai us par Main Ek video banaya hai sir please ek baar is video ko up Jarur Dekhe aur sir Agar aapko lagta hai ki yeh video Shahar hona chahiye viral hona chahiye toh please is video ko aap apni website ke through Sare Darshan Ko Ko dikhaye aur Bank adhikariyo ko Sadak Mele Aisa kuch likhe sir main aapse help ki Asha Karta Hoon my mobile number 9048385053

  16. It is amazing that you left your studies at age 19 and still made 3 lakh ruppees a month back in 2008 ( as you stated in one of the videos). Although I trust your word but it is hard to believe that back in 2008 one could make 36 lakh per annum without any formal education. Coming to your media company, you are essentially paying out of pocket to run your company that too on interest, do you see this company becoming profitable soon? I understand you are passionate but brother khali passion pet toh nahi bhar sakta ha. Lastly in one of your recent videos you said you could not understand why salman khan was convicted on the basis of he being a celebrity. I respectfully want to tell you that I understand your love for salman and your frustration but dont spread misinformation. He was not convicted because he is a celebrity. Judge just made an additional comment that people look up to ceebrities and letting him go would set a bad example. He was convicted based on book of the law only. Actually he is lucky to have gotten only 5 years. Max is 20 years in these cases by book of the law. I dont doubt he will get bail because of his political connection, in case that makes you feel better.

    • Oh so this was your difficult question comment. I guess you got impatient ! Well… I rather let status quo prevail.

  17. Puneet Ji, I had thought you were a gutsy man. That is why I liked you. Now I am realizing you are no different since you ignored my comment which asked some difficult questions. If that is true, I understand you difficulty. If that is not true then my sincere apology in advance. Good luck. Just a piece of unasked advice: Maintain seriousness of the cause, dont insert kiddish comedy or videos in which you show your laughable anger. Maintain focus on topics that actually have potential to bring a change. Good luck Puneet ji

      • My best wishes sir. I DO like some of your initiatives. I wish you the very best in making this initiative a success personally, socially, and financially. Keep up the good work. Jai Hind