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RobinHood, Puneet Sachdeva, CEO and Founder of AaM Press, is a Corporate Drop Out at age 33, a Traveller and a Maverick, who has the courage to Speak Brutal Truths, effortlessly in front of the Camera. Dare to Hear the Truth ? Born and raised in the foothills of the Himalayas, City Beautiful, Chandigarh, he is based on the outskirts of Mumbai, the Economic Capital of India, Maya Nagri, but is rarely there. He likes to spend time in the villages in his search for the Absolute Truth. Reach Him via comments on any post on this website and he will respond ! He lives each day as if it were the First of His Life ! Other than Aam Press, he is a Post Graduate in Numerology and prides himself in being a scientist rather than a Baba sitting under a Banyana Tree :), an Author of a book on Graphology titled Look Beyond the Obvious, an Aura Reader, a Life Coach, a former National Level Roller Skater, Lawn Tennis Player, a skiier, ice-skater and yes a Marathon Runner and Cyclist. He Thinks like a Fish and Calls a Spade a SPADE, when the need arises.  Above all he is a doting son and husband.

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DDA No Refund 75,000 Rupees Hanging for 5 months now. Why the inefficiency in returning the money if someone has…

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