Board Exam Stress No Tension

Study with some friends who pay attention in class and/ or refer to their notes. Avoid sitting to study for long hours. The human brain cannot focus on one thing for more than an hour. Go for a walk, listen to some music, take a break and then come back to your books. Make sure to eat well and get plenty of sleep as well. A good night’s rest can assist your memory  to reboot and help you remember your answers.

Board Exam Stress No Tension

Board Exam Stress No Tension :  The word exams can cause anyone to sweat.  And board exams are an entire different story. With the exam season close at hand for most schools and colleges, the common thing we get to hear during this time is, “I am so stressed”, “This tension is killing me”, “How do I beat all this stress and tension?’

Trying to cram in studies, find the right notes, putting in long hours of study, late into the night and waking up feeling anxious – will obviously lead to a whole lot of stress. Please note: that no where in this article do I encourage you NOT to study. Please do the needful. I am only trying to help you understand why stress is not worth the trouble.

Let’s understand what stress or tension means. Stress is a physical response that the body gives, when it feels pressure from the outside – physically or mentally. Several situations can cause stress and what we are focusing on in this article; is board exam stress.

Exams are only a way for educational institutions to give you a ‘stamp’ for a degree. They can only assess bookish knowledge, primarily a system that everybody feels is most appropriate to give a person that status of being learned and eligible to find a place in this society. Well, is that really the most important thing? No – It’s not the most important thing. Let’s see why…

Here I repeat ! Exams are only a method to give you a degree or a status and nothing else. Why we stress so much about board exams is because:

  • We are led to believe that if we fail our exams we are good for nothing
  • If we don’t complete a particular year ‘in-time’ then we are considered to be failures
  • Parents and relatives have ‘expectations’ that MUST be lived upto, because then the comparison begins with the mama’s daughter and the chaachi’s son – oh and I almost forgot the neighbors and the comparison to ‘Sharma Ji’s’ beta who is always tops the class and will get a seat in a top college or land up going to the U.S.
  • Schools and Colleges stamp you as failures if you haven’t ‘passed’ out of college at the right age.
  • Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera…

The above reasons sadly aren’t going to stop, unless we raise our voices – because changing the society or education system is not impossible, but let’s leave this for another time.

What is the most important question at hand? How do we handle board exam or tension ? First and foremost remember that NOTHING is more important than your peace of mind; N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Second, there is no shortcut to hard work. One has to to put in work and study before-hand to avoid and tension during the exams. Paying attention in class definitely helps – but we all know there are a lot of other distractions in the classroom as well.  Nonetheless, planning well on how to study surely helps reduce stress and tension, instead of cramming everything in at the last minute. Make sure to spend sometime everyday to make notes and study, so that you don’t panic when it’s time for the board exams.

You might say, that you’re not really interested in studying or that subjects you have aren’t something you like.  Neither am I going to say hang on till you can. If it is a stepping stone for you to reach what you really desire, then you will have to work hard to reach the place you want. If you need help to understand certain subjects, then please talk to your parents and teachers. If it’s the lack of motivation to study, then maybe you are in the wrong course. Talking to your parents, trusted teachers and friends will help you find the direction you need. If you are passionate about fine arts or sports, then pursue that, rather than being in a place you detest.

Right now the only ‘quick fix’ to reduce stress is – be calm and study whatever you can. The more you stress, the more you will forget what you already know. Study with some friends who pay attention in class and/ or refer to their notes. Avoid sitting to study for long hours. The human brain cannot focus on one thing for more than an hour. Go for a walk, listen to some music, take a break and then come back to your books. Make sure to eat well and get plenty of sleep as well. A good night’s rest can assist your memory  to reboot and help you remember your answers.

Well, these are just a few things you can do to reduce stress during exams. Ultimately, you are your own responsibility; so do what it takes before hand to reduce stress during board exams and also remember – Your life and your peace of mind are THE most important throughout your life.

Here’s wishing you students the very best !!!

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