Beti Padhao Beti Bachao pe Kalank !

When the Government Facilitates a Convict of Abetment to Suicide of a Molester, then the whole Beti Padao Beti Bachao initiative seems like a SHAM !


When the Government Facilitates a Convict of Abetment to Suicide of a Molester, then the whole Beti Padao Beti Bachao initiative seems like a SHAM !


  1. Hello Sir,
    I hope you’re doing good and i am your big fan. Today i am writing this message to you with a big hope that you will definitely solve my and many other thousands of Nursing profession youngsters who are specially unemployed because of “PUNJAB NURSING COUNCIL CHANDIGARH”.
    The Nursing students once complete their nursing degree are supposed to get themselves registered in Punjab Nursing Council to get their registration Number (RN certification) to work in hospitals as a Nurse.
    So, basically without this RN certification we can’t get job in any nursing college or any hospital.
    Therefore all the students from Punjab state after completing their degree come to Chandigarh Punjab nursing college to get registered. But unfortunately these nursing council officers and employees are not working in a good manner. 1st of all their way of talking to students is very rude. They take a fixed amount of money for registration through demand draft and with other important documents submission ( like marksheets, course completion certificate etc). Even after completing all these formalities and paying their fees, 70 percent of students are not able to get their certificate issued on time. I saw many girls crying their because they have to come to Punjab Nursing coucil again and again to check their certificate status. No one is responsible their in the office. “Koi kehta hai room no. 410 mein jao waha pata karo. Koi kehta hi Pata nai, koi kehta hi baad mein aao” sir ab batao hum sab kya karen. Mein bhi inn sab chezon se pareshan hu. Sir iss certificate kay binaa hume kahin job nai milti. Aur aaj mein wahin se wapis aya hu but same thing. They were saying ki abhi kuch pata nai wait karo. Sir 3 months se wait kar raha hu. I completed my bsc nursing degree from Bangalore, and uske baad Msc nursing ki Bangalore se. Ab Karnataka ki registration yaha transfer karwani hi but sir 3 months se mein dhake khaa raha hu. Sir please help me. I am attaching a video with this message jisme PUNJAB NURSING COUNCIL kay working hours mein koi bhi waha students ko attend nai kar raha.

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    • We will be happy to look at the Facebook link you sent provided you spend two minutes and send a little 2-3 line decsiption of the issue. Thanks.

  2. Sir, I m sending a link from facebook. Can I guy from Ahmadabad help us to chase this issue.
    Actually it is based on misbehaviour of Ahmadabad police as I saw in video on Facebook, but as I think everything shown was may be correct or may be incorrect. So I want that any of aam press viewer from Ahmadabad can look at this matter and if it is the fault of police than aam press roast them.


    Greetings to Robinhood!
    I am a novelist and a content writer and the links are right there (above) but I am not here just to tell you who I am but to reach you regarding a very sensitive topic which we avoid or ignore for certain reasons.

    Well, around the world we have heard people committing suicide and mostly those celebrities who commit suicide were the ones with depression.
    Depression is a sickness which can make you so weak that you start believing that death is the only solution.
    In Inda, if someone has depression, he/she tries not to let anyone else know about it as most of them are scared as they don’t want to compromise their image. With the help of psychiatrist it can be cured but again he/she is not comfortable as they feel that people might consider them crazy.
    One shouldn’t be shy, scared or hesitate to open up. Its fine if you are going through depression, there is a cure and it’s just a matter of time.

    I too had depression and was pretty bad. One fine day I gathered myself and went to see a doc. The medication prescribed was good enough for me to get cured.

    I just want to pass on the message to anyone and everyone who is going through depression that it’s perfectly fine to talk about it…..You are not alone

    • What a honest lovely and inspirational comment my friend.

      Yes Deprission is a state that can be cured.

      Take your experience to the next level and I will be happy to air your views. Follow the steps in the link below.

      The difference is that the reach of this comment posted on our website will be very limited as compared to a video on the subject especially by someone who has been through this.

  4. Good job sir major problem in India are rapes, road accidents govt should make strict rules like capital punishment for rapes and struct traffic rules for drivers violating traffic laws and should us hitech technology for monitoring accidents.

  5. Comment:dear sir kindly give me your WhatsApp number. I want to show my documents which was obtained from office and various correspondence with authorities.