BeepBeep Request Maaf Karo Pak Gaya Hoon

BeepBeep Request Maaf Karo Pak Gaya Hoon. Phir darshak kehta hai Maaf Karo Paka Rahe Ho.. Jab Darshak khud Pakne Chala aaye to phir Pake Na ! Tension kyoon le raha Hai. Bheek Kyoon Maang Raha Hai.

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BeepBeep Request Maaf Karo Pak Gaya Hoon :Hamare Social Media Channels pe bahut se log aate hain. 98% se Bahut support aur Pyaar milta Hai. 2% BeepBeep karne aate hain.

BeepBeep Request

Asise hi ek BeepBeep ne Request ke saath ek Comment Likha…Mujhe pehle to yeh nahin samajh aa raha ki ARAVIND kaise naam hai. Arvind to suna tha but AARAVIND ? Chalo koi na… Phir darshak kehta hai Maaf Karo Paka Rahe Ho.. Jab Darshak khud Pakne Chala aaye to phir Pake Na ! Tension kyoon le raha Hai. Bheek Kyoon Maang Raha Hai. Koi jabardasti to use bula nahin raha Aam Press pe Pakne ke liye !

Jab sir diya hai oklhi main to dance to karna hi padega ! hehe.

Par kuch bhi kaho raat ko sone ke pehle achcha entertainment zaroor dete hain yeh #BeepBeep. Aur GST Bhi Nahin lagta is par to !


~ RobinHood


  1. Varun Chopra says

    😂😂😂😂 nice video sir.
    At what time are you going to come live sir?

  2. Vishal jasuja says

    Sit mane paytm se 13999 ki payment ki flipkart ko
    To paytm vale bol rhe h ki unki traf se payment success ho chuki h or flipkart vale bol rhe h unhe receive hi nhi hui payment
    Sir, please help me or mujhe btao ki m kya kar skta hu.

    1. RobinHood says

      Your Cell phone number please ?

  3. Anshul says

    Buddy today i was watching a video of yours that was from dec 17 about sachin who gave u a death threat on massanger now my concern is that r u less then him because the mistake he did the same mistake u did even u gave the direction to your followers to beat him in indirect way so you r more guilty then him

    1. RobinHood says

      Beat Him Up ? You must have your brains in your donkey ! Al the best. Ilaaj Karva Lo Apna !

  4. Jaspreet Singh says


    I hope you remember me i posted a comment on Facebook regarding MB Care app which you promoted earlier.

    Sir today i got call from.MB Care and they said that they have considered my claim for cashless and cashless claim could be taken in below way and i dont havr option for reimbursement.

    1) I need to pay Rs 500 to them for courier charges as they will send my phone to Mumbai, currently they are only servicing phone in Mumbai only.

    My questions are:

    1) Why should i send my phone from Rohtak to Mumbai to unknown unauthorised service center?
    2) Why should i pay fo courier facility, this was not mentioned in terms when i installed the app.
    3) How i believe them and surrender my phone to them
    4) They are claiming for insurance provider but actually they kinda providing servicing.

    In total my phone screen is cracked and in market its cost to replace glass is 1000 Rs and through MB Care i will be saving Rs 500 with all above risks.

    Jaspreet Singh

    1. RobinHood says

      Noted. Read and have forwarded this to the MB Care Team. Send me your Mobile Number please …

      1. Jaspreet Singh says

        Mobile 7503339746

        1. RobinHood says

          As discussed today over a phone call with you , I will be happy to provide a platform for both the service provider andyou the customer to make your video responses.

  5. Satnam singh sadda says

    Sat shri akal sir bhul gye lagda tusi ??

    1. RobinHood says

      Bhula Nahin Ji. Got occupied in something and wanted to give your efforts the right attention. Will connect within this week.

  6. Deepak Chauhan says

    Dear Sir,

    We always talk and discuss the topics which are related to us only but we never talk about our planet. “Kya tha aur humne kya bana diya”. The use of plastic will ruin the Earth one day. Do we ask people not to use plastic stuffs on yours media “Aam Press”. 53 kg plastic found inside a cow.

    Please try to understand my concern as my English is not so good. We also want people to share the ideas and thoughts to lesser or stop the use of plastic.

    Please help Earth

    Deepak Chauhan

    1. RobinHood says

      A very valid point indeed.

  7. Deepak Chauhan says

    Thanks for responding Sir Ji.

    1. RobinHood says

      Always Deepak

  8. lol says

    kitna Vella hai bhai tu, kuch kaam dhandha karle
    such a waste of man power
    ab issue phele tu bole ki mein bhi time waste kar Raha hoon, tujhe free advice di hai.
    Leni hai toh le, warna Jane de
    kuch abshabd toh nahi bole na meine? kuch galat toh nahi kaha?
    Bas naam nahi disclose kara, pata nahi tu kya Karwade..
    aur yeh bhi sunn, koi bhakt nahi hoon mein. Mein bhi utna hee pareshan hoon jitna tu hai. Move on buddy.
    Also I know you don’t have the guts and you won’t approve my comment, but I hope you read it and think about it!

    Cheers/Jai Janta!

    1. RobinHood says

      My Suggestion.. Take your Sarcasm and stick it up your Donkey.
      And if you cannot figure this out, take a look at a dictionary and figure out the leaning of the word synonyms.

      Especially check out the words Frustrated Desparado 🙂

  9. mohd Haseeb says

    Dear sir,
    My name is Haseeb
    I am facing big problem regarding my airtel sim since one month, which is not working now,
    Actually the problem is that, i came saudi Arabia before 20 month and i was running my airtel prepared sim upto last previous month, but my sim has been closed by Airtel company before one month, because i could not recharge my sim since January,
    But linked with adhar card by my brother
    And then my brother called to customer care, and i sent my brother to the Airtel retailer,office
    But they all, who are related to Airtel after checking said, before this number was in reliance,

    Your all information has been deleted,
    We are enable to your help,
    I said them, where should i go to get my number… their answer always is sorry
    Actually i port this number from reliance to Airtel before 7-8 years.
    My num is +919027535981
    Adhar linked moin Hasan
    Please help.
    Thank you sir.

    1. RobinHood says

      Welcome to come live on video with me on instagram to discuss your issue. INstagram @aampress 7:30-8:00 Am Almost Every Morning

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