#BeepBeep No Abuse

Any time you see an abuse by someone reply back with #BeepBeep so that we the common people can make a difference where the Government is Failing miserably.

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Online Abuse
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Online Abuse in India has Reached Alarming Proportions. There are evidences of Various Political Parties supporting this. By spreading hate online some people want to divide the social fabric of India and more so Polarise it. Their plans will NOT Succeed.

Online Abuse : The Established Media keeps mum about it and runs after sensationalism and TRPs. I wonder what are their drivers and whose puppets they have become. Meanwhile it is now upto the common people to stand up against this and we at Aam Press are happy to Kick Start a #BeepBeep Campaign and are also challenging the established Media to pick this up. It is the responsibility of each and every citizen of India to contribute.

Online Abuse: Any time you see an abuse by someone reply back with #BeepBeep so that we the common people can make a difference where the Government is Failing miserably.

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Puneet Sachdeva, CEO and Founder of AaM Press, is a Corporate Drop Out at age 33, a Traveller and a Maverick, who has the courage to Speak Brutal Truths, effortlessly in front of the Camera. Dare to Hear the Truth ? Born and raised in the foothills of the Himalayas, City Beautiful, Chandigarh, he is based on the outskirts of Mumbai, the Economic Capital of India, Maya Nagri, but is rarely there. He likes to spend time in the villages in his search for the Absolute Truth. Reach Him at aampresstv@gmail.com or on What’s App at +91-99-200-80-700 Voice Note ! He is struggling with cancer, and lives each day as if it were the First of His Life ! Other than Aam Press, he is a Post Graduate in Numerology and prides himself in being a scientist rather than a Baba sitting under a Banyana Tree :), an Author of a book on Graphology Titled Look Beyond the Obvious, an Aura Reader, a Life Coach, a former National Level Roller Skater, Lawn Tennis Player, a skiier, ice-skater and yes a Marathon Runner and Cyclist. He Thinks like a Fish and Calls a Spade a SPADE, when the need arises.  Above all he is still looking for Miss Right Enough to Romance for life and make millions of babies with 🙂



  1. Murad basha says

    How to contact you on website sir am unable to reach u ..
    But from heart I wanna say u r awesome sir as I seen your videos and you are not from any party I mean BJP congress etc etc..,,
    I wanna show u one video in which I got tears after seeing and I wanted you to comment on if you r also feeling same…GOD BLESS YOU SIR…Keep doing …
    Am a fan of your comedy tooo

    1. RobinHood says

      Read your comment Murad….

      1. Rahul menon says

        Dear sir
        I am a big fan of yours am from Kerala watch your Vedios regularly. Today I visited your website. Comment section was not seen. Sir I have one dout.for what u need donations for????

        1. Editor AaM Press says

          Donations are Voluntary. The Day you Get an Answer from which ever religion or God or Temple or Church or ….. you follow on why God Needs your donations and what He does with them, come back to ask me the question… I might choose to give you an answer.

          1. Vineet says

            Hello sir.
            I can see some of videos show paid tag.


            Just wondering why it shows up for some videos only

          2. Editor AaM Press says

            We hope sooner than later it shows up for all our Videos ! 🙂

  2. Murad basha says


    1. Editor AaM Press says


  3. Shakeel ahmed shaikh says


    1. RobinHood says


  4. Shakeel ahmed shaikh says

    Hi Robinhood sir,
    Pahle to Sabse aapko congratulations because Hamare Aam Press ne 2 years successfully complete kar liya. Sir aapka bahut shukriya aapne 100 No. Mumbai police ke issue par aapne mera sath diya aur Aam Press ke channel par video published ki.

    Sir Maine railway ke issue par ek video banaya. Us issue ki information Maine RTI file karke collect ki hai. Sir harbour railway line par Vashi se lekar khdeswar station par divyang passengers ke ek bhi toilets nahi hai. Kehne Ko new generation ke station hai. Magar itni badi mistake kaise huyi pata nahi. Sayad ye divyang passengers Ko Insan hi nahi samjhte hai. Sir Maine railway se request ki hai magar ab tak koi reply nahi aaya. Robinhood Aam Press sir pls aap is issue par sath do. Ye mere video ka link hai
    I authorised Aam press to download my video and share it

    Shakeel Ahmed Shaikh

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      This has Copyright Issues. Cannot share. We strictly follow the guidelines we have already shared with you.

      Here they come again.


      1. Shakeel ahmed shaikh says

        But sir Maine aapko download aur share karne ke liye authorised to Kiya hai

        Shakeel Ahmed Shaikh

        1. Editor AaM Press says

          Check the Video Contents !

  5. Rajneesh says

    Sir Iam Rajneesh Chanjta Rcyans
    Dear sir congratulations to Aam press…
    Mughe bht Khushi hai sir ki Aam press bht Grow kr chuki hai..
    and aap is trha se Akele Fight kr the ho.. I think ye kamm to wo bhi nhi kr paa rhe jo Kursi pr baithe hai……
    Sir Mai AAP Ko Yhi Kahu gaaa at last..
    GOD BLESS You..
    My best wishes always with you…
    But I don’t Know that aam press ne mere comments spam kiye…. PTA bhi kyu sir..
    ……………….. Thank sir………
    Congrats once again Sirr.
    And Iam Rajneesh
    Iam From Shimla H.P
    And Mai Aam press me 2 months se jyada hu…
    Thanks sirr
    …#beepbeep for those who abuse youu…

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks for your Love and Support Rajneesh. We reply to comments only on our website

  6. Nasir Husain asgar ali says

    سر آپ بہت آگے جاؤ گے

    sir aap BAHOT aage jaoge 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks for your Love and Support Nasir Bhai

  7. Rajeev Sharma says

    Many Many heartly congratulations..RobinHood Sir..for the 2nd birthday of Aam Press…and…the #beepbeep..is the best way to reply bhakts…hum apna mooh kyun ganda karein…it’s a great idea.

    GOD BLESS U..and your TEAM…Wishing U a great years..&..years.


    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks Rajeev

      1. Harjot Singh says

        Happy birthday aammpress dear Robin sir congrats and God bless you

        1. RobinHood says

          Thanks Harjot Bhai

          1. Harjot Singh says

            Thanks to Hame karna chahiye sir aapka jo aap Aam Aadmi Ke liye itna kaam kar rahe hai Din Raat Ek kar rahe hain thank you so much

        2. Harjot Singh says


  8. Shubham raj says

    सर मैंने मैसेंजर पर एक वीडियो भेजा आपको आप उसको जरूर देखें.

    1. RobinHood says

      Follow the guidelines Please aampress.in/support

  9. Shubham raj says

    https://youtu.be/XXX it cell ki khani plz watch sir. Plz watch

    1. RobinHood says

      Saw. Am aware of a lot more. 🙂

  10. India ka Banker says

    Robinhoodji… I Am banker.. & have lot of pressure as i service in private bank.. obviously Insurance. uske liye kuch video banaye.. k bhai bank ko bank rakho insurance company kyu bana rahe ho.. Insurance company ko bhi acha fayda ho raha he man power kam rakhna padta hai.. aur bank valo se duniya ki sari chize bikvate he…aaj kal to sarkari bank me bhi ye dekhne ko mil raha he.. pls sir kuch kare.. ye msg padha to issue aansu banke ubhre..aur yaha comment ban kar tapke..

    🔱 Care for your BANKERS

    500s 1000s not legal tender — call BANKERS (work on Saturday Sunday leave days)

    Chennai floods — call BANKERS (work on Sunday)

    Income tax collection — call BANKERS (work on Sunday)

    Insurance collection — Push BANKERS

    Sell gold – call BANKERS

    Collect College fees school fees / exam fees — call BANKERS

    Prime minister all free yojanas — Rely on BANKERS

    Aadhar linkage — Tell BANKERS

    Gas subsidy — Ask BANKERS

    Forex currency exchange — Depend upon BANKERS

    ELECTION TIME – Call BANKERS on election duty

    There is a Long list…… not able to type more..!!!!

    People don’t pay loan — blame BANKERS

    Vijay Mallya absconding — blame BANKERS

    Black money — blame BANKERS

    Continuous 3 days holidays — OMG, What the hell 😱😱 BANKERS r enjoying!

    Wage revision.. OMG why do bankers need me more salary ? They’re already paid excess ..

    Wage revision strike (salary cut) —

    OMG, What the hell 😱 😱 WHy do BANKERS have to relax on weekly off day???

    Bankers are the backbone of Indian economy and still get a bad name and r in the news for all wrong reasons .. No one bothers to recognize & support them . Nobody not the IBA nor Govt considers their salary for a worthy pay hike in comparison to 7th Pay Commission.

    It,’s a fact, without Banker’s whole heart support implementation of demmonitisaton was not possible…still Bankers are blamed…

    *If you care for your BANKERS…*

    *Please spread the message*

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Nice Message. I wish out of the millions of bankers in India.. at least one had the courage top reveal their personal identity and make a video about this on their facebook timeline. I would have been very happy to support. See Guidelines in link below.


      1. India ka Banker says


        Bank hai ki insurance ki bhatthi?

        watch this video

        1. Editor AaM Press says

          Wont communicate with you under anonymous ids.

          If you Are Amit Sahu… then say so.

  11. Abdullah amri says

    Hi sir,i m a big fan of yours…may Allah grant u good health,courage,enthusiasm and dedication…aapki ek baad mujhe bohat pasand aati hai ke aap bure comments ka jawab burayi se nahi dete….u r a great example of humanity and forgiveness…aapke jazbe ko salaam karta hoon mein ….aapne doobti hui insaaniyath ko bachane mein bohat acha role ada kiya hai…irrespective of religion u r helping the Indians…allahhafiz

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks for your understanding… love and support. Blessings Always.

  12. Ravi Khatri says

    Dear sir,
    Mene Aaj Ek video dekha facebook pe. Video Dekh ke me heran Rah Gaya. Kya Sach me Hamare Desh me Sabhi Political party Aisi Hoti he. Kya Politics Itni Gandi chiz he.??
    Aap Bhi is video ko Jarur Dekhe.
    Link – https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1955065778117411&id=100008420232384

    1. Editor AaM Press says


        1. Editor AaM Press says
  13. Ritesh says
    1. Editor AaM Press says


  14. Sarah Rai says

    8404084773Respected sir plz listen the audio, how a Bengal police officer is talking over the phone with a common man of Darjeeling…

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      No evidence of who the caller is.

  15. dharmander kumar says

    sir ammount thoda hai par abhi main berozgaar hu , agar amount mil gya ho to ek missed call zarooor karna , my number is XXXXX41105 ,
    happy birthday aam press …

    dharmander himachal pradesh

  16. dhruval dave says

    सर् में आपके सारे वीडियो देखता हूं ।मुजे वो पसंद भी है ।बहुत बढ़िया काम कर रहे हो।लेकिन आजकल लोग कभी भी कैमरा लेके लोगो को डरा ते है । सर गलती उसकी होती है । लेकिन कैमरा देख के लोग डर जाते है और वो अपनी मनमानी करते है।उस के बारे में आपकी क्या राय है।

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Most People have cameras. And why fear ?

  17. Jared says

    Respected sir,
    Thank you very much for ur effort to make a better India and for making a platform where we the normal citizen can express our view
    Sir recently I saw a video in which a police men is threatening a normal person because of some political issue m leaving a link behind kindly please do watch and hope that u will do the needful.
    Lots of love nd prayers for you and the whole aam press family.

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      No evidence on who the caller is ….

  18. Jared says

    Respected sir,
    Thank you very much for ur effort to make a better India and for making a platform where we the normal citizen can express our view
    Sir recently I saw a video in which a police men is threatening a normal person because of some political issue m leaving a link behind kindly please do watch and hope that u will do the needful.
    Lots of love nd prayers for you and the whole aam press family.

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks for your comment Jared.

      We only Share and Support Links of the Individual who comments…

      You Are welcome to send your own Video. Follow the Guidelines below.

      Reference Video


  19. Editor AaM Press says

    Was a Pleasure to speak with you Dharmendra. God Bless You.

  20. Naimish Shilu says

    This is how i am inspired by Aam press


    I authorized Aam press to download this video and share it on Aam press.

    Thanks a lot…
    Yours Naimish (9227400008)

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Sharing your link. Thanks for such a lovely feedback. Am glad to know my work is contributing positively somewhere

  21. Mohammed Kaif Afridi says

    Congratulations and best wishes for all the good work that you have started.

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks for your love and support

  22. Anilkumar N M says

    Greetings Puneet Sachdeva/Robinhood,

    Before I start saying anything, HATS OFF to you for all your efforts. You have put forth an effort that bhakts/abusers and other people (including me-who wish to change the society) can just think of or complain or crib about everything that happens around. I would happily address you as SIR because you have earned it.

    I am a 27 Years old Networks Security Engineer stuck in Rat Race. I am an introvert, I am an Aam Press Viewer. I genuinely feel the idea and vision of Aam Press should grow and make visible change in the society. Being a viewer, if you don’t mind me putting forth my views and certain changes (which I feel could help our society get better) that I would like to see and contribute in the way Aam Press works. I hardly can imagine how difficult it would be for a single person to take initiative and run a press but still I would like to put forth my suggestions.

    My View:
    From whatever wrongs are seen around me, in the society, in the country – every time I try thinking hard all of it narrows down to 2 important subjects:
    A] Unawareness of Law among citizens
    B] Education (not just school and colleges but also the moral education in schools and colleges)
    A] Unawareness of Law: Due to which often the officials, government, private sectors etc takes advantage of.

    For example:
     Corporates making an employee signing a bond of 2 Lakhs for 2 years (I think is illegal) still there are many firms which do that. Even educated employees’ does not/cannot do anything about it because they are unaware of the law. Even if some of they are aware of the law, they do not know what to do about it or how to proceed further.
     Another example would be charging weird price tags in chain of restaurants like “Oven Fresh” where a coffee costs Rs.19.48, which is eventually rounded up leading into huge unaccounted non-taxable income.
    There are many more examples like this.
     Atrocities by policemen, where common people usually have got no choice but face the insults. Etc etc.

    Law should be introduced as a subject right from schools to professional education. It should not be confined only for the Law students. (I understand this is a lengthy process even if someone decides to bring this change).

    Aam Press Solution to this:
    1. 1 hour program to educate the viewers about certain Laws (Simple ones) and action plans/contact information to fight against any injustice. Something like you did in this Aam Press video https://youtu.be/UTw8XQhxPXY
    2. Aam Press should build a network of Lawyers who are willing to take Pro-Bono cases. In turn Aam Press can charge it viewers some minimum mount to resolve their issues which can be used to fund Aam Press.
    3. Videos about filing an RTI.

    I understand it is easier said than done. Just trying to share my views with you. Instead of you taking the efforts to make the videos (out of which most of them cannot be close looped), this will help viewers fight their own battles with results by seeking your /other viewers help.

    B] Education: One of the reasons why my thinking narrows down to education is because of the mentality that people who commit crimes or create trouble for others is their insensitivity or moral grounds.
    A feeling or sensitivity and Moral ground can be cultivated only through proper education. Atleast we can start now so that the future generation could be compassionate and can create a peaceful environment.
    I see many loopholes in the current education system. For example:
    1. Under qualified staff.
    2. High Cost of education – Benefits are not passed down to the students.
    3. Educational institute and schools not following the rules.
    4. Caste based reservation.
    5. Last but not the least – outdated content/Absence of Law education
    The education system needs to be changed. Governments are not paying enough attention on education system.
    Solution: I could not think about anything that could bring the change in entire system. All I know is if we succeed in changing this, people can think for themselves and act against corrupt officials/politicians. Also this can help in bringing down the crime rate in the nation.

    Some other views:
    1. You are doing an amazing job – no doubt about it, but Me as an Aam press viewer would like to see more research done on the news or views presented in videos of Aam Press.)
    2. Before presenting any viewers problems via videos – it would be great if you collect all the proofs and learn both sides of the story. (I understand you have already started doing it after the Hyderabad incident).
    Sir, I can keep writing about all these the entire day. I don’t know if I am right in suggesting you all this but I thought it is right to share my views with you.

    I would love to meet you someday and act as one of the brains behind Aam Press.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Editor AaM Press says


  23. Sapan Singh jadon says

    Mananiya aampress mahoday Mr robinhood ji Mai Sapan Singh Jadon Madhya Pradesh Jila Morena tehsil kailaras hey hun

    Sir JEE main aapki true Hamare PM Modi Tak Yeh Baat puchna Chahta Hoon Ki Yeh Jo Modi ji Ne Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Banai hai Woh Bekhudi bahut hi acchi Tarah Se chal rahi hai iske liye Hum Aur Hamara Sare bharatwasi tahe Dil Se Dhanyavad Shukriyada karate hai…..

    Lekin Modi ji Aapne Kahi Kahi to process bahut achi ki hai lekin humare Morena Jile mein kailaras main bahut hai dheemi dheemi process chal rahi ha Yahan Par Kisi no to pehli kist mile hai or kisi ko 2 mil gai hai aur sab gharibon ke ghar jhopdi tudwa diya hai 8…..9 mahine pahele hi sir Yahan Par kis Tu Jo Mili thi wo bahut late ho rahi hai Jis Se Garib bahut Pareshan ho raha hai in mein se Jis Ke Paas Paisa hai woh toh Kiraye ke Makan Leke raha hai aur Saazish ki paas mein khane tactv band hai usne Apna Ghar Tod Diya Hai Woh Bechara Garib Kahan Ja Ke Rahe Sir Ji Nagar Palika Mar Jaate Hain toh Nagar Palika wale Adhikari bolte hain Jab Sab logo ko barabar Ho Jayega tab jakar agli kist milegi Toh Kya sir ji Jin Jin Logon ne Makaan ki diwal tak kam ho gaya unko aaj 4 mahine se rok kar rakha hai unko kaha jarah hai ki ab aap ki agli kist baki ye jo piche wale log jo jinhone abhi todna v chachu nahi kiya hai jinko avhi pehli kist mili hai wo log bhi jab itna kaam karwa lenge tab jake apko or in sabhi logon ko ek sath hi miilegi….to kya unlog ke chakkarrr main ham log v latke rahenge tab tak ham gareeb kha jaye …..ab to ham na ghar keh rahe na ghaat ke Main Modi ji Se Yeh request karna chahta Hoon Ki Jin Logon Ne Makhan Bana liya hai Unka kaam Aa Gayi we start kiya jaye ….. yeah sorry process thoda jaldi jaldi Puri ki Je karne ki hum garibo ko Rahat mil Sake Hum Apne Ghar Mein Reh sake………. thank you

    Sir main aap se Asha karta hoon ki aap meri baat samajh Paye Hoon
    Aur sir main maafi Chahoonga isme Agar kuch galat sabd ho gaye ho
    Kyunki sir make middle class family se hu

    Asha karta hoon ki aap meri is Baat Ko samajh Paye Hoon mera mobile number hai 8848 1094 57
    Sir Main Chahta Hoon ki aaj jab aap online aao Toh Yeh Baat Sabke Samne Jarur Rakhe Gandi Baat

    1. Editor AaM Press says


  24. John Doe says

    Sir, you should have a look at this link. It’s an audio clip of a phone recording where a Darjeeling Police Inspector-In-Charge is threatening a common man by saying he will burn his house down, if that is not enough he tells the man that he will rape his sister and his mother. This is insane!

    1. Editor AaM Press says


  25. HumbleDude says

    Robinhood this very important to share with you. There some ppl i follow and consider about what they want to say you are one of them u are doing gr8 job don’t worry wat ppl think abt u they are Bhakts as you and other is dhruv rathee both you are my favorite 👍 you both showing the actual india is instead of what we thinking. i want u to watch this video share it this video literally shocked me.you have good followers on Facebook that’s why im requesting.we have to aware our brother and sister this is for our country.
    Jai hind 🇮🇳

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks for your feedback. God Bless You.

  26. Tamal says

    Sir mea mera ek channel banaya youtube por mea aap ke tera hona chata hu… Mere channel mea SUBSCRIBE r kam hea only 36 islie aap ka help chaiyeee isko grow karneke liea. Mea av subscriber barana chatahu….

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      All the Best. Meri ShubhKaamnayen !

  27. Saurabh kumar jha says

    Dear sir me saurabh kumar from Bihar train no 15667 KAMAKHYA EXP JO 10.03.2018 KO GANDHIDHAM SE KHULI PATNA ke liye 4:30 GHANTA LET hai
    ek swal , aap sir piyush Goyal ji se puchhiye
    Jis desh me exp. train ka ye hal hai usi desh me aap log matro aur bulate train ki bat karte ho saram kro thora

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Need Supoort ? Make a Video.. Follow the Guidelines ?


  28. Naimish Shilu says

    My though, want to share with you.

    Why not link ELECTION PROCESS or EVM with AADHAR to make better voting values.


    1. Editor AaM Press says


  29. Arpan Naskar says

    প্রিয় নীরবমোদী,
    যেখানেই থাকুন ভাল থাকুন অনেক উন্নতি করুন…ব্যাঙ্কের দেনার চিন্তা একদম করবেন না। কারণ ব্যাংক পঞ্চাশ একশ করে আমাদের মতো সাধারণ গরিবের পকেট কেটে ঠিক তুলে নেবে। এই মুহূর্তে আমরা বিজয় মালিয়ার দেনা শোধ করছি এর পরে আপনারটা শোধ করে দেব।আমরা রোজগার করি আপনাদের মতো বড় লোকেদের ব্যাংকের দেনা শোধ করার জন্য এবং এসবে আমরা একদম অভ্যস্ত হয়ে গেছি। আপনি একদম দুঃশ্চিন্তা করবেন না , আপনার দেনার প্রতিটি পাই পয়সা সুদ সমেত আমরা পরিশোধ করে নিজেদের দেশভক্ত ভারতবাসী হিসেবে প্রমাণ দেব। জয় হিন্দ বন্দে মাতরম
    মাত্র ৭২৪ টাকার জন্য এত হা হুতাশ ভারতবর্ষের মানুষ কে মানায় না।
    মালিয়া। = ১১০০০
    নীরব = ১৩০০০
    অন্যান্য রা = ৭০০০০
    মোট। = ৯৪০০০ কোটি
    ÷ ১৩০ কোটি
    = ৭২৪ টাকা মাথা পিছু।

    তাই বলছি । ৫৬ ইঞ্চি বুক পেতে সব সহ্য করে নিন। নিরব থাকুন। পকোড়া খান।. Made by me n sry for bengali ……

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      1. Never Say Sorry for using your mother Tongue.
      2. I am sorry currently i have the ability to answer comments only in Hindi or English
      3. Cannot read Bengali.

  30. archana says

    Robinhood ji… i appreciate your step/action against this beep beep and also in some other video i saw you speaking against abusive language. I have been really wondering what is wrong with people around and specially the youngsters.. why people have started using cheap language so free and making it a norm. this really needs to stop. i have seen in delhi young girls and boys using language in public places without any hesitation. this is really a very sad. Hope people realise its not cool …and the parents of these people take strict action and give proper guidance. Also would like to mention even the daughter of a very senior journalist mr vinod dua is equally giving competition to AIB and sadly they think its women empowerment.
    Anyway thank you very much for your efforts and boldly speaking on this.

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thank you for your comment Archana. Somewhere deep inside me reading your comment makes me smile that at least my videos are reachiong the right people and touching the right chords.

      Would like to know more details about Miss Dua. Please send me a reference Link. Malika is her Name right ?

      1. Do let your friends know that Aam Press responds only to comments via our website http://www.AamPress.in
      2. We might be getting off Social Media Very soon and all Video including Live Videos will be aired directly directly on our website.

  31. Keshav mishra says

    Hello sir

    U r great sir

    Sir m in nagpur studying in NPTI, we pay 300000 tution fee here for one year Post Graduate course in Power Plant Engineering. Under ministry of power, sir here Institute director and their staff not supporting us for placement, sir mostly people take loans for studying, sir we are going in deep depression, sir please support us and expose them i assure they definitely do something we need u sir here.. Plzz help sir. U r only hope of us

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Happy to Support. But I dont have ground level details as best as you would have. And the reality is you would be too scared to make the expose video. And the reality is I will only help and support those who stand up courageously for their issues themselves first.

      Follow the guidelines. aampress.in/support

      And yes let your friends know you got a reply from aam press ONLY via our website AamPress.in

  32. Ravi K says

    Hi Robinhood, there was news that you went to Europe and signed a deal with Foreign channel to sell aampress? I think this is fake news?

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      HahA. Absolutely Fake 🙂

  33. Harnoorpreet singh says

    Respected sir,

    Sir good morning Maine appki bohot sari videos dekhi hai app bohot acha kam kr rhe hai sir but please app ek video paytm pe bhi bna sakte hai vo itne logo k sath frod kr rhe hai abhi kuch day phele maine paytm se watch order ki thi or waha pe unho ne offer dal rkha tha ki your first order is free, fir maine ek watch order krdi or kuch day phele watch delivered huyi to vo damage thi to maine usko return dal diya to mera balance wapis nai aya to maine paytm mai call ki or bat ki unho ne kha ji appke shiping ke paise wapis aa jaye ge but apka cash back wapis nai aye ga jb tak kyc nai krwa loge maine kha ki offer mai to eaisa kuch bta nai rkha tha to vo bole ki aj hi offer change kiya hai to maine bola ki maine to kitne day phela is offer ko apply kiya to ye aj kaise mere order mai valid ho sakti hai to vo bole ki jab tak app kyc nai krwa lete apka balance nai aye ga so please sir ek video paytm pay bhi bnao.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Dear Harnoor, Mudda aap ka, Video aap banao. Main support karoonga. And yes i dont use or trust PayTm so i dont know how it really works. Follow the guidelines in the link beloe if you are serious about your issue. aampress.in/support

      And yes, tell your friends you got a reply from Aam Press via our website and this is the only way we respond to viewers.

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      You come and post a link here and write no description. Do you think we are a Dharmshala who will go and fish out the details from a link which is not even from your timeline and is of a group from Facebook. If you are really serious about your issue, take some effort… or else… This is all the reply you will get. And yes, I did not even click on the link.

  34. Saddam hussain says

    Hi sir
    This is s.hussain from Hyderabad
    As I need to go today from Hyderabad to vishakhapatnam I booked flight for URly morning .
    My flight time is 6;45 am
    And I reached airport with web checkin at 6:00am
    I need to drop my bag in checkin counter becouse I had my tool kit in the bag so .
    They told me to drop the tool kit and move to boarding .
    I rush to security check . Their is huge line it has take time and I reached at boardin gate 105 at 6:28 am .
    And they told that the gate has been closed . Their is still 18 mints for flight diparture sir .
    They left 5 passengers at airport and they are not even refunded the ammount .they suggest they will shift me and other for passengers to next flight and they ask us to pay 3500 for next flight .i am a 25000 salaried person and booked flight for urgent work 2800 and I have to pay again 3500 sir .

    I felt very bad why this kind of things are hapning in our country they don’t even understand .
    If they will make delay flights their is no issue .
    But passenger is late for 4 mints they will through them out of the airport .

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Make a Video if you want this to stop for everyone. Follow the guidelines. aampress.in/support

  35. Rahul sachdeva says

    Hello robinhood..i have a problem in my locality. I am from mumbai..My neighbour is troubling me to create a fence. Can you pls make a video in that?? I will post on my timeline. Thx in advance

    1. Editor AaM Press says


  36. Pramod D says

    Hello Robinhood. How many employees are there in aampress? Are you looking to expand. I want to do a video on real issues but dont have data left in my mobile. Will aam press help?

    1. Editor AaM Press says


  37. Priyanshu says

    Did Janet madam leave aampress? She was an inspiration

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      She is on a Study Leave. She will NEVER leave Aam Press 🙂

  38. Rahul says

    Hey Robinhood. I would like to donate speaker and Bluetooth that will help you in calling videos so its easy for u and sound can be heard clearly

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Thanks Rahul. Really appreciate your gesture. I have a Bluetooth speaker but its not working for some reason right now. I am sure a little servicing will get it going. But again, thanks a million for your offer.

      1. Rahul says

        No worries Robinhood. Let me know the details, i can place an order to deliver to your address. Its just a enabler to make your calling experience better. Good job

        1. RobinHood says

          Appreciate Thanks

  39. Vivek Kumar says

    Sir my name is Vivek ; And i m from BIHAR (Begusarai). I belongs in GENERAL caste…
    हमलोगो को भगवान इस category मे जन्म देके गलती कर दी। क्योकि इस category वाले को सरकारी नौकरी अब नही के बराबर मिलती।। just because of we are called upper caste. Not giving schoralship. (what rubbish from our goverment.). sir i request U to make A video and tag our goverment and ask… this question.
    क्या हमारी #सरकार को general caste का सहयोग नही चाहिये। क्या वो सब sc,st,obc से ही खुश है
    Sir. think it for 2 min.. 🙏

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      The Laws need to change for this

  40. Sir I sent link you on whatsapp for petition against Prakash javed kar for Cbse students . Please see

    1. RobinHood says

      Check Whats App Status Message

  41. Sudhanshu Soni says

    The Living Legend Robinhood Sir🕵️‍♂️, Aapke efforts pe mujhe zara bhi koi doubt nhi hai sir, per pata nahi aapko maaloom hai ke nahi, kuch log aapka fake page bana kar, uspe ulti pulti afwaahein faila rahe hain sir…
    Wait i put some screenshots here…
    Aseem Johari “Hail Living Legend Robinhood Sir🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️”

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Let the Dogs Bark. The Truth always wins.

      Follow us on Facebook.com/aampress

      1. Sudhanshu Soni says

        The Living Legend Robinhood Sir🕵️‍♂️
        I think aapko Mark ko ek tagged comment ya msg kar dena chahiye ab sir..
        Sir in Fake MC BC logon ki itni himmat, aapka Legendary naam tak lene ki hasiyat nahi hai, aur aapka Fake Page bana ke chala re hain..
        Sir Mark chahe FB ya Whatsapp ka Owner ho, per aapse bada Legend to nahi hai..
        Maano ya na Maano, aapke page, uski popularity aur viewers ki wajah se hi to “Mark Z” ka ghar chal raha hai..
        Sir, aapko bas ek video mein us per 🦁🐯Dahadne🐯🦁 ki zaroorat hai, ye Fake Pages agle din band ho jaane hai Sir ji..

        Aseem Johari “Hail The Living Legend Robinhood Sir🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️”

        1. Editor AaM Press says

          Watch Last Night’s Live Videos on Facebook.com/aampress on Political Strategies.

          And as far as Mark Z is Concerned…. wait and watch 🙂

          Stay tuned to https://www.aampress.in

  42. Sudhanshu Soni says

    @aampress #AamPress The Living Legend Robinhood Sir🕵️‍♂️, main comment mein screenshot ni daal paya to FaceBook Messege pe bheje hain..
    Sir Fake FB Page pe likha tha ki “Aap 2019 ke liye congress ki jeet ki ranneeti banaoge, aur ye karne ke liye aapko khud Sonia Gandhi Aur Rahul Gandhi ne Bola”
    This is was real bad joke…
    Aapke Legendary character pe to ye ek KAALE DHABBE jaisa ho gaya sir, aap kyun kisi aur ke liye ye karo..
    Aap khud itne capable ho ki kal ek nayi PARTY khadi kar ke 100% MAJORITY le sakte ho..
    Khair, wo sab baad ki baat hai, aapke Genius Super Brain mein uske liye kuch Planning already chal ri hogi..
    But Iske baad jo maine padha, That was HILARIOUS..
    There were 2 comments…
    1. “Abey tu hi reh gya kya duniya mein”
    2. “Chal bey L****Y”

    Sir ye comments padhke to Khoon Khol gaya sir..
    But don’t worry, we will take proper revenge for our Living Legend Robinhood Sir🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️
    Aseem Johari “Hail The Living Legend Robinhood Sir🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️”

    My mobile no. is 8368760457

    1. Editor AaM Press says

      Just keep replying #BeepBeep to any Haters on Social Media. Sab Line pe aa jayenge

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