Bad News

Giving Bad News May not be as Painful as you think and it could offer good solutions on the way forward! Office politics is not just about good boss bad boss !

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Bad News

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Giving Bad News May not be as Painful as you think and it could offer good solutions on the way forward! Office politics is not just about good boss bad boss !

इस पोस्ट के कमेंट सेक्शन में आप अपनी समस्या बयान कर सकते हैं लिखित में. उस के साथ साथ आप को अपनी फेसबुक तिमेलिने पर एक वीडियो बनाना होगा और उसका लिंक यहाँ कमेंट में पोस्ट करना होगा. आप का ईमेल पता डालना अनिवार्य होगा. यदि आप अपना फ़ोन नंबर भी डालते हैं तो आप की समस्या का समाधान जल्दी हो सकेगा. If you need Support on Any other Issue, YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE A VIDEO First put it on your FB timeline and send a message on Only Then will you get Aam Press Support !

यदि आप का वीडियो और लिखित विवरण आम प्रेस की सम्पादकीय दिशा निदेश के अनुसार रहा तो हम आप की मदद करने का पूरा प्रयास करेंगे . If Your Video and Written Description Meets the Editorial Guidelines of AaM Press, we will make our best efforts to Support you. Your Video could be aired – either as a Share from your Facebook Timeline or as a Repost on our channels.

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  1. Pushkarjha says

    Sir congrats to you bhakt Kum ho ga you are a real Robin Hood

  2. Munendra says

    hi Aam press…

    I’m really impressed with your work..
    the way you make the videos, Is really appreciative.
    Everybody doesn’t have this courage to fight with ill system/management directly without any fear but you are doing in perfect manner.
    I would like to take ur attention towards selling of liquors more than MRP at all shops in bathinda. One day I wanted to purchase qty-4 beer bottles. At first shop the MRP was 180 and selling price was 220 and the other brands were also 50 rupees approximately higher than MRP. The same thing was with four other shops in bathinda. Finally I had to purchase kingfisher for rs. 180 which mrp was 133 only.
    I request you to expose these vendors.

    thank you!

    1. RobinHood says

      I would have been glad to pick this up had it mot been an alcohol issue.

  3. Niesh Kumar says

    Sir , I am suffering from a problem that Myntra send me wrong product and now he refused to accept your.the return sir Please help

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video. I will be happy to support. Check guidelines on

  4. Mohd Imran says

    पुनीत सर कहाँ हो, इतने टाइम से न कोई वीडियो न कुछ, और तबियत कैसी है अब आप की?

    1. RobinHood says

      Not too well Imran.

  5. Amar says

    Hi apko msg nai jaa raha

    1. RobinHood says

      Read your messages. Have never used any wrong words for PM. So please watch what you say !

      1. Aditya says

        Hi this addy form Brisbane Australia I like to make some travel video and if like me to make video that my I’d

        1. RobinHood says

          That would be great . Send us some of your existing video links Aditya.

  6. sanjeev rana says

    sir, please give your contact number i am sanjeev recently i started selling on flipkart computer and printer etc. some buyer doing fraud with me they order multiply product with different id and when product delivered they ask for replacement due to damage then they send back to me another product which value is only 1500, and my product value is 18900 like this i have 10 to 12 return but filpkart not doing regarding this please i need help please contact to me my contact number is 9996353274

    1. RobinHood says

      Follow guidelines and make a Video Sanjeev.

  7. sanjeev says

    sir, please give your contact number i am sanjeev recently i started selling on flipkart computer and printer etc. some buyer doing fraud with me they order multiply product with different id and when product delivered they ask for replacement due to damage then they send back to me another product which value is only 1500, and my product value is 18900 like this i have 10 to 12 return but filpkart not doing regarding this please i need help please contact to me my contact number is 9996353274

    1. RobinHood says

      As discussed

  8. Rachit Agarwal says

    Sir i have a flower shop in kolkata by the name of Florianaa.ome month ago agent of just dial came to me with the services they offer .at first i was impressed so i gave him the post dated cheque and ecs mandate form with signed contract. Next day i had called the agent that im not interestd in any services so to cancel the deal..the agent told ok will return the documents within 15working days…I had also stopped my initial payment .after some days money got debitted through ecs system.the company is now telling the agent has now left the job and he never informed the company about such cancellation of deal.please sir i want you to help me with farud Just dial company to stop my ecs paymnt.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Rachit Agarwal

    1. RobinHood says

      Rachit, follow the the guidelines on this post and make a 3-4 minute video on your facebook timeline and send me the link as a comment back here. Will happy to support you.

  9. S sagar says

    Sir i am S Sagar from assam the situation of assam is really not good its been almost more then a weak, it is fully flooded, the situation of the largest river Island here in Assam is almost about to sink but the whole country is not aware of it,
    Through you I hope we can spread the situation about the Assam and rest the part of North East

    Love from assam

    1. RobinHood says

      I understand your pain and plight. Instead of sharing o video link of a page, I would have been very happy to support you had you shared a link of your own timeline with audio and giving evidence that what you are showing is of 2019.

  10. S Sagar says

    Sir I am S Sagar from Assam the situation of Assam is going out of control the river Brahmaputra started to overflow this overflow of the river Brahmaputra is affected the places in Assam, the situation of the largest river Island in the world majuli is also not good it is almost about to sink sir through you I want to raise the situation about the Assam and rest part of North East because no one is aware of the situation of northeast
    Love from assam

    1. RobinHood says

      Watch this video make one . I will be very happy to support you if you follow guidelines and make a video showing what support people on the ground need.

  11. Nitya says

    Hello sir
    Maine makemyorder website se ek refurbished Mobile buy kiya tha Mobile dead receive hua MMO NE kaha return request kar dijiye refund kar denge , Maine return kar diya return slip b h ab na mail ka reply karte h na phone Receive karte h na refund kiya phone b wapas le Liya
    Kuch help me sir
    Order no. 1100116662

    1. RobinHood says

      No Video No help Nitya. Ask your friends to make a video for you. These are very strict AamPress Guidelines for support

  12. Vedant Kumar Mund says

    Respected Robinhood sir Vedant here. Sir, on 16th July you asked us the solution to the problem which was created by the ICC rule which gave England the win. Sir I came up with a solution in the comments and you asked me to make a video on it. Sir I have made a video on it. Sir I am leaving the facebook link of the video below.

    Sir above is the facebook link of the video. Please forgive me for the mistakes I made sir as this was my first video, I will try to curb mistakes as I continue making videos. I hope my video will be published on the Aam Press website, Aam Press facebook and Aam Press Youtube channel.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Vedant Kumar Mund

    1. RobinHood says

      Aam Press guidelines talk about uploading videos on personal timeline if you want content to be shared not from a Page.

  13. Subhasis Dey says

    hellow sir, Myself Subhasis Dey, From Kolkata. Just Watched & Comment on your live video. I’m very much excited to come live with aam press. I think its a great opportunity for me.. I like your talking…
    my contact number 83898XXXXX. email facebook ID

    1. RobinHood says

      Was a pleasure speaking with you. Sad that you are not on broadband otherwise we woud have done #VideoInVideo

  14. nilesh kumar says

    sir mere sath galat hua hai..main ranchi jharkhand ka hoon..maine swiggy se food order kiya..main childhood se jiss restraunt ka khana kha raha hu usse pehchanuga nahi?? maine ranchi ke famous restro kaveri se khana order kiya..aur khana mujhe roadside kisi shop ka diya gaya..maine jaanbujh kar uss item ko order kiya jo main hamesha khata hu kaveri se..aur wo item hi changed tha sir..maine turant pakad liya ki mere sath fraud hua hai..Maine swiggy walon se chat bhi ki par unhone koi action nahi liya..aap to aampress wale ho..humari madad karo..main nahi chahta ki koi dusre ke sath bhi aisa ho…bhaut muskil se apka email mila hai mujhe..

    thankyou sir
    your fan
    Nilesh kumar

    1. RobinHood says

      Make a Video on FB timeline about your issue and send me link if you want support !

  15. DIPJYOTI says

    Hello sir! This is DIPJYOTI a Bank Employee of ICICI Bank from Assam a big fan of you. I watch all your videos on YouTube. And the thing I love most and I got in yourself which is you’re enough straight forward and loyal. Completely satisfied with all your videos and l enjoy the way you react to those people who are wrong!! Great sir

    Some days ago one incident happened with me also and the main character is State Bank of India. Regarding that issue I wanted to talk to you once if possible please send me a hi on whatsapp at 9101864629. I’ll be grateful if I get a hi from RobinHood!!! #aampress

    1. RobinHood says

      Hello Dipjyoti. Thanks for your feedback. Fo any issue you may have Make a Video By following guidelines.

  16. Hakeem Sohail says

    Hello sir
    How are you
    I am from Kurnool District Andhra Pradesh India
    I want your mobile number

    1. RobinHood says

      Mobile Number cannot give. You write your issue and your mobile number. If need be i will call you.

  17. Taj Uddin says

    Good morning sir aap kal raat mein job Life Mein Aaya Tha YouTube mein Tu Bhi Main thoda bahut comment kiya tha isliye Shayad aap naraz ho gaya Sar Aisa kuch Baat Main nahi bola aap mera Baat mein Bura Mano Maine suna aap ka cancer Ho Gaya isiliye Baar Baar maine bola tha sar aapka tabiyat kaisa hai lekin aapne Koi answer mere ko nahin diya uska Baat aur 2 3 command kiya tha aap naraz ho kya sar aap naraz Nahin hona sach mein sir aap ka video main main Hamesha Dekhte Rehta Hoon Lekin kabhi bhi Koi comment nahi kiya tha aap Jab Se channel Shuru kiya tha Tab Se Aaj Tak Aapka Channel main follow karke a a raha hoon Bas Itna Hai sar mera kuch galat hoga to mujhe maaf karna

    1. RobinHood says

      Stay blessed always. No Hard Feelings my friend.

  18. Rajat dadhich says

    Sir! for a long time i was following the fake facebook…and it was uploading a lot of political stuff…which could create a false image….It has around 4.5lacs likes….So! my suggestion to you is you could appeal all your youtube & facebook followers to go and report your fake page….if many people will do it facebook will take action.

    1. RobinHood says

      Yes Rajat. Noted. Hopefully Facebook will take action soon on Fake page.

  19. Abishek says

    Please help me sar amozon cheat me 31000 I have unboxing video also available he can send me some old camera I am order a GoPro Hero 7 camera I am unboxing video available please help now I am pay your charger also

    1. RobinHood says

      Your Phone Number please ?

  20. Inan says

    Hii sir love ❤😘💞😍

    1. RobinHood says

      Thank You Love to you too

  21. Gauarv gupta says

    Hello sir ! I admire u the most,as i have seen some magic in u and as well as in your videos i just want to tell to that i am your big supporter whatever u do i will blindly follow u …….
    I m 19 yrs old and i have found u at my earlier age as an inspiration….

    1. RobinHood says

      Dont ever follow anyone blindly !

  22. Mohineesh Ahuja says

    Hi Sir

    I am Mohineesh Ahuja from Delhi. I love your videos and also pray to god for your good health. You are doing a good work. I will be happy to support in any which ways.


    1. RobinHood says

      Your support and love is much appreciated from the heart Mohineesh.

  23. Inam bagban says

    Hii sir

    Sry, want to see live video but busy in work so can’t saw your last video but i just watched and feeling sad to hear that… Stay healthy sir
    Soon you will be fit n fine… Inshallah

    1. RobinHood says

      Thank You

  24. Hiral rathod says

    hello Robin hood sir I am a blind person I am from Gujarat Rajkot mein bahut dinon se aap ki videos Sun Raha Hun bahut motivation milta hai aapki video sunkar really ek bar aapse baat karna chahta hun please please please please I request you sir it’s my humble request jab aap hospital se free ho jaaye ek bar baat kar lijiyega sar I am big fan of yours I am very thankful to you aapki vajah se mujhe a motivation mila hai I hope aap mere comments ka reply jarur karoge thank you so much sir may god bless you and get well soon my number is9979354746

    1. RobinHood says

      Wish you all the best in the world Hiral

  25. JPS says

    Last week I had seen a video of Mr. Sharandeep singh from Hoshiarpur owner of 6 to 10 Burgers. As he was doing job in organisation and he left to start it. I am also doing job as Manager in a Indian Organisation. As per today scenario, market is going unnecessary tight and people like me are scared to survive but want to do something.
    So I feel that I will have to learn his skill (PREPARATION OF FOOD) from him and will do in my present town, For this I need your help, as I didnot know him directly but want that If you plz become a messenger/ medium.

    1. RobinHood says

      Have sent him your number 🙂 After the Video i made with you. All the best . God Bless.

  26. Irshad ahmad says

    Sir aap ko aur aam press ko mera ‘aadab’
    Sir main apne fb k dost k fraud mai fas kar apna paisa us ko de chuka hu ab jab ki main 26 /11/2018 se main us se apna paisa maang raha hu wo nahi de raha hai.meri us se baat hoti hai kabhi kabhi us k 5 no. Hai mere pass
    +91 9514742222
    +91 7502123455
    +91 7094213648
    +91 9594628416
    +91 7039394575
    Meri dosti fb par kareeb 6 ya 7 saal pehle hui thi jafar hussain f, main road , chidambaram ,taluk,tamilnadu us time main ek add dala tha fb pe apne masalo k kharidar k liye tho phir jafar se meri baat hui main us se baat hui mujhe banda sahi laga maine maal tamilnadu currier kar diya kareeb 15000 ka maal maal recive k baad usne mujhe paisa daal diya phir aisa hi chalta raha mujhe bola ki ‘bishmi royal food’ k naam se hai aur phor ye agent ka kaam suru kar chuka tha logo ko job dilata tha mujhe bhi isne bahot kaha ki tum bhi karo bahot achha paisa mile ga maine mana kar diya .
    Kuch time baad mujhe laga ki mujhe dubai try karna chahiye aur maine jafar ko bola ki mujhe dubai main job chahiye
    Par usne mujhe Malaysia k liye bola maine kaha nahi uae jaunga par usne mujhe whatsaap par Malaysia ki jobs details send ki
    Main kaha ki main jaunga par workparmit par
    Main aap ko short main bata ta hu jafar se ye deal hui ki 1lac 75000 par mujhe work parmit Malaysia mai job dilaye ga aur chenni aa kar medical aur Malaysia ambessi mai biometric formalities ka mujhe hi paisa dena hoga hotal aur lko se chenni jane aane ka mujhe hu kharh karna hoga
    Aur phir last year bakraeid aane hi wali thi ki jafar ne mujhe bula liya chenni bola urgent hai aana padega immigration aur medical hona hai mujhe flight ka urgent ticket nikalwa na pada aur 12aug.2018 ki raat ko mai chenni airport pahoch gya airport k bagal mai hotel airway inn waha par hum dono ne raat ruke meri id par
    Agle din malasiya immgration office pe jafar ki jo company ka banda tha us se mila CASIO AIR TRAVELLS (P) LTD. PHONE NO. 28589393, 28589394 us bande ne casio ka sticker mere passport pe laga diya .phir hum log medical k liye AL-HARAMAIN DIAGNOSTIC ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFIED HAMID BUILDING , 3RD FLOOR CHENNI PHONE NO. 28418489 main mera medical huwa jiska 4500 diya maine 2600 Malaysian immigration office pe biometric k liye diya aur 13 aug. 18 ko hi maine jafar hussain f k icici bank ki chidambaram branch a/c no. 615105500106 45000 rupees lko de dalwa diye jis ki mere paas receiving hai transation reference KCD754004070106 Hai maine return ticket liya huwa tha 14aug18 ko main wapas lko aa gya
    Usne 21/08/18 ko mujse kuch paisa manga phir maine 10000 icici a/c no. 615105500106 jiska ref. No. Hai KCD768500030106 HAI phir icici a/c no. 615105500106 13/09/18 ko 7000 dale jiska ref. No. KCD811480110106 HAI aur phir
    Kafi time ho gya koi news nahi mili parmit ki phir 01 /10/2018 ko maine jafar se baat ki work parmit ki us ne bola “MALAYSIA MAIN KUCH PROBLEM CHAL RAHI HAI JO LOG WAHA HAI UNKA WORK PERMIT BAN RAHA HAI PEHLE IS LIYE TUM JANA HOGA 1WEEK MAIN AAP KA PARMIT BAN JAYGA IS LIYE MAIN 15 DAYS K WORK PERMIT PAR AAP KO JANA HOGA ”
    Mera bahot paisa lag chuka tha isliye mujhe uski baat maanni padi phir jafar hussain ne mujse baaki bachi rakam ko bhi dalne hoga 15/10/18 ko icici chidambaram a/c main 615105500106 main 40000 transfer kiya ref. No. Hai KCD873947700106 HAI AUR USHI TIME PE 15/10/18 KO KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK A/C NO. 9413287206 MAIN 49000 cash a/c main dala jiski mere paas cash deposit slip hai
    Phir jafar hussain f ne 27 /10/2018 Malaysia visa aur ticket kara diya 26/10/18 ko main flight le k lko se chenni pahoch gya aur ushi hotel mai ruka 26 ko hi jafar apne do satiyo k sath hotel aaya maine usko 20000 cash diya aur usne mujhe ek kulalampur Malaysia ka sim diya jis ka no. Tha 01128167966
    Aur mujhe Malaysia (immigration security clearance) ka card diya jo mujhe Malaysia k agent vinoth ko dena tha
    27/10/18 ko main kulalampur pahoch gya flight mai hi mujhe sim lagane ko kaha gya tha lagate hi mujhe phone aa gya vinoth ka aur vinoth ne apni setting se mujhe immigration se bahar nikal yaha tak tho sab sahi lag raha tha
    Par vinoth apne sath apni car main mujhe apne hostel le gya mujhe bola tha jafar ne ki hotel book hai us ka booking paper details bhi mujhe di thi par aisa kuch nahi diya vinoth mujhe kulalampur mai MIMTK KLANG ek jagah hai waha le gya aur phir 27/10/18 SE 09/11/18 TAK MUJHE HOSTEL MAIN HI RAKHA SIRF KHANA KHANE AUR NAMAZ PADHNE KO JATA THA BAHAR AUR MERA PASS PORT BHI RAKH LIYA VINOTH NE
    VIKKY BOSS k paas bhi mujhe bahot paresani hui VIKKY BOSS k yaha mujhe jabardasti kaam karne ko kaha gya mujhe karna pada mera passport mere paas nahi tha aur mera visa date bhi khatam ho gai thi
    Phir allah ne mere dil mai dala aur bina passport visa k main kalang k liye nikla aur phir allah ne ek bande se mujhe mila diya phir usne mujse kaha ki kisi tarah passport nikalwa lo main out pass banwa k tumko wapas india bhej dunga
    Maine net se indian ambessi se bhi help mangi ki main yaha fas gya hu mera pass port bhi ye log nahi de rahe hai aur phir main ek video bhi bana i apne hostel k bahar se jo hai mere pass
    Phir main jafar ko bola ki TUNE MERE SATH FRAUD KIYA NA THO YAHA KOI JOB HAI NA PARMIT HAI AUR NA MERA PASSPORT HAI MERE PASS AUR VISA BHI EXPIRED HO GYA HAI BINA PASSPORT K MAIN KULALAMPUR MAI TAHAL RAHA HU AGAR PAKAD GYA THO MERI JINDAGI BARBAAD HO JAYGI tab usne mujhe vinoth se bol k18/11/18 ko passport dilaye aur phir us bande ne mera outpass banwaya phir ja k main 26/11/2018 ko main wapas india lko aaya sir
    Sir pure 1 month main jitni takleef maine uthai hai main bayan nahi kar pa raha hu main aise logo se waha mila hu jo salo se agent ka sikar ho gay hai wapas aane k raste band ho gay hai
    Sir msin naam tho nahi lunga par kaafi log mujhse bol rahe hai ki ab kuch nahi ho satka
    Sir hum log kuch karte nahi hai is liye agent logo ki himmat badhti jati hai par mai ladunga .jafar hussain jaise log lakho rupai haram k bana rahe hai khamosh rehne ki wajah se
    Sir mere paas sari baate type hai main us ko aap tak pahochana chahta hu
    Jafar se meri kabhi kabhi baat ho jati hai par us ko lagta hai ki mai koi complain nahi karung aur aaj bhi uska ye kaam jari hai
    Sir meri madad kijiye mujhe lagta hai ki aap meri madad kar sakte hai sari details sare paper tickets jo bhi ho sakta hai sab mere paas hai
    Sir Mera whatsaap no. 7238946815

    1. RobinHood says

      As discussed

  27. GAURAV DAS says

    hi sir
    i have sent u an email today with subject hockey is not a national game please have a look as i cannot attach pdf here as i dont find the option
    last night i did watch ur video about late major….but i want you to know India has no national game ..we have been thought wrong in schools till date haha its sad situation of the education system,,…but as its a media channel of yours in youtube i thought to correct it

    1. RobinHood says

      Wow !!Send me your number Gaurav ! Lets talk.

  28. Dr Narender yadav says

    I m Clinical Nutritionist in Gurugram.I,ll make sure u r heartattack proof,diabetes proof,obesity,cancer etc if u follow the my very simple diet plan… I asked u many times but u didn’t reply me… if u want to cure urself permanently then u call me on 9540772627.

    1. RobinHood says

      Been trying some Naturapathy

  29. Ayush gupta says

    Gud evening sir! Mera naam ayush h …main bareilly se hu …aaj main roadways se jaa rha th or mere sath meri ek chota sa cardbox th jisme mera kch saaman th …bareilly to budaun Rs.59 lagte h ticket ke …mere se Rs.50 us box k liye gye … kha likha h aesa ki luggage ka b rs. Dena pdta h …please rply me …

    1. RobinHood says

      Lagta to galat Hai !

  30. Gaurav gupta says

    Sir, grt to see u at home …… jaysi hi apko kal live video m ghr pr dekh aakhe bhar aayi thi sir ……pheli baar itna emotional connect hoa h kisssi se …..thk you sir for being such an inspiration🙏🙏

    1. RobinHood says


  31. VIKAS TIWARI says

    Food rotation video ab tak ksa sabse best and sabse jyada usefull video. Mujhe bhi aapse ek salah leni thi. Agar aap de to mujhe help milegi.

    1. RobinHood says

      Thank you Vikas. Salah wala sawal to aap likhna hi bhool gaye

  32. Aditya Chawla says

    I am Australia from last 10 year and I am citizen as well I can make some video from new students comping to Australia as well

    1. RobinHood says

      Send us some existing links of videos you have created.

  33. Gaurav gupta says

    Sir last video m jo akshay mishra block the une unblock krne ka option aap ke pass hi hoga mene bhout dekha nhi mil rha ????

    1. RobinHood says

      Send me your number lets have a chat if you want to continue as a Moderator…

  34. Gaurav gupta says

    I myself gaurav gupta from agra , age 19+, mob 9761086484 . WANT TO APPLY FOR MODERATOR JOB????????????????????????????

    1. RobinHood says

      Capital Letters and a million question Marks ?

  35. Yashul gupta says

    Sir I want to be the moderator….I have so many ideas for our aam press and also it will empower me and this will be very good experience for me ..

    My 7770812902 as you said

    1. RobinHood says

      Dear Yashul,
      Thank you for your interest. I would have appreciated if you had shared your ideas rather than leaving it open ended.
      Also, your comment in today’s live video disqualifies you from being a moderator.

  36. Harvinder Singh says

    Want to be a moderator.

    1. RobinHood says

      Request noted.

  37. Chemical loccha says

    Want to apply for Moderator job. Let me know the salary as well. I will send my CV soon.

    1. RobinHood says

      Its a voluntary position.

  38. Rajat Dadhich says

    Sir! I have being a following aam press videos since a long time….and its disheartning to see some of your videos like “efforts and results” where you talk about the growth of the channel….I am too small to suggest….but being a viewer of youtube…I have some suggestions:
    you mostly make live videos on youtube which are of almost an hour….which your regular viewers love to see(including me)……..but a new viewer will not be intrested to see such long videos without knowing you…… you should start making some trending suffs videos or like a movie review video…just to increase the viewership base….and side by side keep making videos about daily life lessons, live videos,pungi ,hazir jawab just like now …….I may sound dumb while talking about movie reviews but I think it would work…you can ask this from viewers in next live video…..Chetan bhagat once told a story…”madari bandar ka khel dikha ke bheedh ikhata karta hai….and fir bheedh hoti hai toh woh bag se nikal ke apna product sell karta”This is not directly relevant to you……but i hope you got my point.
    Jai Janta
    Aam press supporter

    1. RobinHood says

      Appreciate your comment Rajat. Something is on the cards 🙂

  39. says

    I would love to give you suggestion as dog feader.. please are facing problem in feeding stray dogs..
    Give them platform to come up with video and there problems as police and government is of no help..
    You can find groups on Facebook to permote your self for There help.. we need platform like you..
    Please think about it..

    There are many groups with lakhs of people as followers..
    You can check and think about giving them voice on your platform for voiceless animals

    1. RobinHood says
  40. Priya wal says

    sir how can i contact u with video call

    1. RobinHood says

      Purpose ?

  41. Nikhil Bagore says


    I know that the probability of this message getting read is low, but still, I kind of have to say this.
    I’ve been following this page/channel for about one and half year now. I don’t generally follow this kind of channels, but I had good vibes about this one. On FB, first ever ‘top fan’ badge I had was for this page. I don’t know if you remember this, but once, about a couple of months ago, on a live YouTube video, I commented about fake Aam Press pages on FB. Because I really care about this page.

    But lately, I stopped getting those vibes, which was main reason for me to follow this page. Hence, I am leaving this page on every platform. I respect/admire your intentions, courage and understand what you are trying to do. I also understand the difficulties in running something like this. So, nothing bad to say. Just good wishes for Aam Press and your health, and a farewell, of course.
    I am sure you will reach the heights you’ve always wanted to reach. Good luck! 🙂

    1. RobinHood says

      Don’t be such a pessimist that the probability of your comment being read will be low. Here is a reply as well 🙂

      Thank you for your support this far.

      Take care all the best…

  42. ishkaran says

    sir i need some help please

    1. RobinHood says

      Buddy you should write what help you need

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