AirAsia #Pungi XT852 Promise Breakers Vada Khilafi Mehngi Padegi

AirAsia #Pungi XT852 Promise Breakers Vada Khilafi Mehngi Padegi

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AirAsia #Pungi XT852 Promise Breakers Vada Khilafi Mehngi Padegi

Respected Sir / Ma’am,

Good morning!

Hope you’re doing well….

My name is Amey Kadam.. I’m from Mumbai, India.

I have been seeing your videos on YouTube and they are really eye openers for the indians and I salute you for that.

This mail is regarding my flight ticket refund…

I was traveling from Manila, Philippines to Mumbai which was a connecting flight.. Manila to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai on 30th March 2018…

When I reached at the Kuala Lumpur airport at the Air Asia counter I got to know my flight to Mumbai got cancelled due to their technical issues…

When I asked them how will I go back to Mumbai, they gave me two options:

1- wait until 2nd April 2018 as there were no flight to Mumbai in between the days, and they will provide accommodation.

2- Chose a flight to other Indian destination ( New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar) and from there you book your own flight to Mumbai which can be claimed to Air Asia via filling e-form on their website.

I chose the 2nd option with New Delhi flight and booked my own flight to Mumbai as I had my important commitments.

Further they told me back end team will reach out to you in 4-5 business days. I’ve been following up with them by calling the customer service representative but they are saying now it can’t be refunded we will take 14-15 working days… And back end team will respond to you..

I don’t know what these people are doing.. one person says you’ll receive other person says you won’t… They’re also not clear about their timelines…

Kindly help me on this issue…

Amey Kadam
Contact no. +9199206XXXXX, Air Asia PNR Number : XSGQ2X

Other passengers from the same flight are also welcome to raise their refund issues via Aam Press. ~ RobinHood

  1. sayyed says

    dear sir
    i m ali sayyad
    i purchased max bupa health insurance from since 2014 as per the company policy the waiting period is 2 yrs
    my sister got admited due to maternity and the cost of maternity was approx 48000.
    in the maxbupa claim document it is clear that the amount is 35000 to paid
    where as in my case they give me 25000 intimation on 3rd april 2018 which they promise that it will be paid by 10th april 2018.
    today is 11th april still i have not received my claim
    plz help me in this case
    my cont num is 8898957865
    ali sayyed

    1. RobinHood says
  2. asif says

    sir plz make a video on kathua rape kaad for support that small girl

  3. Yusuf lala says

    I m surprised that sir you are still quite…………. Ek 8 sal ki bachhi ko jis tarah rondha gaya kya sach me ye mere mulk hindustan ki tehjib hai………. Me to nahi manta………

    1. RobinHood says

      And I am surprised Sir that you are so impulsive and judgemental

  4. Mohammed Sajid Shaikh says

    Hello Sir,

    I am an NRE account holder with HDFC bank, My account has been blocked without any reminder or information email, last week have deposited 155,925 Rs and it was not deposited in my account than I had check online it was saying that contact to your bank, than I have send email to my branch manager he informed me that your account is blocked and he asked me to complete Re KYC. Now I have filled all form and submitted Re KYC confirmation 3 days before still there is no update about it. when I did Re KYC notification came within two working days it will get updated. today morning again I have send email to branch manager he send email with more 2 form and now asking me to submit it again now again it will take more 2 3 days. I was sending this money to my mom from Saudi Arabia.

    1. RobinHood says

      Sad. Make a Video by following the guidelines and I will be happy to support you.

      Click Here

  5. Rahul Kaushik says

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction with your service regarding the warranty of the laptop (Legion y520), I bought from your store (Digitronics Infosolution, sector 8, Rohini, New Delhi) on 9th October 2017.
    As per your offer of extended warranty for 2 years I paid Rs. 999 and the representative told me they would send the details within few days. But I received no such information. I called them after 1 month for same and they denied that there is no warranty on my laptop and that I never paid for the warranty.
    I showed them the bill but they made excuse telling me that the person whom I purchased the laptop is now transferred and that they cannot help me for that. I called up ther other outlet (Digitronics Infosolution, Wazirpur, New delhi) where the representative put my request in process. I waited for 15 days and again no response from them, they are not even returning my calls.
    I then visited their store where I got another excuse that the promoter mistakenly registered warranty for some other customer and now it was not possible for them to register my warranty.
    I Registered a complaint in INGRAM regarding this matter.
    This is highly disappointing, I request you to please look into this and let me know asap.
    Sending here Laptop serial Number and Bill Invoice Number.
    S\N :PF0WJP5U
    Invoice/N: RL/0195/17-18
    Sir you can help me in this i have bill of my laptop which I purchased of 75000 and i payed 1000 rupee for extended warranty 😞

    1. RobinHood says

      If you copy paste an email you wrote to someone else, and expect me to act on it by playing guesser, wont happen in my next 100 lifetimes. Play smart Buddy.

  6. Trushit Patel says

    Just found out that comments are only answered on website only but I didn’t knew where to post comment or How TO START A NEW TOPIC so I posted this comment on a random topic so I am sorry for that
    NEW TOPIC: IPL is a one of the biggest scam in India everyone knows that. Players from all around world are SOLD in ILP at very high price ,which indirectly means currency from India is moving out to other countries as players are all over world. Hence for non Indian IPL is another way for making money ,why IPL can’t held with only Indian players there are lots and lots of players at a little stage who needs a chance IPL can be that chance for them. Also there is a lot of water use in IPL ,For country like India having water crisis such a waste of water is such an mistake due to which whole country suffers. Hence I just wanted to say and make others aware about that IPL brings no proud to India. Another thing to be noticed not only India have premiere leagues but also other nations but Indian players are not taken. I hope I am able make you understand the whole thing and raise voice in one of your videos
    Trushit Patel

    1. RobinHood says

      Very Valid Points. Best is to voice your opinion via a Video and we will be happy to support you.

      Watch This.

  7. Manjeet says

    Oh come on, #Sridevi deserved a #NationalAward for many other movies. Be it Sadma, English Vinglish or any other performance. You give her for #Mom out of sympathy?

    1. RobinHood says

      India is an emotional country

  8. Abhishake Missra says

    Hello Mr. Piyush,
    Wanted to share a photo to make you aware that your & Aam press’s image is been used for political propaganda. But couldn’t find a place on your website to upload a photo. BTW just asking is it you yourself promoting a political party or it is a fake fb page who is doing it???

    1. RobinHood says

      Fake Page. Let the dogs bark.

  9. Ayub XXXX says

    Hello Sir,
    I want to bring to your notice a multi thousand crore banking fruad. And this time it is Union Bank of India.

    Union Bank of India is fooling people since last year and till now they have gulped in multi thousand crores. I have all the evidences with me. This would be an another banking system of the nation. I want you to please review the facts and get this news broadcast.

    For details/facts on the case please send me an email on

    1. RobinHood says

      Let the games begin…

  10. Amandeep benipal says

    Apne bina kisi bat ke mujhe fb par block kar diya jan Sakta hu kyu menu itne vedeos ko Like kiya kya faida huya mujhe

    1. RobinHood says

      You are welcome to connect with us here. Because we only respond here.


    sir mera aur mere sath 67 bacho ka selection UTTARAKHAND POWER COOPERATION LIMITED Mai OFFICE ASSISTANT III mai waha h aur humara final result 13 may 2016 ko aa gaya tha per abhi tak hume joining nhi
    de gaye h hum sabe bache bahut jada persan h plzzz sir help kare humare sir aapko hum result send kar rahe h
    plssss sir help us

    1. ` says

      kaisa yaha uttarakhand h aur kaise uttarakhand ke sharkar h jo exam pass kiye bacho ko joining nhi de rahe h. Pura 2 saal ho gaye h per abhi tak UTTARAKHAND POWER COOPERATION LIMITED Mai OFFICE ASSISTANT III mai 67 bacho ko joining nhi de gaye h

      bache bahut jada persan h per sharkar ke pass bacho ke sunne ke liye time nhi yaha h double engine ke sharkar jo kuch nhi karthe h

    2. RobinHood says

      Happy to Support. Follow the guidelines and make a Video first and send me back the FB link here as a reply comment.

  12. Krishna chinna says

    hello sir,
    main apka lagbhag har video dekhta hu..
    apke har ek video me ek power and enrgy hota hai.
    Or ye mujhe bahut hi strength deta h.
    Mere life me aise bahut hi incident hua h jo ki wo wrongly tha but main uske against kuch kr nhi paya..but apke videos dekhne ke baad mujh me josh aa gya or kabhi v kahi v kuch galat hota h wnha pe main insaniyat ke liye apne or samaj ke haq ke liye apna awaz uthata hu..
    In short, you are my hero and i am glad that abhi v india me aise log h jis se hm kuch sikh sakte h..
    I am really appreciate you..
    Good job sir,,hats off.

    Sir agr ap mere mail ka kuch response de to mujhe bahut khusi hoga.

    Thank you.
    One of your fan,,Krishna chinna.

    1. RobinHood says

      Thank you for your comment and appreciation Krishna.

      Glad that my work is inspiring others like you.

  13. Abrar Ahmed says

    I need ur help sir plz wer should i post my video and story of incident happened to me plz reply my mail sir its important

    1. RobinHood says
  14. Harish Kumar Naidu says

    Hello sir,
    Good day to you & Janet ma’am, hope you’re doing well with blessings of almighty & best wishes from the people all over the world for your noble cause.


    1. Since last 3 to 4 years we’re paying our electricity bill through “online bill payment facility- via debit card”.

    2. Since modi ji started promoting PAYTM now BEST is giving absolutely no option for paying bills through “online bill payment facility – via debit card” there is a link that connects you to DIRECTLY TO PAYTM.

    3. Sir, I DONOT want to create any account with PAYTM, IT IS A PRIVATE COMPANY from CHINA moreover its my own personal reasons. I request BEST to please keep the gateways open for paying electricity bills through “online bill payment facility- via debit card”.

    4. Entire scenario looks like BEST is imposing people to use PAYTM for payments, by closing “online bill payment facility- via debit card”, which i feel is not right, I am not saying to remove PAYTM, keep PAYTM as an option also keep “online bill payment facility- via debit card” too.

    5. I am sure there are other people facing the same problem, we need you to shed your light on this topic please.

    Regards & all the best.
    Harish & Disha

    1. RobinHood says

      I can still pay my Electricity Bill via Net Banking. Which city or state are you talking about ?

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