Admission Fees and Donations

गाड़ियों के लोन ०% पे मिलते हैं और एजुकेशन लोन १५% पे. क्या यह सही हे ? Car loans at 0% interest and Education loans at 15%. Are cars more important than education? Get videos direct on WhatsApp send message "YOUR CITY NAME" TO +91 99-200-80-700


Hello Mr. Robinhood,
My name is Suhail Kazi I live in New York one of my friend is a doctor she has done MBBS from India Mumbai and now she would like to go further with her study. She wants to be gynecologist but the problem that she is facing is admission fees which is more than she can afford I still don’t understand one thing is why do we have to pay so much amount of money for studying further ?

To me it’s seems like business now days they make money out of it and they benefit themselves but no one else, even if you go to the bank for the loan you still have to pay almost 15 % interest on that for the education but if you want to buy a car they gives you loan with 0% interest what an idea sir jee,  so what’s the important thing in life is it a education or buying a car?

India is one of best country in the world and whenever someone asks where am I from? I always tell them that I am coming from the country where people are born intelligent (India) we guaranteed have smart and intelligent pupils in our India but somehow they sacrifice their desire to be something in their life and they could be something but their parents are helpless because they don’t have enough capital for their kids, please Mr. Robinhood we really need to take action against this.

Or else why can’t we open a charity where everybody can donate a little amount of money like 1 rupees per person a day. This might definitely help. If you would like to start, I will be first one to donate. This money will be used only and only for education purposes. You have become a star now and people trust you. In fact India trusts you and people who live out of India too.
You have very bright future ahead and all the best we love you ♥️♥️♥️

RobinHood’s Reply:

Thanks for your email Suhail. A lovely Idea. We will take out time to open up a NGO for such collective efforts.  🙂 Great idea. Am putting up your post on the website to let the idea sync in to other viewers too.