100 Crore Fail… Democracy Pass

100 Crore Fail Sorry Yedurappa Uncle You Had to Resign. There is only as much as you can stretch a rubber-band. A little over do and it breaks up. Karnata 2018 Elections seem no different to me.


100 Crore Fail Sorry Yedurappa Uncle You Had to Resign. There is only as much as you can stretch a rubber-band. A little over do and it breaks up. Karnata 2018 Elections seem no different to me.


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  1. I am sorry to say but do you really think that this is the way democracy won…..I am not any bhakt. But I really feel pity on u. U represent media and do u think this way. Anyways, I feel sad. Thanks.

  2. कल तक जिन विधायकों की कीमत 100 करोड़ थी

    आज फिर 2 कौड़ी के हो गए

  3. Dear Robinhood sir , aaj apne fb pe jo live kiya . Iske bare me kuch bolna chahta hu.
    1st of all thank u for being a unpaid n neutral journalist.
    2nd and my point is apko nhi lagta ki agar congress jds ko support ke liye age nhi ata to horse trading ke dwara other parti govt form leta like other states( like manipur ,megalaya etc) . Muje lagta hai ki congress ne bithe dino ki election se kuch sikh liya hai.
    Iske bare me aap zarur kuch boliyega.
    Waiting for ur bichar sir . Thnk u…

    • Does Congress with 78 Seats Not Command even the respect from the other coalition partner for the CM Seat ? What a Weak Congress I would Say ! And thanks for your comment here. You will start seeing a Lot of LIVE Only Videos on Facebook now, and after live Video will only be available on our YouTube Channels AamPressTV and AamPressDotIn Do Subscribe and Click Bell for Notifications on Both Channels.

      I appreciate and respect and thank you for your viewership.

      • U r right sir . Congress is a weak party now copare to other parties.
        Now sir please clarify me , ki congress ne sehi kiya ya galat kiya. Ha maximum mla rehne ke bawajud vi unko cm ki seat nehi mili ye to odd lagta hi hai. But muje lagta hai atleast unko govt banane ka mouka to mila. Aur agar aisa nhi hota to ‘democracy for sale’ ho jata av tak . Avi other party ko v lagega ki money power hi sob kuch nehi hota hai.

        • What they did I feel is sinister. They Could have still formed the government with a better stronger big brother deal with the coalition partner.

          Just because they did not, every other regional party will try to strong arm the congress in the future. And that will reduce a very old party to peanuts someday.

  4. Hi, now that congress MLAs confirmed that the bribe audio tape is fake, I believe you should clarify that there was no 💯 crores and also tell viewers that how congress tried to fool the India. Even you believed congress who lied only to everyone. There is no dignity in politics and congress proved that they are on rock bottom when in comes to truth and dignity. Hope you will take this matter for sure as I strongly believe that AAM Press is honest and impartial media house. Many are waiting for your reply on this issue.

  5. Hello Sir,

    This side Vardan Malhotra – your fellow countrymen and an old viewer of Aampress. I was skimming though my facebook today and came across a video which managed to lift my trust from large Indian Media housrs. This video reveals the Ugly reality of our news channels today. After watching this video, my respect for you and impress has increased manyfolds….. I would request you to please play this video on your platform so that people of India get to know that they are actually getting “what they want (mirch masala)
    and certainly not “what they need “(true reality).


    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work…. This country needs people like you!!!

  6. Sir in starting I get inspired by you that how you help people to face problem but from few weeks your videos are so useless mainly comedy videos. You are use for nothing.

    • Well. No one is putting a gun to your head to come and watch or write this comment. 🙂

      So i will play judge on you just like you are wanting to play one on one.

      And the Janta can decide the final outcome on who is adding value to society and who is trashing it up further

  7. Hello, had to put this here as you may not revert on email.

    I would like to bring your kind attention towards the beas river in Punjab. The colour of the complete river is black and it’s been continuously happening due to release of sugar mill fluid.

    That river is used for irrigation of farms and that fresh water river is of no use for farms. Furthermore, tons of fish found dead in that river due to these continuous toxic waste release. All the media is focusing on the politics, but what about the lifeline “Beas”.

    • Welcome. Saw your comment on live. Make a Little Video about your thoughts on the Beas river and pollution and propose some solutions Here are the Guidelines.
      I have written this comment to at least a 1000 people. Hardly anyone came back with a Video. And thats the way I would actually love to extend support to your cause.

  8. Hlo sir,
    Sir i think you have not heard a news about SP leader Ramashankar Vidyarth.I am telling you what he said that in front of the news channel”women should avoid wearing revealing clothes to avoid rapes.Men and women are built differently so they dresa up accordingly”.sir me yeh nhi samaj pata ki yeh log aise bol kaise dete hai.when these people are not able to make a law which protects women from getting raped then why these people are doing “bak bak” in front of media.
    Baghban na kre ki aisa kuch ho par jab inke ghar yaa parivar me aisa kuch hoga tab bhi yeh yhi baat kahenje.
    Thanks sir,
    For reading my comment

  9. Hello sir actually mein bhopal ka hu aur mujhe apki help chiye mene aur mere dosto ne ek mela ko managed kara tha aur uska organiser sunil pandey ji the aur usse meri deal hui thi 8 lack mein aur humko mila bas 1.80 sir sir mere 6.20 lack baki hai aur ab sab ghar a rahe hai hum logo ke jinko humse pese chiye sir plz help kariye hub sab student hai hum kese zinda rahege sir sir mere papa bhi nahi hai plz sir help me plz sir….. 8109217169

  10. Hello Robinhood.

    I saw quite a few videos where you are abusing facebook n mark z for banning bad words etc and saying go back to america. I find it funny. I understand there should be filter. But, You use their platform for free and take all the advantage to get publicity n viewership and abuse them. Same thing with youtube and insta. Have some respect. You would be nothing if these platforms didnt exist. Simple example is your website which cant even handle online video and you announced so proudly will move to website since march. Its kadwa sach.

  11. Hi Robinhood.

    I have few questions.

    1. Its been 3 years since u started aam press. Its not going anywhere. You are financially drained and viewers think its timepass. do you think it will sustain?

    2. Have you thought of starting a media channel not timepass free youtube but proper video channel.

    3. Does it add any value to ppl of india even though u scream and people think its a joke

    4. Are you planning to join politics since u got few fans now

    5. If you operate like *in a box* then it wouldnt grow.

  12. Mr Robinhood

    Do you have any proof of 100 Crores being offered? You seem to be very happy that BJP is defeated. Enough is enough now, stop your Chutiyapa now, your family will be feeling very ashamed after seeing their good for nothing son and on top of that doing these kind of silly acts. Either fall in line or get ready to get _______.

  13. क्या सर? आज जो न्यूज़ में देखा समझ में नहीं आया अगर आप अपनी भाषा में वीडियो बनाये तो शायद हमें भी समझ में आ जाये।
    ममता बनर्जी जी जो हमेशा गरीब और किसानो की बात करती है, वो श्री कुमारस्वामी जी के शपथ ग्रहण समारोह में 100 मीटर क्या पैदल चली पहले तो कर्नाटक की डीजीपी नीलमणि राजू जी को सबके सामने डाट लगाई फिर सीएम को शिकायत की और अब उनका ट्रान्सफर कर दिया गया तो सर जब आप खुद 100 मीटर नहीं चल सकते तो आप उनका दर्द क्या समझेंगे जो दिन रात धुप में तपते है?? प्लीज रिप्लाई करना आपके रिप्लाई का इंतज़ार रहेगा! #aampressian

    • I am not her doctor to verify is she has a medical problem Rakesh. Right now, these days, i would have a problem to walk a 100 Metres. And she is a Lady. Lets give her the benefit of the doubt. And there are bigger issues at hand for everyone to tackle right now. But just like me you are always welcome to make a video about your feelings on your facebook timeline .

  14. Sir, ek baat bade din se dimaag me h….”swach bhaarat” a lovely concept…or uske sath juda hua smart city …. Smart city ki ranking me aane k lie sheher saaf hone lgte h , nagar nigam safai karamchaari bhadaa deta h…. Or ek gaadi aane lgti h roz subah gaana bjaate hue or expect krti h sabhi se k vo kuda usi me daale ….. Bada sahi h ji …… Kch din to gaana suna kr gaadi bolti h free service h ji ….. To log bhi interest dikhate h ji safaai rkhne me ….kch din hote hi vo nagar nigam k log ek badi si parchi laa kr thamaa dete h Rs.50 / month ki ….. Ab jab kisi gareeb jhopdi vale ko 50rs dene honge apni jeb se to bhla vo q daale kuda usme vo to ji mufat me kisi kone pr hi daalega na ….fir vha hojata h swach bhaarat tae tae fiss…..

    • Inviting you for a Live Video with me on this issue. Send me your contact number. Also send me Download and Upload Speed Results from an App called Speed Test

  15. Dear sir i am your regular viewer..sir 19 may k baad apke website pr koi new vedio nhi show kr raha ..
    Me yeh isliy v puchh raha hu qki mems fb pr live vedio k daaurn apse ek sawal puchha k.

    NHAI K dhandhli k opar vedio bNana chavhta hu apka tips chahiye ..but us tym net cut gya jb apne tips diya ..dubara us vedio ko dhundh raha hu mil nahi rha ..theek se yaad to nhi .but vedio 7:30 morning ka.22 ka tha sayed….
    Plz reply sir g

    Veer arya