गुरप्रीत जी ने इटली से सवाल पुछा.
कौन है रॉबिनहुड, आप करते क्या हो, और आप का टारगेट क्या है ?

मैंने सोचा के चोट सा विडियो ही बना दूं तो सबको जवाब मिल जाये

मेरा नाम पुनीत सचदेव है और यह नाम मुझे मेरे माँ और पिता जी ने दिया और मुझे इस नाम पे उतना ही गर्व है जितना रॉबिनहुड पे. में रॉबिनहुड के नाम में इस लिए वीडियोस बनाता हूँ ताकि कभी भी पुनीत सचदेवा का अस्तित्व आम प्रेस से बड़ा न हो जाये और हाँ एक आशा भी है की मेरे वीडियोस देख के आप के अंदर का भी रॉबिनहुड जागे. आम प्रेस वह सुनामी है जो अब रुकेगी नहीं.

में एक ६ सिग्मा सर्टिफाइड ब्लैक बेल्ट हूँ जिसने ३३ साल की उम्र में कॉर्पोरेट वर्ल्ड त्याग दिया था. मेरा प्रोफेशन एक अंक ज्योतिष का है जो वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण से आप के अंकों, लिखाई और हस्ताक्षर का विश्लेषण करता है.

अब में आम प्रेस भी चलता हूँ क्योंकि में यह मंटा हूँ की भारत में ७० साल की आज़ादी के बाद एग्जीक्यूटिव, लेजिस्लेचर और जुडिशरी ने उतना प्रोग्रेस नहीं किया जो करना चाइये था. जनतंत्र का चौथा स्तम्भ मीडिया को कहा जाता है और जब में आपने देश के मीडिया को देखता हूँ तो मुझे वह ऐसे प्रतीत होते हैं जैसे किसे जूथ को सौ बरी दुबारा दुबारा बोल कर सच साबित करने की कोशिश कर रहे हों .

तो वास्तविक सच है क्या ? और आम इंसान की आवाज़ सुन कौन रहा है ?

यह ही है आम प्रेस …. आप की प्रेस …मेरी प्रेस… हमारी प्रेस …


Gurpreet Ji from Italy asked me a question.

Who is RobinHood ? What do you you do ? What is your Target ?

So I thought I might as well make a little video so everyone knows.

My name is Puneet Sachdeva, (that is the name that my parents gave me) a name I am equally proud of as I am of my alias, RobinHood. I make videos in the name of RobinHood, so Puneet Sachdeva never becomes more important than AaM Press. Well, it is also to inspire others to speak up, stand up for change, and maybe make little videos and contribute to AaM Press, the Tsunami which won’t stop now !!

A 6 Sigma Black Belt from former Corporate Life, from which I retired at 33, 8 years ago,  am a Numbers Scientist.. a Numerologist, a Graphologist (HandWriting and Signature Analyst) by profession.

I now run AaM Press because I believe the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary has not made the kind of progress in 70 Years of India’s independence as I would have liked to see. The 4rth pillar of democracy is the Media, and today’s media seems so very biased in turning wrong’s to rights, by repeatedly playing them over on Prime Time.

So what is the Real Truth ? Who cares about Common people?

This is AaM Press, Your Press, My Press, Our Press.

~ RobinHood

N.B. Free Registration for Direct Updates on Whats App is now Open on www.aampress.in


  1. Puneet ji
    Ur intentions seems to be honest at the outset but years ago we believed in a person like AK too who is now sitting pretty in his cm’s chair where city’s condition has hardly improved.pls don’t become another “aam” aadmi.

    • Dear Varun,

      AaM Press is not associated to ANY Political or Religious Party or Institution. We Started AaM Press to Empower the Common People and Will Always Remain to be so.
      Thank You for Your Love and Support.

  2. Sir apki press har jagah honi chahiye or ha sir me bhi apke sath kam karna chahta hu sir plz join me robin sir
    Plz send your personal number & Rply jaroor dena
    From:Faisu vhora
    Halol, Gujrat
    Mo. 8866069382

  3. Dear sir,
    Mai bhi Kafi din se Aapke name Ko Janne ki Koshish kar raha tha Lekin Aaj jakr Pata laga thank you sir

    Great work I will support you

  4. When u started this…?
    I saw ur videos doesn’t seems to b old. Is this aampress will remain if any other party form government or exclusively for this Government….?

  5. Hello Puneet. I didn’t know you till last night I saw your videos on YouTube. And I must say you are doing wonderful job. And I really appreciate your wife for supporting you each n every time :-). And I watched almost 10 to 15 videos last night. I am one of your fan. I love the way you talk and you are full of energy , enthusiasm. Indian people should learn from you. You are one of the great example in India who support everyone who fights for everyone’s right. My email id is mohitpant20118@gmail.com and I want to join you and learn things from you .



  7. हमारे देश के मीडिया का इतना बुरा हाल है शायद कभी सुधरेगा की नहीं यह शायद मैं देखुंगा की नहीं ,लेकिन अगर आप जैसे पढेलिखे नौजवान अवाज उठाऐंगे तो शायद देख भी ले, शुभ कामनाएँ है Aam press को की इसकी आवाज से ऐसा तुफान आऐ की सभी को बदल कर रख दे। Wish you all the best.

  8. Hi Puneet, from where have you done your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification?
    Does your linkedin profile show the corporate career you had?
    I hope and expect transparent response.
    Cheers, Akash Bhai

    • Dear Akash,
      When you grow up you will realise when you use words like this “I hope and expect transparent response.” people with white hair sitting at the other end already get a red alert that the unknown person who is asking me a question, which is personal at one level, already doubts it. Second my Being a 6 Sigma Black Belt is a thing of the past and which has no direct co-relation with the work I do now. And thats when I still choose to give you the benefit of the doubt to spend precious moments from my life to reply back to you in the hope that some day you might learn what is the practical Meaning of the Word Humility ! 🙂 Take Care and God Bless You Always.
      And yes, if you want to play Auditor, try experimenting somewhere else. Would you like to send a communication to the PM’s Office asking him about his degrees, and put a hand on your heart and tell me if you even expect to get an answer 🙂

      And Thanks Again to you Akash Bhai, I created a Video Reply to you as well. Akash Bhai ke Sawal Ka Jawab

      • Sir You will comment on who will support you other wise you will not share your personal number on social media site if you will help the help less person i will find your number your all sites off Robin-hood and all resbeling that but you are not trust warty because i lives i Bandra and i show each and every thing. So bha ji loga da fudu kichna band kar do other wise mai fir hor kuch karunga. My Number is 9004821912 Rajan Singh any time when will you free call me but condition is that on same time i will also free……………..

  9. Hi sir I would like you to talk about removing admission in any institute in India on the basis of caste example SC ST. As even common people are suffering so why few people who already have money our taking the liverage. Thanks

  10. How can someone know what they will do tomorrow if they do not know that they will not have a heart attack before tomorrow arrives?

  11. Dear Robinhood,
    In a comment section one reply is given by Robinhood and nother one by Editor Aam Press. Can you please tell me is that only you who is replying or you have appointed someone for the post of Editor?

      • Mr. Robinhood, My question was raised just out of curiosity as i recently knew about your website after watching your few videos on social media. Your answer was quite humiliating at this begining stage. little harsh for NRI people like me. JFYI, In Canada people are little sensitive.They would love to get straight farward answer in regards to what they asked for. Still expecting proper answer for the question I have asked for. Thanks.

        • Whether you are from Canada or from PakodaLand, if you ask me a Question which has no relevance, I am being sensitive by not saying STUPID QUESTION, you will get a Reply like this 🙂

          God Bless You and the Turmoil in your mind on who answers these comments an Editor or RobinHood !

          And you know what, Take a Chill Pill if you can

  12. sir, why do not you start exposing fake news by zee news, and why do not you bring unemployment rape case issue to public domain. farmers are committing suicide why dont you create few videos on such issue.

  13. Dear Puneet Sir,

    I am one of your silent follower but, I have one question to ask you. Why are you using your alias as Robinhood? as far as I know robinhood is not Indian when you are always speaking about India and we are Indian why not you directly use your original name? as you mentioned that if you use your name it will become more important than Aam Press? why are you thinking like this way you may think as people will call you as Aam press?
    I request you to use your original name rather than Robinhood. Hamare naam main itni taqat hai ke hum kisi aur ka naam kyu use kare?


    • There may or may not be another Puneet Sachdeva! But there can be many RobinHoods 🙂

      Thanks for your love and support

  14. Sir ji, ek qes. H aapse ki AAP sbhi video me Bolte ho ki India ki Janta aapke sath h Lekin aapke 95-98% comments me aapko ma bahan ki galiya dete Hhhhhhhh ………ye logic muje smj me Ni aaya .kya AAP muje ye smjane ki kosis kr skte h roobin hood ji……….ye puchne ke liye Bura Mt manna…….(mkjat)??????

    • Jis din Janta Jagegee aur #Bhakton ko #HazirJawab Dene ka Sahas Karegee, us din, #ItCell ke Paid #Tattoo #Bill main Bhagte Milenge. One Man vs the #DirtyTricks Department. Takes time to win these wars. Lets them be happy winning the battles 🙂

    • We don’t have any vacancies right now.

      We are going to Start #LaunchPad Soon for other Content Creators. Stay Tuned.

  15. Hello sir it’s me Rajiv Das from Sikkim State actually everday when ever i will be free i go through your youtubes episodes and really i get inspired from you so please help me to expose some reality of our state which is going down day by day due to some rude politicians
    Awaiting for your kind concern
    My number 9735021157 as well as its my watapps number also
    Thank you

  16. Hi sir,
    मैंने आपके सारे विडियो देखे हैं। आपका देशप्रेम और आम आदमी के लिए मदद करने का भाव देखकर अच्छा लगा और गर्व महसूस हुआ। लेकिन कमेन्ट बॉक्स में इतनी सारी गालियाँ पढ़कर दुख भी हुआ। ये हमारे देश का दुर्भाग्य है कि जब भी कोई इमानदार आदमी आम जनता की मदद करने आता है उसे गालियाँ खानी पड़ती हैं। और यही जनता चोरों को पंतप्रधान बना देती है।
    रॉबिन सर आपको मेरी शुभकामनाएं।

  17. Sir my name is sarthak oberoi from agra sir I realy appreciate your positive attitude towards the cancer
    The medicine of cancer is laugh happiness I wish that you will get well and back soon

  18. I am watching your videos from last few years. But this is my 1st comment here.
    I really appreciate your thoughts. All videos are too good. big fan of yours. Best wishes sir.

  19. Lagta hai aap kuch naraz ho gaye the. Main keval itna kahna chah raha tha ke tabiyat ka khyal rakhen. Yadi acha lage toh phone ker lijiyega

  20. Mera keval yeh request hai ke jab bhi aap free rahein to plz kabhi-2 pbone ker lain. Mujhe aapse baat kerna acha lagta hai aur kyonki main nahi aapko ker sakta jaisa aap kah chuke hain isliye.