RobinHood on Triple Talaq

RobinHood may not be the expert on religious and constitutional laws. He leaves us with food for thought - Watch the video and remember to SHARE....


The Indian Supreme Court has passed the verdict that divorce by Triple Talaq is unconstitutional and void. RobinHood may not be the expert on Islamic laws or Constitutional laws, but brings on the thought, that if the right education and counselling is given on sex, relationships and if the country focuses on right employment opportunities then why would our country not improve.

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  1. Aap bhut achhaaa kaam ker rahe hai, main aap ko ek guzarish kerna chata hoon ager aap meri araz sune air jo mai case chaata hoon aap cover karo tu muje hardik prasanta hogi…..

    We are proud that a comman man is doing something extraordinary… And trying to make our system and society better .
    Jai hind
    Aapka ek prashansak
    Kamal Bali