Mumbai Rains ! Help Each Other !

Heavy downpour in Mumbai and the city is flooded. Why didn't the MET send out warnings before hand to take necessary action. However in all of this the spirit of Mumbai reaches out to help one and all. Keep it up Mumbaikars !!


The rains have been lashing since two days and Mumbai is flooded but Mumbaikars as always are strong and are reaching out to help others. All Gurudwaras, churches and schools are offering shelter and food – THIS IS THE MUMBAI SPIRIT.

Why didn’t the MET department send out warnings that SHOULD have gone viral? Isn’t their responsibility to warn the common people and take necessary action? Thanks to Shiv Sena. Aditya Thackeray’s sound advice on asking people not to leave offices early to prevent roads from getting clogged more than what they already are.