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Chowkidaar ka MaunVrat

Ghanta Chowkidaar

No Exam Stress. Message from Kids to Parents

Exams are just another toll gate not the be all and the end all of life !

Stay Dogs Street Dogs .. No Real Solutions till now

Shallu Duggal Requests for Solutions !

Ishq Ishq – PoemVideo

इश्क़ इश्क़ कहते हैं सब, ये इश्क़ नहीं आसान है, वो मेरी जाँ,  मैं उसकी जाँ, पर जाँ भी कहाँ अब जान है,,, इश्क़ इश्क़ कहते है........ मैं ऐसा...

Kabutar Fly Fly Fly… PnbScam Comedy#3

Common People Get Penalised for No Minimum Balance in ONE Month. The Big Fish Just comfortably fly away...

Comedy : Yeh KYB Kha Hai..#PnbScam

KyC Mane... Know Your Customer.. Aur Yeh KYB Khai ???

ये कैसा शहर ..Yeh Kaisa Shaher Hai …Kavita Poem

फूलों मे सुगंध नहीं तस्वीरों में रगं नहीं । हवा में नमीं है चेहरों पे गमीं है । ये कैसा शहर है ये कैसी जमीं है। पक्षियों की...

Khula Phatak… Rail Accident ….

Ministry of Railways, Government of India​ Piyush Goyal​ India Wants Answers !

Madhya Pradesh : Jackets and BlackBoards !

Are there BlackBoards in Schools in Madhya Pradesh .... or is Branding for Teachers Taking a Priority ?

उम्मीद…Umeed Poem by Senior Citizen

दवाएं लेता लेता थक गया हूँ अब दुआओं की दरकार है । निभाई जिम्मेदारियां अब जिन्दगी आराम की तलबगार है । कोशिश है अभी कुछ कर गुजरूं बस इक...

Vote Ki Keemat

AaM Press is Proud to present our Content Partner JassiJOfficial To Become a Content Partner with Aam Press please CLICK HERE

Vijay Mallaya to Pay 630 Crore to Singapore Company

And the Finance Ministry of India says they don't have a record of what he owes the Indian Banks !

Nehru Ji ki Galti Hai !

Cycle ke Tyre ki Hawa Nikal Gayee... Kaam Wali Nahin Aaayee....Chai Main Chini Kum Ho Gayee.. Shirt ka Button Toot Gaya..Zukaam Lag Gaya..

Modi G on Technology Use for Development and Destruction !

Modi G it is very easy to go travel the world and give lectures on the use of Technology! Nothing Yes Sir Nothing has...

#7KaDum Fitness Pehle Challenge

If you ever set yourself a fitness target, never let go of it till you achieve it. Stay Fit, Stay Healthy !

Shame on Aadhar Card Print Out

When a Woman cannot deliver a Child without an Aadhar Card Print Out, the country is going down very very badly.

TOP Ka Sawaal.. Full Text

Viewer: Sir hello.. This is Mridul ***** from mathura I am seeing your videos on fb are continously attacking P.M for pakoda statement Just a question....Dont you...

Naya Ishq aur Nayi Sarkar

A Poem by our Content Partner Vishal Singh Thakur

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Welcome to Learn and Work with AaM Press. आइये आम प्रेस के साथ निष्पक्ष पत्रकारिता सीखिए और अपने अंदर छुपे रॉबिनहुड को बहार निकालिये जो...

Subway लाइन पे आ जाओ !!!

भारत की आन बान और शान बहुत प्यारी है हमें !!!! Multi NatioNal #SUBWAYPUNGI 3 Jan 2018 The Clock is Ticking... India’s Pride Very...

सुचित्रा – लेडी एंकर कोलकत्ता से :: Suchitra – Lady Anchor from Kolkatta

क्या आप भी लेडी एंकर बनना चाहते हैं आम प्रेस के साथ ? या जानते हैं किसी को ? Would you also like to be a...

Mr Modi – Do You Have an Answer ?

It's Very Easy to Give Interviews to TV Channels whose Anchors Keep Nodding their Heads. Here are the Real Questions Mr Modi !