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Janta Ka Faisala

A 15 year old company that manufactures blended spices, now would like to offer their own brand of spices to the common people. Not...

Rohingya Muslims and TROLLS

The Central Government considers Rohingya Muslims as a threat to National Security. What about the TROLLS that spread foul language and hatred among people....

12:12 PM Ladies Special is Back !!

Inviting Ladies to send us your vidoes on Inspiring stories or any Issue you'd like to share. Please email us at Subject :...

GST Ki Kabaddi

GST is still a mystery to most in India, meanwhile some think they can extort money from the Common People by tweaking the numbers...

कहाँ है जय जवान जय किसान ?

India is a country that is know for agriculture and the army that protects our land yet, farmers and soldiers are being ignored in...

Domino’s Pizza Ke Keede !!

Domino's Pizza India India is NOT a DUSTBIN to let Your MNC Insects Roam Around Freely ! डोमिनोस पिज़्ज़ा ... भारत कोई कचरे का डब्बा...

Lucknow Central : Film Review

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Bhakts : Must Watch

AaM Press prides itself in being completely independent of political or religious affiliations. Here's Robinhood's take on certain bitter truths of our Indian political...

Thank You Indigo Airlines

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Exam Scam

Education Institutions are meant to be places of knowledge where students are given education to progress in life. However, these days it seems like...

3 Weeks after Independence Rape

3 weeks ago a little girl was raped on Independence Day in Chandigarh in the Children's Traffic Park. The rapist hasn't been found but neither...

अपशब्द Bad Words

If we want to stop violence, first let's stop foul language on social media for a better and clean environment. Get videos direct on WhatsApp, send...

Daddy Movie Review

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Khadi, Modi & Reliance JIO

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Gauri Lankesh Salute !!

A senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was shot dead in her Bengaluru residence on 5 September, 2017. She was known to be a fearless and...

NSUI, P.U. Candid Conversation

In a candid conversation with Nirjog Mann, Chairman NSUI, Panjab University tells us that they have an equal number of men and women on the...

56 Inch Nahin 5 Foot 6 Inch

RobinHood bringing a smile to his viewers. As always he never fails to do so. Watch out for the aeroplane wave !! Get videos direct...

Chandigarh Police Shines EveryTime !!

Dedication and being true to the task at hand is hard to find, but the Chandigarh police does a brilliant job every time. Hats...
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मोदी नोट नामा Modi Note Nama

मोदी नोट नामा एक मोदी को सर आँखों पर बिठाने वाली जनता है बेहाल पूछे सवाल सुप्रीम कोर्ट की फटकार ; क्या कर रही है सरकार दुर्भाग्य...

Insha Ram

AaM Press stands for Harmony among all religions.To Subscribe to our Videos on WhatsApp Send Message "JOIN" to +91-99-200-80-700

सुचित्रा – लेडी एंकर कोलकत्ता से :: Suchitra – Lady Anchor from Kolkatta

क्या आप भी लेडी एंकर बनना चाहते हैं आम प्रेस के साथ ? या जानते हैं किसी को ? Would you also like to be a...

India Pakistan Peace Prosperity

आओ हाथ मिलाएं शांति और खुशाली के लिए . Come On. Let us Join Hands for Peace and Prosperity ! Get Our Videos Direct...

Taking India Forward

Welcome on Board , Tejasvi Sharma ! We look forward to your next Appearance on AaM Press !