Kabutar Fly Fly Fly… PnbScam Comedy#3

Common People Get Penalised for No Minimum Balance in ONE Month. The Big Fish Just comfortably fly away...


Common People Get Penalised for No Minimum Balance in ONE Month. The Big Fish Just comfortably fly away…


  1. Sir watch this video
    The IT minister is so ignorant and doesn’t even have basic knowledge on cyber security. And when a certified ethical hacker is showing him in what ways devices can be hacked, he’s so obsessed with saving his govt. on the matter. For no reason he’s trying to make a general awareness matter into a political one.

  2. Hello sir,
    I am Arun from Ludhiana. Please help me, if tc (ticket collecter ) of Indian railways do misbehave with any passenger(me) or physically hit. What stand should be taken.

    Arun saggar
    Thanks &Regards

  3. Sir, I m dinesh.
    His comment is on your video named politician ka kharchaa.

    Actually this spent are done by the people’s(jinhe aap khte hai bhakt, wo big bade level waale).

    As I think I replied to our question.

  4. Jo log note bandi ka hisab 1 sal mae nahi kar sake kaise wahi log 6100 cr ka diamonds or jewellery ka valuation 2 din mae kar dale?? Sab kuch pahale se set tha. Mae khud bhi ak jewellery dealer hu. Itna sara jewellery ka hisab or valuation wo vi 2 din mae jst impossible. Ye ak bohot bara scam hai. Ap kuch boliye iske bare mae. . Sridebi ke chakkar mae pura matter to media mae dafan ho gaya.

  5. To
    MR robin hood

    First of all let me make u clear i am not a modi bhakt.

    Nw i am a frequent facebook user so i listen ur videos wenever u post or someone shares it. One thing i am sure that you are a anti BJP person who connects all the problems with government directly or indirectly. We citizens of india gave so many precious years to CONGRESS n thr were only scams of thousands of crores of rupees and a PM who only has degrees to show nothing else. You gave this many years to congress bt cant give bhajapa 5-10 yrs…

    Instade of making this mind washing videos and shouting thoko thoko and all go out and help people and prove you are a true robinhood, yesterday you raised issue of a disabled person who cnt go aadhar centre, no doubt what happened is worse bt instade of shouting n catching publicity go there n help that person n show government citizens have to do this work bcoz government personals are not taking any responsibility.

    In short instade of making videos to gain publicity n trying to wash others brains work for people.. u look like a literate person, so any educated citizen knows that you have to give any government some tenure to change something or to do good for there country.
    Aab itne saal ka kachra 2-4 saal me to saaf nahi ho sakta na.. think before you react.

    A true and irritated indian