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आम प्रेस को आम लोगों की आवाज़ को बुलंद करनें मैं बहुत ख़ुशी है. AaM Press is Happy to Support the Voice of the Common People.

अगर आप को किसी भी सरकारी सर्विस या निजी कंपनी से कोई भी शिकायत है और अपनी आवाज़ को बुलंद करना चाहते हैं तो आप सही जगह पर आये हैं ! If you have a problem with any Govt. Service or Private Company, and are looking for Support to Raise Your Voice, You Have Reached the Right Place !

कृपया एक बात समझिये की हमारा सबसे बड़ा काम था एक मंच बनाना जहाँ आम लोगों की आवाज़ सुनी जाये. अब आप को बस थोड़े से कदम चलने होंगे ताकि हम आप की मदद कर सकें. Please Appreciate our Biggest Job was to Create a Platform so that Voices of Common People can be Heard. Now you will have to take a little effort to let us help you.

इस पोस्ट के कमेंट सेक्शन में आप अपनी समस्या बयान कर सकते हैं लिखित में. उस के साथ साथ आप को अपनी फेसबुक तिमेलिने पर एक वीडियो बनाना होगा और उसका लिंक यहाँ कमेंट में पोस्ट करना होगा. आप का ईमेल पता डालना अनिवार्य होगा. यदि आप अपना फ़ोन नंबर भी डालते हैं तो आप की समस्या का समाधान जल्दी हो सकेगा . Write a Comment on This Post  – www.aampress.in which Includes a written Description of your issue and a Link to your Facebook Timeline Video of the Same Issue. Your Email Address is Mandatory. Mobile Number Speeds us the Process to Help you.

वीडियो कैसे बनाना है  Guidelines for Making a Video:

अपनी समस्या से जुड़े सारे तथ्य बताएं. कोई कंप्लेंट नंबर,  बिल नंबर, इत्यादि. आप का नाम , तारीख, और आपके शहर का नाम बताना अनिवार्य है. Mention the facts of the problem Clearly. Include Details of Complaint Numbers of Bill Numbers where required. Your Name, Date and Your City Name is Important and Essential.

  1. कैमरा में देख कर वीडियो बनायें, स्क्रीन में देख कर नहीं Look in Camera – Not the Screen
  2. वीडियो बनाते वक़्त ध्यान रहे की पीछे से कोई शोर गुल न हो  No Back-Ground Noise
  3. लाइट अच्छी हो और आप के चेहरे पे हो न की कैमरा के लेंस पर Good Lighting on Face & not on Camera Lens
  4. फ़ोन को सीधा पकड़िए सेल्फी मोड में Phone in Selfie Mode and Vertical, Portrait
  5. ध्यान रहे आप को वीडियो ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा दो मिनट को हो .. जितना छोटा उतना ज़्यादा शेयर होगा Max Duration 2 Minutes. Max 40 Secon Videos Are the Most Effective !
  6. अपने वीडियो में एक निवेदन करें आम प्रेस से आप की मदद के लिए With a Request to AaM Press to Support and Help You

यदि आप का वीडियो और लिखित विवरण आम प्रेस की सम्पादकीय दिशा निदेश के अनुसार रहा तो हम आप की मदद करने का पूरा प्रयास करेंगे . If Your Video and Written Description Meets the Editorial Guidelines of AaM Press, we will make our best efforts to Support you. Your Video could be aired – either as a Share from your Facebook Timeline or as a Repost on our channels.
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  1. Dir sir Mai ek company Mai job krta tha bha meni 1.5 years kaam kiya but contact Bess pe Na to mare salhre bdayi Na company role pe kiya but jab meni abaj othayi to mujhe nekal Diya gya begr writing pepper diye or Na pf no Diya Na una no Diya Na esi no why?
    Company name Radish टेकनलौजी add, kasna greater Noida dist,g Guttam Buddha nager

  2. Sir mere nam Mohamed Asif hai my Karnataka Bangalore Karnataka hu.aur ab my KSA me job Kar Raha hu ..sir mujey yek information Chahiye tha…my KSA se yek 32 Inc ki led TV Lana Charan hu key mujey is pe Bangalore me airport me custom charge ye Gst charge deyna padey GA … please mujey batai ye

    Aam press
    Hamari press
    App ki press
    Amm Janata ki press

  3. Bde sir bde bhai aur humare guruji robinhood serious topic hai hlp chahiye hi chahiye video bnani hi pdegi ispr mere dost log bht suffer kr rahe hain nd maine unse bola hai ki m robindhood sir se baat kroonga wo ispr zarur video bnaenge

    We, on behalf of all the aspirants of Different SSC (Staff Selection Commission) Exams, wants to urge you to kindly do a story on Apathy of Government Exams, which are mired in controversies such as corruption charges, extremely slow process, lack of transparency, lack-lustre attitude, inefficiency, multiple court cases. Lakhs of candidates prepare for these exams every year with their heart and soul. those who have given the exam in 2015 are still waiting for their Joining. Vacancies are dwindling day by day.

    The attitude of Commission is so dull that, they do not pay any heed to any of our grievances.

    Kindly help us to do a story on this, we are ready to provide all the resources, including all the Data and MASS FUNDING. it will also help you to expand your reach among aspirants.

    Naveed ahmad

  4. मुझे शिकायत है सर एक सँस्था भारतीय ग्रामीण कृषि कल्याण ।

  5. sir meri ek problm h mere father indian bank m job karte the jo ki 1jan 2016 ko expair ho gye banks jo sru m companssion k tor pe apointment ki bat kar rhi the fir ab last m ake mana karne lage h suru m to sab thik tha sab log bol be rhe the ab last m ake mana karne lage h mene javab maga to mana karne mene bank se pucha ki kya h economic criteriya to baya be nhi plz sir kuch gaid karo.

  6. Hallo sir,
    Mera name sonu Verma h… Mujhe apki help chahiye….. Mai techmahidra I. T park Chandigarh me job krta tha. 1 din Mai bimar ho gya jis Karna Mai job PR na ja ska or iski info mene apne TL ko di PR fir bhi mere TL me Meri leave ni legal jis Karna mujhe terminate kr diya gya tha jiski complaint mene company k head office me bhi ki PR unhone bhi meri koi help ni ki… PR majburn mujhe labour court me Jana PDA. PR wha see bhi mujhe response ni mil raha… Mere case ko 1 sal hone ko AA gye hai PR mere case ka abhi tk kuch ni hua… Mai TB se let kr abhi tk berojgar hu. Please meri help kr do Mai apka abhari rahunga

  7. Hi sir,

    Want to lodge a complain against a organisation known as Umanohealth Care, they do false commitment with employee and now whatever they have told me do I have done everything regarding company favor,now it’s time to take on because they are not realising my salary even after my accident(left leg fracture)so sir need your help from you.even I have made my video.

    • Dear Anand,
      We are sorry to hear about what happened to you. Since you have followed the Steps in the Link Above that is http://aampress.in/do-you-need-support-madad/, we are Happy to Support Your Cause by Sharing Your Video. Since You Have Used the Logo of the Company in Question, we cannot download the video and share it on our timeline, as requested by you, because that is a Violation of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Company in Question. Even if we share Your Video from Your Facebook timeline, we hope your issue will get enough Traction to help get you to a resolution. In Future if you or anyone else contacts us, they should also mention their email address and Mobile number in the comments along with a Written Description of their issue and their own Facebook timeline Video Link.

  8. Sir I love you aam press.
    Sir mery ek dost hai jo CCD ME kam karti thi use tochar kar ke nikal diya hai.
    21 month se ccd me job karti thi.
    1st level se menegar tak aae to use banana bna ke nikal diya.
    Ccd har kisi new ko job deti hai aur use 21se30ya40 mohino se nikal dete hai. Kyu ki us selery 11hajr tak aane lagti us selery me 2 new people ko job dede gi. Ye policy hai us logo ki. Us ko apna manjil tak pahuchne nahi deti hai ye gory company’s.
    Powai ccd cafe coffee day. Mumbai powai

  9. Dear sir,
    I was doing B.tech from RVD university, udiapur ( Rajasthan)
    But sir created one issue….. unfortunately my correspondence degree cancelled from supreme court because some fault by university that is matter or problem from side university not my even those who students was doing b.tech….so my fees not refund my college and university I am belong a normal family..1 lakh Rs. so important for me…sir me nd my other friend in big problems pls sir give me directions and help me….I know sir u r such a great person I seen your all videos on YouTube that’s why I learn good lesson in your videos…and so I dicided share my proboblm with you…. hope you will understand my situation… really am so upset …
    Under below my contact no. Pls sir talk me about my issues..it’s my humble request to you….

    Thanks & Regards
    Manish Kumar
    Place: jhajjar (Haryana)

  10. Mera naam anshu ali hai from katihar

    Mei 1 baar Delhi ke CP mei gumne gya tha apne dosto ke sath
    Or apko v malum hai road ke kinare bahut sare street shops hote hai
    Or mene dekha waha pr college ke students jo ki Muslims thea
    Onho ne v apni religion books ki shops lga rkhi thi
    Or kuch der baad 2 bnde aakr onko bolte hai ye sb yaha se htao or kuch der ondono mei baate chali
    Last last mei wo 2 bnde ne jate wwqt ye kaha ki ,hama raj aane wala hai
    Robin bhai ap ye btao iska mtlb kya hai

    Or 2sari baad

    Mujhe 2 ayse groups dikhai de raha hai ,jiski waje se
    Desh ke bache ,teenager,or youngers apni study or desh ki development mei se dur ho ja rhe hai

    1st group isis
    Ye log teenagerbor youngers ko negative motivate kr ke glt kaam kra rhe hai
    Or 2nd group
    Orange cloth wale
    Ye wo log hai
    Abi se hai bacho ko lrna sikha rhe hai
    Or ye v wahi kaam kr rhe hai jo isis kr rhe hai
    Bndo ko group mei lao or dhrm ke naam.pr guns use kro or maaro
    Or orange cloth ka v yahi kaam hai

    Road or jane wale bnde ko v tbi jane dege
    Jb wo ji siri raam bole ga ya or v sentences ,wo ap v jante ho

    Aakhir aysa pressure q

    Robin bhai ap kya isme kh skte ho

  11. Dear Sir,

    I am Rakesh Sharma, co-founder and CEO of a start up called Zymin Fitnesss.
    Couple of weeks back I received a call from Axis bank (money collection department) inquiring regarding a person called Vishal Kanhere.
    As per them, Vishal used to work in my company. But I clarified that I just know Vishal through a common friend and I or my start up has no association with him.
    Later that they I received 3 such calls from different numbers, but on all calls the voice was similar. My answer was same for all the calls.
    After that I am getting such calls from Axis Bank on regular basis.
    Couple of days back 2 recovery agents visited my office for the same reason and we informed them that we have no association with Vishal what so ever.
    Now yesterday I received a call back from the same recovery agent and I have recorded the entire conversation.
    Its just a 7-8 mins audio file, but on hearing this audio clip you will realize the frustration that I am going through.
    Thank you.
    PS. I am getting calls from their land line number: +91-2262301241.
    I have confirmed that this is Axis bank’s number by visiting 1 of their branches.

    Rakesh Sharma,
    CEO/ Co-Founder,
    Zymin Fitness.

  12. Sir my name is Vishnukumar Jadhav he…sir Muze rto se bohot taklif ho rahi he or problem bhi ho raha he….sir puri details dena chahta hu….pls contact me…

  13. Sub: Need your help to raise someone’s voice

    Respected sir,
    I am your big fan following you and do admire your every act through fb lives….
    I am a biker from heart.my 4 riders friend who are deaf and dumb came from karela on their bikes to our prime minister representing all Indian deaf and dumb(45 lakh) to raise their voice and their rights in community.
    They are here in delhi from about 1 week and PMO office never replied them yet.
    We need your support and want to raise our voice through your fb live.
    Hope you understand and help us Robbinhood sir.

    Thank you from our heart…
    Deepak jangra

  14. Sir jaipur me khadda basti se muslmano ko hata kar govrment ne jgha di thi.vo log vha aaram se rhe rhe the.
    Jis k bvajud pas hi rhene vale kuch log gadiyo pr aakar gribo ko galiya dene lage or bole hindustan me rhena hoga to je shriram khena hoga or tlvare bhi lkr logo ko dara rhe the.
    Or jb police k pas log gye the vo log bhi bhut glat bol rhe h

  15. Hello ,
    Aam Press Team,
    I am a viewer of your vedios and a responsible citizen of the country who wants the nation to be as developed as other big nations of the world. But there are certain little things happening in this country which is against the welfare of the people, that is done by some people of the same country.
    Today, a person from my city posted a vedio on facebook on how HE and his SISTER was abused by a fellow auto-driver. You can have a look at this vedio, Here is the link for that vedio –https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156413370317323&id=561402322

    Respected sir,
    You can have a look at this vedio and the description of that vedio. The name of that person is Gaurav Bhardwaj.
    I also know that even after seeing this vedio on social media NO legal action is to be held against this person.
    The auto-driver was drunk according to the victim and still he had guts to say that “Mera koi kuch nai ukhad sakta” . But still there won’t be any action taken against this person. Untill and unless there is a vedio made by RobinHood sir on this issue.
    There was no police man in the police station and it was closed at the time of incident as described by the victim.
    I request you to take action against him.

    The description of this incident as given my the victim Mr. Gaurav bhardwaj is :–

    “”Today my Sister Gargi & I travelled in a share rickshaw from Kalyan Railway Station, West to Metro Junction Mall in the East during peak evening hours at around 7:30PM. Alongwith us there were 2 Females so I decided to sit in Front (4 passengers are allowed in Kalyan). The rick driver took off in a bad way and almost knocked off everyone who came on our way. Full on reckless drive by cutting other vehicles n other ricks… The female passengers and my Sister told him to drive slowly and evn I told him the same but he back answered us and continued to drive as per his unsafe style. The 1st lady got off in Patri Pool and after taking money, he again back answered her. After 500mtrs or so we got off. Now here the heated argument began. I had no change and took out Rs.100 note for Rs.20 ride. I gave my mobile to my Sister n told her to start recording the incident and also note down the number. Later came to know that the driver was drunk or may be he was on drugs. From the video you will come to know how pathetic he is. The onlookers were other rickshaw drivers who didn’t knew him and one Uncle came to help us and the rick driver back answered him as well. I then decided to go to the nearby police station to file a complaint, but to our surprise, the police station of Netivali Naka and Patri Pool, both were closed. Called up a Police Inspector of Dombivli and he suggested me to call 100 but this number only handles Mumbai City region and for Kalyan Region she gave me one number which was incorrect. I had no time to search another police station and complain as I was tired after traveling from Colaba. Hence I am posting this on Social Media so that it can reach to many people who travel daily by rickshaw. My intention is not to point the Rickshaw association and its drivers but to few drivers like this guy in the video who I think is not even a licenced rickshaw driver. Rickshaw Number MH-05.BG.9715″”@ThanePolice #ThanePolice Kalyan city Kalyan-Dombivli #KalyanPolice””

    I request to the team of AMPRESS to take some action so that people like this should be taught a lesson aa because they know that they will flee as they have some contacts with the nearest RTO officer.
    But we Aamjanta want to show that there is democracy in this country and you just cannot trouble a Aamaadmi on the streets of this country.

    This incident took place in “Kalyan,Maharashtra.”
    District :- Thane.
    My name is :Shubham. Gupta
    I stay in Kalyan.
    My contact number :- 8268995078.

  16. Hello Sir, mujhe pata hai main akela kuch nehi kar paunga .iss liye apka help .le raha hun..mujhe Janna hai ki main main yadi Mera issue share karta hun sach issue resolve hoga ?And ye sirf Mera issue nehi bahut sare bacho ka sawal hai.ek private company apni man margi chalati hai..To sir i request yadi help milega Main Puri kahani share karunga

  17. Sir Mai apne liye kuch nhi bol rha mai Pure desh k liye ekk big issue bata raha hu. Humare desh mai har aadmi medicine khata hai or 50 % log galat medicine khate hai uska sabse bada reason hai ki pure deah mai Unqualified person pharmacy or medical store chala rhe hai. Jhaa Pharmacist hona chaeye vha drug license Drug inspector bina dekhe kisi bhi Unqualified person ko dete hai. Medical wale नशे की दवाई देते हैं Jisse aaj ka युवा नशा कर रहा है!
    Iske liye aap apni awaz uthaye jo pure desh mai Rule and Regulations follow ho sake.

  18. सर ये भाई बॉबी कटारिया इनकी मदद कीजिये
    गुड़गांव के रॉबिनहुड कहा जाता है इनको
    वेसे तो इन्होंने से सेंकडो व गरीबो के मदद अच्छे काम किये है जो इनके फेसबुक पर लाइव देख सकते है आप भी
    गलती सिर्फ इतनी थी के कभी आवेश में आकर पुलिस के प्रति जो वो गलत करते थे उनका बोल देते थे ऐसा 2–3 बार ही हुआ
    हालांकि वापस कुछ देर में लाइव आकर ही माफी मांगी उन्होंने

    वेसे हरियाणा पुलिस तो प्रधुम्न केस में देखा ही था हमने अभी
    अब 24 दिसम्बर को बिना FIR उनको उठा लिया पुलिस ने
    सुबह कोई FIR रेडी करी ओर 4 दिन रिमांड भेज दिया
    4 दिन तक वो कहा है उनके घर वालो को भी पता नही
    यहां तक कि घर वालो ओर उनके वकील को FIR कॉपी तक नही दी गई
    4 दिन रिमांड बाद दूसरे थांने में 2 दिन ओर रिमांड पर भेज दिया
    ओर उसके बाद 2 दिन ओर फरीदाबाद पुलिस 2 दिन रिमांड पर ले गई
    कुल 8 दिन लगातार 3rd डिग्री रिमांड ओर बहुत ज्यादा टॉर्चर आज वो पैरों पर खड़ा नही हो सकता

    ऐसी ऐसी धाराएं लगाई की किसी केस में बेल न हो और लम्बी टाइम जेल में रहे
    जो धाराएं बनती भी नही उनपर वो भी लगा दी
    अब वो नीमका जेल में बंद है और कुल 8 केश लगा दिए गए है अबतक

    अगर सही जांच हो तो सब केस जूठे है और टॉर्चर रिमांड में कई सस्पेंड होंगे
    सिर्फ पुलिस की गलती में ऊंची आवाज में बोलते थे वो तो उनसे बदला और वापस ऐसा न करे इसलिए हुआ

    ओर धाराएं जो गलती है उसकी सजा दे तो कोई बात नही मगर एक आतंकवादी से बत्तर वयवहार किया जा रहा है

    आपसे निवेदन है आप आगे आकर मार्गदशन करे और सपोर्ट करे
    हजारों युवा साथ ही मगर उचित मार्गदर्शन नही है

  19. Sir mera naam he vishnu…
    Sir mene 2nd hand car liya he jo muze apne nam pe karni he….mene document ki procedures complite kiya hua he….sir RTO se bohot late ho raha he…abhi tk gadi mere naam pe hui nahi he….sir lagbhag 3 month ho chuke he….agar gadi lekar 3 mahine tk me gadi use na karu to hadi leke kya fayda…aur abhi RTO ke rules bohot faltu he…muze unke rules se bohot taklif ho rahi he…muze ye rules ekdam galat lagte he….kuchh matlab nahi he in rules ka….
    Agar muze gadi chalani he to kaise use karu….

  20. Sir Mujhe Jan na hai ki yadi koi bhi company (private limited) me hum job large hain and wo Kya rights hai ki employee bina notice main nikal dega.And yadi nikal ta employee ko Kya employee ko 3months ka salary dena chahiye ..Yadi hai to Kya procedures hai company against main Jane keliye.please help ..I need your help Rabin Hood Sir ..

      • Thanks Sir ,but Sir Har koi bhi company employee ese nehi nikal sakta.on the spot .kich to reason de kar nikalegi Na.han main manta hun yadi koi employee company ka rules Tod ta hai to usko integrity issue main company nikal sakti hai.but na mujhe koi information na koi mail Na koi bhi intimation nehi mila hai.mujhe january 01st ko bola gaya ki tum 02nd January se nehi aoge. Sir believe nehi karoge mujhe new Year main bahut bada jhataka laga.ye company esi company hai ki koi employee ka Na ESI Na EPF Kat ta hai .kuch bhi nehi government ka policy follow nehi karta hai..sir main abhi iss company ke against kuch bhi action nehi liya hun..reason ye ki Mera December ka salary nehi mila hai mujhe.and iss company ka salary har month 15th ko ati hai (means half of month) . And sir iss company pe yadi koi join karta hai Na joining letter na offer letter deta hai.kuch bhi nehi.salary slip bhi nehi deta hai . Thanks god me jhagad kar company se offer letter to mail par le liya hun.and mere paas sirf account main jo salary credit Hota tha uska proof and offer letter .bas itna hai..
        @Rabin Hood Sir :Request You to kindly help me and tell me the process how to fight against this company .and mujhe kuch nehi chahiye.but iss company ka bahut state main branch hai and bahut sare employee kam kar rahe hain .company monopoly chala rahi Hai..aaj marji hua isko nikal Denge..company main to 200se jyada employee kaam karte hain.to as per government rule PF is mandatory.
        Sir please help

  21. sir, please support us because no one support to us.
    Staff selection commission (ssc) conduct a examination ssc cgl-17 in 43 shift (approx 30 lacs Student fill the form and approx 16 lacs give the examination in 2017 which was held between 5Aug17 to 23aug17) but ssc didn’t adopted NORMALISATION in any ssc exam We want NORMALISATION in ssc exam and also ssc and also in ssc cgl-17 other organization do NORMALISATION in their examination for example GATE ,CAT , IBPS , RAILWAY etc.
    We are also file a case in CAT Delhi (in October 17) for NORMALISATION.

  22. Sir mera anish babu hai mai india se hu Kuwait me job kar raha mujhe yaha aaye huye 3 mahine huwe hai meri tabiyat kharab hai mai kaam nahi kar pa raha hu.mujhe yaha ke malik ne india wapas jane ko bola par yaha ke formen mujhe india nahi jane dete mujhe room par betha sija hai.please sir help me.

  23. Yaha company me koi medical facility nahi hai insan mar jayega magar company usko dekhegi bhi nahi.yaha kafi log preshan hai meei tarha.

  24. NBT: ब्रह्मपुत्र स्कीम की फाइनल कॉस्टिंग पर नहीं मिली राहत
    http://nbt.in/_hAOSZ/baa via @NavbharatTimes: http://app.nbt.in

    kya aap hmari pareshani channel pe dikhayenge…..Private builder to loot hi rahe the ab government bhi lootne pe aa gyi wo bhi din dahade…..13.92 lakh me 2015 tak flat dene ka wada kia UPAVP ne abhi 2018 aa gya h flat mile nhi kisi ko aur to aur 34% rate badha dia gya h…Matlab 13.92 ki jagah 18.75 upar se service charge free hold charge sewer charge 50 thousand alag se…..Registry amount bhi alag se apko sari details m mail kr skta hu…..Scheme booklet, Current news paper cutting , website pe inki details etc jo bhi details ya document chahiye wo sab….. Hmmm Allottees ka ek whatsapp group bhi hai jisme 80-90 log bhi hai ham sbne milke virodh kia but hasil kuch nhi hua…2000 Allottees hai total

    Government ne ek scheme nikali 2013 me UPAVP अल्प आय वर्ग के लिए सस्ते क़ीमत में फ्लैट jo 13.92 se 18.75 लाख ho gya 2018 me ghar dene ko bola gya 2015 but ab tak nhi mila…..

  25. श्रीमान जी को नमस्कार सर मैं आपका बहुत ही बड़ा फ़ैन हूँ इम्फ़ैट आपके हर वीडिओ को देख कर आम प्रेस पर गर्व महसूस करता हूँ और शेयर भी करता हूँ पर आपसे एक छोटी सी गुजारिश लेकर आया हूँ !मेरे हिसाब से आप एक बार विचार विमर्श अवश्य करेंन्गे! तो सर जी बात यह है कि आपने अभी तक जितने भी वीडिओ बनाये सभी किसी राजनेता या भारत सरकार के कुछ भी मुद्दे को लेकर बनाये हैं मैं आपसे एक उम्मीद लेकर आया हूँ

    बात है निजी कंपनियों की लूट की
    क्यों उस कम्पनी के कर्मचारी हमको फ़ेसबुक व सोशल मीडिया पर सर्च करके हम जैसे बेरोजगार नौजवानो को भारत के विभिन्न राज्यों से युवक व युवतियो को नौकरी(job) का झान्सा देकर बुलाया जाता है और ट्रैनिन्ग का नाम लेकर 2 से 3 हजार रुपए प्रति व्यक्ति के हिसाब से ऐन्ठ लिए जाते हैं! रोना तो तब आता है जब हमको ट्रैनिन्ग में यह सिखाया जाता है अब तुमको कैसे लूटना है! और क्यों ट्रैनिन्ग के नाम पर कुछ भी ना सिखाते हुये लूट्ना सिखाते हैं! आपने पुलिस कर्मचारी व भारत सरकार के कर्मचारियों की लाइव बहुत चलाई होगी!आप उस कम्पनी से जवाब मान्ग लो मैं आपका जीवनभर एह्सान नहीं भूलून्गा मेरा नहीं तो कम से कम उन युवक व युवतियो इस झांसा में ना आकर इस ठगी से तो बच जायेगे
    सर जी अब आप ही अनुमान लगाइये मेरे साथ 8 राज्यों के 36 युवक व युवतियो को बेवकूफ बना कर रुपये ऐन्ठ लिये गये थे 36x 2000=72000
    एक दिन की इनकम है यह तो

    मैं आम प्रेस से बहुत ही उम्मीद से यह गुज़ारिश करता हूँ और विनती करता हूँ हम सभी युवक व युवती की और से कि आप एक बार इस कम्पनी के बारे में विश्लेषण कर के दुनिया के सामने जरूर लाएन्गे
    वरना हम जैसे युवाओ का आम प्रेस पर से भी विश्वास उठ जायेगा

    कम्पनी के बारे सामञ्य जानकारी- DBA 82-सेक्टर मोहाली चन्डीगड
    सर जी मुझे आपकी news analysis का बेसब्री से इंतजार रहेगा

    • नमस्ते रवि,
      मुझे बहुत अचरज है की ऐसे कंपनियां मौजूद भी हैं जो लोगों को जूठा वादा देके ट्रेनिंग के नाम मैं पैसे ऐंठ रही हैं.

      आम प्रेस यह मुद्दा जरूर उठाइयेगी

  26. Google+
    Sent Mail
    Please me sir my salary

    Prem Pal Singh
    to Aampresstv
    5 hours agoDetails
    Dear Sir Very Good evening Pahle to sir main apka dil se dhanyvaad deta hun aapko sir aapka kaam mujhe bahut achaa laga meri yehi prarthana hai prabhu aapKo aur aapki family ko hamesa khush rakhen

    Sir mera naam prem pal singh hain main uttrakhand Nainital haldwani city ka rahne bala hun main abhi kuch dino pahle navi mumbai khaghar sector 35E me proviso complex hai usme main 22 din job kiya security Gard ka aur humne sanjay adulkar aur uske sath ke jo zuber khan hain usko bola ki hum kuch din kaam karenge uske baad hum kuch aur kaam karenge usne kaha thik hai 10000 mahine ki aapko salary
    Milegi thik hai sir karib 22 din ke baad humne bola ki sir hum kaam nhi kar rahen hai. Hume hamara salary de do hume ab kaam nhi karna hai hum ab ghar jana chahte hai. usne kaha thik hai aap chale jao par mahine ki 15 tarikh ko salari mil jayegi usi time hum aapki salary apke bank account me dhaal denge par aaj tak usne hamari salary nhi hai. Hai mere sath mera ek dost bhi kaam karta tha vo bhi hamare sath aa gaya ghar uska naam hai. Shekhar kumar par usne abhi tak paise nhi deye sir please help me

    Is ladke nhi bhi hamare sath kaam kara hain iska naam maneesh hain iska mobile number ye hain +918898922831 aur sanjay adulkar ka mob. No. Ye hain 7738984955 aur zuber khan ka mob. No. Ye hain

    • Dear Prem,
      यदि आप को किसी मदद की ज़रुरत है If You Need Our Support and Help
      नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें . जो लिखा है उसे पढ़ें. अगर आप हमारे द्वारा बताए मार्गदर्शन पर चले, तो आप को मदद करने मैं हमें ख़ुशी होगी. Click On Link Below. Read The Text. Follow the Steps and We will be Happy to Help You !

  27. sir mai soumajit goswami huh…from asansol.
    avi sir humara yehan ka sarkar tax lee rahe hai for cars and bykes.lekin sir humara desh ka raasta itni ghatea kyun hai sir?kya yehi sarkar ka aadarsh hai…ki aam public se tax ka naam per paisa loo..our apna jebe varo…agar yea halat hai to jaa kar vikh mango…humari khaat ke kamai ki paise pe kyun chini jaa rahi hai sir??
    ku6 4 mahine pehle diesel ki vau tha 58 ke niche…aj diesel ki vau hai sir 65…pehel 1500 ka diesel me 480 km gaadi chal ti thi…
    aj 1500 ka diesel me 380 km chal raha hai…diesel ka vau agar iss halat me baarte jayegi taab to raaste me garia kaam chalega…raasta ki traffic police 3 load walo ki jo motor cycles hai usme fine nehi daalte hai…jiska saab pappers sahi hai..uske fine daalte hai..darate hai…kyuki ku6 paise mil jaaie….harami log raaste me police ki waardi pahen k vikh maangte hai…kyunki saarkar usko vikh mangnte baitha kar rakhe hai…ki sarkar ko vikh ki paisa se uski jebe vare…
    hum aap ke saath hai sir…plzz joint me on your press…
    thanking you.

  28. Sir my self irfan khan from Mumbai dist thane, sir mujhe aap se ek help chahye me ek badi musibat me hoo plz sir plz help me, aap anpna no do me caal karonga ya fir aap karlo plz 8652124750

    • यदि आप को किसी मदद की ज़रुरत है If You Need Our Support and Help
      नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें . जो लिखा है उसे पढ़ें. अगर आप हमारे द्वारा बताए मार्गदर्शन पर चले, तो आप को मदद करने मैं हमें ख़ुशी होगी. Click On Link Below. Read The Text. Follow the Steps and We will be Happy to Help You !

  29. Plz sir desh me mar rahe swasthya vyawastha k liye v sarkar ko aaina dikhayen… Q ki bharat me or khas ker Bihar me swasthya vyawastha apne mrityu sayyya pe h… Bahot problem ho rahi h…. Plz sir. 😰😥😥🙏🙏🙏🙏

  30. Sir,

    Ek video bank walo ki banao, jisme koi disable person kaise apna kaam karaye. Main wheelchair user disable person hu. Mujhe ek baar bank me Jane se pehle 100 baar sochna padta h. Vahan guard se bolo to. Kehte h Hume permission nhi h gate Chor Kar Jane ki.
    Samjh nhi aata iske complaint kare ya request? Or kare b to Kahan. Aam press ki bahut video dekhi h or follow b karta hu.
    Please make a video as soon as possible.
    Thank you sir

  31. Hello sir ..sir chandigarh housing board sector 56 main bhi jo problems hai unhe bhi sir jara nazer main la dejeye …chote chote ghar hai aajkal housing board ne plenty or yearly tax vasool kerne ka naya rule pass kiya hai sir hum har saal kanha se denge paise plz sir its my humble request..do something for us ..

    • Dear Tajinder,
      Happy to Support. कृपया एक बात समझिये की हमारा सबसे बड़ा काम था एक मंच बनाना जहाँ आम लोगों की आवाज़ सुनी जाये. अब आप को बस थोड़े से कदम चलने होंगे ताकि हम आप की मदद कर सकें. Please Appreciate our Biggest Job was to Create a Platform so that Voices of Common People can be Heard. Now you will have to take a little effort to let us help you.

      यदि आप को किसी मदद की ज़रुरत है If You Need Our Support and Help
      नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें . जो लिखा है उसे पढ़ें. अगर आप हमारे द्वारा बताए मार्गदर्शन पर चले, तो आप को मदद करने मैं हमें ख़ुशी होगी. Click On Link Below. Read The Text. Follow the Steps and We will be Happy to Help You !

  32. Sir i have worked one company in delhi.After joining there i was being mentally totured,so that i have left the company within 15 days.the company has given me a laptop.now they are denying to give the salary of 15 days.i told that if you are not giving my 15 days salary ,i will not return you the laptop.they are thereting me in email that i will take a legal action against you and the company is telling that i will loddge f.i.r regarding stealing of laptop.please help me sir to get my salary.his office HR no is 01143010700

    • Dear Manish,
      Am Happy to Support. Follow the steps in the link.

      यदि आप को किसी मदद की ज़रुरत है If You Need Our Support and Help
      नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें . जो लिखा है उसे पढ़ें. अगर आप हमारे द्वारा बताए मार्गदर्शन पर चले, तो आप को मदद करने मैं हमें ख़ुशी होगी. Click On Link Below. Read The Text. Follow the Steps and We will be Happy to Help You !

  33. Robinhood जी कैसे है आप। मेरी एक विनती है आपसे। मुझे idea कंपनी वालो ने बहुत परेशान किया हुआ है। में बिल पेमेंट करके आता हूं पर उनका जो store मैनेजर है वो बिल पोस्ट नही करता । में सिरसा हरियाणा का रहने वाला हु। मुझे आपका व्हाट्सएप्प no चाहये ताकि में आपको सारे सबूत सेंड कर सकू । आज से 6 साल पहले में भी एक शाम के अखबार में काम करता था। मैं इस समय पर रात के 2।30 बजे आपको कमेंट सेंड कर रहा हु । अब आप समझ जाइये की कितना परेशान हु। प्लीज आप मुझसे contact करे। धन्यवाद… मेरा मोबाइल नो है

  34. ओर सर एक बात । मुझे आम प्रेस के साथ जुड़ कर काम करना हो तो क्या करना होगा। प्लीज आप contact करे मुझसे

    • Welcome to Join.

      अगर आप हमारे साथ जुड़ना चाहते हैं If You want to Join our Team
      नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें . जो लिखा है उसे पढ़ें. पेमेंट डिपाजिट करें. यह फ्री प्रोग्राम नहीं है ! Click On Link Below. Read the Text. Deposit the Payment. This is NOT a FREE Program !

  35. Sir. Delhi me Delhi cantt: area seeJo NH-8 h usse Hamare pm Week me 3 see 4 bar jate Hain Airport or NH-8 ko V.I.P bana Diya jata hai Jo ki 2 see 3 ghante band kr dete hai usse AAM janta ko kafi taqlif hoti hai or samye k sath kaam ka b nuksan hota hai or Hamare PM ki Jo polish hai wo kuch zyada hi battamiz hai NH-8 pr Bus ka wait kr rhi public ko aese bhagati hai jaese unhone vot dekr galti ki ho or jb VIP cars aane lagti h to sb ko kahi piche chipne ki DHOOOS di jati h mtlb k CHAI WALA hamara muh tk dekhna pasand nhi krta

    Aap kuch kahenge is topic pr

    • Zubair Bhai,
      Mere pehla action maine aap ka poora comment padha. Jab Agli Baar Aisa Traffic Roka Jaye, to usi waqt wahin le apni Facebook timeline pare ek Live Video Banayen aur us Video ka Link hamain yahan kisi bhi post ke comment main bhej den.
      कृपया एक बात समझिये की हमारा सबसे बड़ा काम था एक मंच बनाना जहाँ आम लोगों की आवाज़ सुनी जाये. अब आप को बस थोड़े से कदम चलने होंगे ताकि हम आप की मदद कर सकें. Please Appreciate our Biggest Job was to Create a Platform so that Voices of Common People can be Heard. Now you will have to take a little effort to let us help you.
      Lo link main post kar raha hooon uske Steps Follow Kariye. http://aampress.in/do-you-need-support-madad/