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A Platform to Reach out for True Love... Shaadi, Second Shaadi, Live-In , a Partner, A Companion, a Spouse or all of these, you Decide who you seek, Be proud of it.. and Keep the sleaziness away please. Make a 60 Second Video and Zip it off to rishte.aampress@gmail.com , SUBJECT RISHTE. We will Upload it here on the website and you can use your unique link to send it to anyone across any platform that you connect with. This is a Paid Service with a LifeTime Charge of Rs. 3,300. No Renewals. No Non Sense. On your request we will take off your profile when you find Your True Love. We also invite couples to share their stories on how they connected and how they are celebrating their journey of love together !

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Ghanta Chowkidaar

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#BeepBeep No Abuse

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