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This is Janet Maam's Category. One of the basic needs to survive is Food and who doesn't love variety? AaM Press here covers stories on home and street food and tips on cooking. If you want to be Live on Video with us on AajKal, connect via Priority Pungi. We Also Host Hazir Jawab | Dil ki Baat and other Live Shows on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter If you would like to Show on our Channels Related to Music , Food , Cricket or Bollywood... connect with us via comments on any post on the website.

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Ghanta Chowkidaar

Priority Pungi Thok ke Bajao

Priority Pungi Thok ke Bajao After 2 years of investing time in Aam Press and trying to stand up for issues of people, people...
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#BeepBeep No Abuse

Online Abuse in India has Reached Alarming Proportions. There are evidences of Various Political Parties supporting this. By spreading hate online some people want...