Mumbai Rains ! Help Each Other !

The rains have been lashing since two days and Mumbai is flooded but Mumbaikars as always are strong and are reaching out to help...

All India Bakchod ki PUNGI

Video is Supported by the Common People of India who do not believe in BAD WORDS. To get Our Videos Direct on WhatsApp Send...

Spanish Omelette Aam Press Food

Spanish Omelette is really Simple and Really Yummy and You Can Make it at Home ! No GST APPLIES 🙂 Video Supported by Asian Cabs...

Miracle Tea

अगर आप को कहीं मौका मिले ऐसे चाय पीने या पेलने का तो अपनी कहानी हमनें ज़रूर बताएं Do let us know if...

Mia Returns

Mia is not a pet, she is a daughter to the AaM Press family. Pets bring a lot of joy and comfort to our homes....

Mia Returns 2 Her Daddy

Daughters and Fathers share a Very Special Bond. Never UnderEstimate it and Never Mess with it. You will be Another one that bites the...

Lucknow Central : Film Review

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Daddy Movie Review

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RobinHood on Triple Talaq

The Indian Supreme Court has passed the verdict that divorce by Triple Talaq is unconstitutional and void. RobinHood may not be the expert on Islamic...

With Love from Karachi Pakistan

प्यार और शांति बांटो . भारत और पाकिस्तान साथ मैं अमन से रह सकते हैं . Spread Love and Peace. India and Pakistan Can...

Want to Share Your Issue With AaM Press ?

AaM Press Stands for Truth and the Voice of the Common People. However, we also believe that the Common People should also Raise Their...

Kerala Mirchi, AaM Press Salute & 70 Kg Weight Loss

Stories from 31/7/17. Please SHARE in WhatsApp Groups to Support AaM Press. Click on Links Below for Details of Each Story. AaM Press Salute : Whats...

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मोदी नोट नामा Modi Note Nama

मोदी नोट नामा एक मोदी को सर आँखों पर बिठाने वाली जनता है बेहाल पूछे सवाल सुप्रीम कोर्ट की फटकार ; क्या कर रही है सरकार दुर्भाग्य...

Insha Ram

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सुचित्रा – लेडी एंकर कोलकत्ता से :: Suchitra – Lady Anchor from Kolkatta

क्या आप भी लेडी एंकर बनना चाहते हैं आम प्रेस के साथ ? या जानते हैं किसी को ? Would you also like to be a...

India Pakistan Peace Prosperity

आओ हाथ मिलाएं शांति और खुशाली के लिए . Come On. Let us Join Hands for Peace and Prosperity ! Get Our Videos Direct...

Taking India Forward

Welcome on Board , Tejasvi Sharma ! We look forward to your next Appearance on AaM Press !